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Candy Potter – Psychotherapist

You Don't Have to Feel Bad 

"I have always been passionate about empowering people to live more comfortable and complete lives. I know that a lot of average people are quietly coping with excessive anxiety, panicky feelings, phobias, repetitive thoughts, intrusive impulses, or depression and I want them to know that they don't have to feel bad. My approach is to focus on fast symptom relief so that the people who see me can start to feel better.

My interest in helping others started young as I worked at a day camp for kids with learning disabilities and supported a girl with cerebral palsy after school; but my career in the social service field really started at a sleep-over camp for children with severely challenging behaviour. For one month it was kids who appeared 'average' but due to Attention Deficit Disorder and Tourette Syndrome they could be explosive, aggressive and anti-social, the next month was kids with autism. These were kids who had faced a lot of rejection and isolation. At this camp I really experienced the profound difference that understanding can make and I developed expertise in behaviour management, therapeutic approaches, leadership and mental health.
I graduated from university with a degree in Philosophy and Women's Studies (I was also a student activist) and I pursued post graduate training in psychotherapy. I worked as a behaviour management trainer, a support worker and a specialized teacher for a number of years.

Now I get to pass on my knowledge and experience to others as I teach in the Child and Youth Worker program at Georgian College. My private practice now focuses on fairly average people who take responsibility for fixing things and just need some expert support to reduce the impact that anxiety or depression is having on their lives.

I joined Rotary because it's another way that one person, through the power of a like-minded, motivated group can make the world a better place, and frankly, have a good time doing it."

Candy Potter

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