Hello Smithtown Sunrise !
Almost three months down and I still have my voice, you sure are a noisy bunch.

  I may be losing my sanity a bit if you haven't been able to tell but I still have the energy, drive and strong love for the club to make this a fantastic Rotary year and we are well under way. I am so encouraged about what our Little Italy event is shaping up to be.  I thought it would be a relatively small affair (75 people), modest earnings and big on fun. What we are going to have is a huge event (150 people), huge earnings and big on fun (that hasn't changed and never will!).  So much wheeling and dealing went on at John Zollo's summer bash that this event became bigger than life and garnered the excitement and team spirit of so many.  It is that spirit that makes a club great and its initiatives fantastic for all involved. I continue to revel in the greatness that is our club!  Ed Wehrheim along with many of the town officials generously booked the Dedications for the event and he and Vinny Puleo have already been actively promoting attendance.  Bart Dali is doing a fantastic job ensuring we have a super successful Chinese auction by taking the lead in its coordination and Dolores ,aka, Dee has been able to ascertain several gift cards from our local restaurants already- super job and fantastic leadership - everybody all aboard!   As a reminder each gift basket should be valued at $50.  If you happen to get donations smaller in size that's quite alright we will mix and match to make a beautiful basket. Thank you to Adrienne for being the point person at the Elks and for all the terrific work she does arranging the venues.  As a reminder Little Italy is November 4th from 7 to 12 AM at The Elks Lodge in Smithtown.  Please make sure you send some invites to your closest friends and relatives to ensure a good turnout and get ready to dance, dance, dance!

I am so glad I found that Duckie so we can get some dance practice in before November 4th.  For those of you that missed the introduction of  Duckie he is our new sound system for the club.  Admittedly my excitement overtook me but I just love the Duckie and my ability to dance around the room!

So we already have one healthy round of Rotary Jeopardy under our belt, I cannot promise there will not be a round two.  Come on admit it, it was fun...a little fun?  In lieu of another round my daughter and I have been toying with a dance act to put on for you...How Fun is That?!#$%&* I always wanted to be on dancing with the Stars - And since i consider you all STARS, I will consider the Millennium Diner my stage. Don't laugh, I'm serious.

Let's continue to keep Carol in our thoughts and prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. I miss her vibrance already and hope she is able to rejoin us soon!

The same thoughts and prayers go out to her boyfriend!

Happy September Birthdays to:

Andrew Ratway Sept. 2

Pete Famularo Sept. 9

Ben Piskorz Sept. 11

Cara Every-Calderon Sept. 30

Coming in October we have the one and only:

Terry Wolf (10/14) Secretary Extraordinaire.

Happy Birthday girlfriend!

Until next time -

Enjoy Life, Feel and be Fantastic.

Remember Faith is the Substance of all Things Hoped For.

Viva La Sunrise