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President Candy Potter
Service; it’s a word you hear a lot in Rotary and it’s a concept that guides me, but what does it mean? At the Rotary Club of Washago and Area Centennial, we strive to do things that benefit our community and that support the global community. 

Living in Washago makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery and I know I speak for the other members of the club when I say that experiencing this fortune inspires me to give something back to world. Backing local children’s sports, contributing to Canada Day Events and collaborating on the Water Tower Enhancement are some of the ways that we intend to continue to contribute the vibrancy of Washago. We aim to make our fundraising events such as the Wild Game Dinner and the Beer Tasting Festival fun and engaging experiences for the community as well.

Internationally, we are moved to enable displaced people to find hope and opportunity and to provide clean water and access to education and health care to those less fortunate. Rotarians are not afraid to dream big and we are humbled to be major players in eradicating the ravages of Polio from the world (we are very close!!)

Personally, I benefit from being part of Rotary; being surrounded by people who never focus on problems but only solutions, makes me a better, happier person. And while service is significant to me, fun is essential and at our club ‘work’ feels like play.

If you too are inspired to make a difference and you want to have fun doing it, come check us out, we meet at the Washago Community Centre from 5-6:30 on Thursdays. 

Warm Regards,

Candy Potter
Registered Psychotherapist 

President of the Rotary Club of Washago and Area Centennial