Our Sergeant at Arms is responsible for maintaining order during our meetings and for exposing various faux pas of fellow members. This is done in a very lighthearted way and often serves to draw attention to the activities and achievements of our membership. This is accomplished through member activities being brought forward during the Sergeant at Arms portion of our meetings where members are fined for supposed infractions. Members often try to defend themselves against these arbitrary accusations. However, there is no rhyme or reason to the imposition of fines. Members can even get fined for not being fined. It's a crazy way of keeping things light during our meetings. In our club, the Sergeant at Arms holds a position on our board of directors and is not elected. One person is appointed each year to the position by the president.

Fellowship, comeraderie, and levity are the hallmaks of a good club, and our Sergeant at Arms Committee ensures that these attributes are deliverd each week at our meetings.

Our Sergeant at Arms Committee is also responsible for organizing various social activities within the club such as our annual Christmas Party. We also encourage and organize our club's participation at District Conferences and International Conventions of Rotary.

Each year, we organize and promote our annual President's Party to recognize the efforts of our outgoing president and to celebrate the initiation of our incoming President for the coming year.

Having fun is the order of the day.

Our Sergeant at Arms this year is Chris Carman.