Paul Harris Fellows

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The Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, to show appreciation for contributions to the foundation's charitable and educational programs. A Paul Harris Fellow is someone who has contributed $1,000 or in whose name that amount has been contributed.


Nancy Angermaier   
David Bailey*
Dr. Francis Bodkin#
Charles H.J. Bogel#
Marjorie Bogel#
Joseph Bond*#
Edwin Boogertman*#
Catherine Borzi
Pat Brinkmann
Tony Brinkmann
Andrea Casey*
Chestene Coverdale*
Joe DeVincent
Eleanor Duncker
Vera Esposito
David Fallon*
James V. Fallon, Sr.*
James Folks, Jr.*
John Greene*#
John M. Heinlein*
Donald Hester* **
Judy Hester
Amy Hutchison
Philip B. Ingle
Cammie Kaiser*
Carolyn Leyboldt
Fred Leyboldt*
Edna Limouze
Harold Limouze* **
Vinny Leuzzi
William Mausert*
Tony Mistler#
Lynda A. Moran
Ann Morrison*#
Webb Morrison*
Zee Morrisey
Fred Notter* **
Dr. Michael M. Osarchuk*#
Patricia Osarchuk
Suzanne Piard
Kay Porter
Pamela Raymond
Charles G. Raynor III*
Judy Raynor
Nancy Rocker
Alina Rossi*
Neil J. Spare#
Hank Stoll#
Geoffrey D. Teague*#
Diana Teta
Marilyn Triolo*
Christine Tuozzo
Nick Wartella
Peter Weigel
Shawn Weis*
Richard Westerbeke*
Elizabeth Westerbeke*
John Whitehouse*#
Elizabeth Whitehouse*
Donald Wylie

*Past President
**Past District Governor