From The Top
Co-President Charlie opened the meeting with the pledge led by Vicki Lever, and grace by Gus Fishel. Today’s guest speaker was PDG Wendy Walsh-DeMaria, and Geralyn Harper’s guest was Kristin Morse.
Dictionary Project – Just a couple of more schools to visit for this year’s Dictionary Project. Co-Chairs Frank Seibert, Pam Giarrusso and Marc Horowitz can use more volunteers; if you can help, please contact any of them NOW.
Dog Walk Fundraiser – Kelly is on the case! Kelly Lockwood knows her way around the entire dog world, and is providing valuable help to get the proposed event launched. There will still be lots of work for stalwart BRC volunteers. We’ll hear all about it at the first planning committee meeting to be held next Wednesday, January 16th, 11:30 AM at the LIYC – everyone is encouraged to attend. It’s wise to familiarize yourself on this type of fundraiser before you attend the meeting. Several good summaries of the effort involved in staging such an event can be found by a Google search of “Dog Walk Fundraisers.”
Talent Show Fundraiser – Josie Titcomb is doing groundwork on the feasibility of a Talent Show Fundraiser to be held in late Spring; stay tuned for details.
Today’s Program
PDG Wendy Walsh-DeMaria spoke about increasing Rotary club membership.
Her talk concentrated on how and where to find prospective new club members, from friends and business associates to meeting guests, RYLA/scholarship winner parents, event and other community vendors, professional and civic groups. A fairly complete treatise on the process of finding new members can be found in this Rotary publication:
Wendy touched on a number of areas outlined in the Rotary Club Health Check publication as they relate to membership development. Josie Titcomb recently e-mailed the publication to all members; it’s also available from:
She outlined some of the alternate membership structures other clubs have tried to make meeting schedules more flexible and keep membership costs low, such as Associate Memberships, E-Clubs and Passport Clubs.
[Ed. Note – Some of the alternate membership types Wendy discussed are similar to the “Friends of Rotary Volunteers” briefly considered by the BRC board about a year ago. Its function is similar to that of the Rotary Community Corps]
Wendy also emphasized the importance of member retention – creating and maintaining a club atmosphere, operations and activities that keep all members interested and active in the club. She concluded her talk with a lively Q&A session.
Next Week’s Program
Mary Cascone will speak about Babylon Town History at our next regular meeting on Wednesday, January 16th.
Note From The Membership Committee
PDG Wendy’s visit was timely since the BRC Membership Committee is planning a 2019 Membership Campaign.
While we’ve been fortunate to welcome several valued new members in ‘17/’18, our new member recruitment rate has slowed considerably. Also, a number of active members have left the club during the same period, resulting in an unchanged member count.
Membership growth is extremely important to our club, bringing new energy, added skills and resources, and greater outreach to raise new funds, support Rotary, initiate new  projects, and help more people.

As a first step, we’re asking all members to revisit your contact lists, identify friends and associates that you believe might be new member prospects - tell them about Rotary and our club, invite them to a BRC meeting, introduce them to our members, and help convince them to join.

If you need help with any of the above, please contact any member of the BRC Membership Committee. If you have to brush up on the workings of Rotary and the BRC, read the “Rotary Connections Primer” and “Rotary Basics” - both can be downloaded from the Home Page Download Files on our club website.
Many thanks for your help!