Wowee Kazowee. What a night. For those of you who were not able to make the Paul Harris night this past Friday, you missed it. Believe it or not we had about 70 people in attendance. Old members and new members alike were there to honor one of our own as well as two members from the community who have consistently exemplified the ideals of Rotary. Once again congratulations to Past President Brian Kearns, Bruce Fuhrmann from Swezey Fuel Oil, and Don Donaudy from Didit. It was quite the night. One of the honorees may have been tipped off before the dinner, one figured it out just before dinner started, and the last one was clueless. We were also honored to have PDG Marion Stark as well as Rotarians from Westhampton, Bellport, and Brentwood just to name a few. Don’t forget to get out there and meet your fellow Rotarians in our District. Special thanks to Richie Braile, Maureen Mennella, Jan Taraskas, and Pat Barry for putting the night together and thanks for great performances by MC Harold Trabold and our Sgt. at Arms Larry Bonciminio. Turns out Larry didn’t even have to fleece anyone. Happy Dollars willingly came out without any arm twisting whatsoever!