Rotary Monthly Themes

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Each month of the calendar year is celebrated in Rotary with a different theme with the exception of May.

Each club throughout the Rotary world is encouraged to concentrate on programs to promote each of these months.

Rotary focuses on Community Service and promotes International Peace and Understanding. By celebrating each month and using these themes as a guide, Rotarians can ensure that all of the various programs of Rotary are administered throughout the entire year.

Below is a listing of the themes for each month and various graphics we have developed to help capture the essence of each theme. Click on the graphic for a larger image, and then right click to save.

 January Rotary Theme for January
Rotary Awareness Month
 Rotary Theme for January
 February  Rotary Theme for February
World Understanding Month
 Rotary Theme for February
 March  Literacy Month
Literacy Month
 Literacy Month
 April  Rotary Theme for April
Magazine Month


 June  Rotary Theme for June
Rotary Fellowships Month
 July  Rotary Theme for July
Changeover Month
 Rotary Theme for August
Membership & Extension
Rotary Theme for August
 September  Rotary Theme for September
New Generations
 October  Rotary Theme for October
Vocational Service
 November  Rotary Theme for November
Foundation Month
 Rotary Theme for November
 December  Rotary Theme for December
Family Month
 Rotary Theme for December