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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
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...BOB HUTTEMEYER, whose birthday was December 1st; SARANTO CALAMAS, who will celebrate his birthday on December 13th;  HOWIE WUNDERLICH, who will also be celebrating his birthday on December 13th; WARD CLARKE, who has a birthday on December 28th, AND who is celebrating his 56th year in Rotary, while JIM RHATIGAN celebrates his 34th year as a Rotarian!

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

               -Muhammad Ali

Today, we welcomed as guests Sayville Rotarian DG Shawn Weis, ADG Warren Sternberg,  and Most Motivated Student of the Month Teppei Fukuto, who was accompanied by his mom, his social studies teacher Dr. Sladek-Maharg, and Port Jeff Sup't. of Schools Paul Casciano.
DG Weis reminded us that District 7255 covers more than 70 clubs from Verazano to Montauk, so he keeps busy (when not at his regular job as a banker) visiting each and every club, sharing the message behind RI's 2018-19 theme, "Be an Inspiration", and learning what each is doing to be of service to local, national, and international communities.  The DG thoroughly enjoys these meetings and finds that the strong clubs are those that share activities with others and have a good number of members who show up on a regular basis.  DG Shawn urges us to avail ourselves of opportunities presented through attendance at local and international conferences, where one invariably meets dynamic people with great ideas.  He invited us to attend District meetings on the 1st Saturday of each month in Plainview (the approximate halfway mark for attendees between the 2 ends of LI)  to share ideas with and learn from other LI clubs.  He also invited our members to join him May 2nd-5th, 2019 at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga for the District Conference (You can register online.)  And he reminded us that the RI Conference in June will take place in Hamburg, Germany.  The DG reminds fellow-Rotarians that we are known for being people of action, usually in service to others.  Rotary clubs worldwide have made a great impact on their community by creating ultimately successful projects to clean up rivers, promote hygiene, provide sanitation, build parks, feed the hungry, teach literacy, promote the importance of education, provide the means for people of the 3rd world to receive sophisticated life-saving or life-prolonging medical services, and the like, or help to finance the eradication of polio from the planet.
At the meeting's end, DG Shawn had us pose for a group photo with him.
Dr. Bob Neidig introduced our newest Most Motivated Student of the Month to us, starting by praising Teppei's academic excellence.  This youngster boasts a tremendously high GPA (in the high 90's) despite carrying a rigorous course load.  Bob cited a number of Teppei's teachers who are in awe of him.  His Algebra I teacher used the word "fantastic" in his assessment of this student's work, as he "has a terrific ability to take concepts and apply them in new ways.  His homework is impeccable...with evidence of attention to detail."  Willingness to help others makes Teppei an asset to this class.  This young man's earth science teacher called his work "phenomenal" and pointed out that he is a well-respected member of the Science Olympiad team.  Meanwhile, Teppei's Latin teacher called him "outstanding" and "a delight to have in class".  Last year, he achieved a perfect score on the Introduction to Latin National Exam.  Only 614 students out of 22,000 participants attained this distinction.  Teppei's ELA teacher finds his positiveness about learning to be contagious. His thoughtful, mature questions further analysis of texts being read, elevating class discussions.  While maintaining a perfect average in this class- not an easy feat- Teppei remains humble.  Finally, his social studies teacher appreciates his patient leadership in class and his thoroughness.  
Bob concluded these remarks by congratulating and thanking Teppei "for setting such a high benchmark for himself"  and for continuing to make all who know him proud.

***The following is a list of donation "assignments" for members' once-a-month donations via the Club to the Open Cupboard:  (*If you don't see your name on this list, select an item from it for your donation.)***NOTE:  This list will be updated as needed:

Black Beans- Bob H., Pat (& brown rice), Yvette

Baby Wipes- Jim, Tom

Canned Fruit- Dennis

Cereal- Jennifer, Paul, Amanda

Oatmeal- Lisa, Sean

Soap- Kathy, Paul

Canned Chicken- Sharon, Michael B.

Jelly- Debbie, Michael

Shampoo- Saranto, Nancy

Conditioner- Nancy

Toilet Paper- Judi

Diapers- John Perkins

Apple Juice- Bill C.

***Check the list for your name and assigned item. (If you are not listed, you may donate any listed item. Corporate members are encouraged to donate individually. If you would like to be listed with a specific item, contact Debbie and specify your item of choice.)

***Bring contributions to Cafe Spiga on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, or give to another Club member who will be attending.

*** If you would like to be reimbursed, bring receipt(s) to the meeting.

                  ***Thanks for your community and Club support!***

Remember: A ttending weekly club meetings allows you to enjoy our club's fellowship and enrich your professional and personal knowledge.  If you miss our club meeting, may we encourage you to expand your Rotary horizons by attending make-up meetings at any of the more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in existence- a practice that guarantees Rotarians a warm welcome in communities around the globe.  For meeting places and times, consult the Club Locator at , the RI Web site. Or- you may make up missed meetings on line by going to the Rotary On Line Makeup Link which is listed on our Website Homepage under "Club Links".  And once you've made up a meeting, please be sure to notify Yvette about it.  Thank you.

Goal:To encourage a lifetime of reading for newborns and their families that have utilized the St.Charles Hospital Maternity Facility, by presenting each mother with a newborn reading packet.

At 8 AM, 5/21, Rotarians, spouses, friends, and 16 members of Port Jeff High's Interact Club and PJ Middle School's Honor Society with their faculty sponsors met on the campus of Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck to prepare the site for the imminent arrival of campers.

Table: Kathleen Taveira & Nancy Uzo

Invocation: Jim Rhatigan & Dennis Brennan

Sergeant at Arms:  Sharon Brennan & Deb Engelhardt

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