From The Top
Co-President Charlie opened the meeting with the pledge led by Chris Cunningham, and grace by Werner Zumbrunn. Today’s speaker was our own Dr. Michael Beck. Mikel Hoffman’s guests were Douglas and Joangela DeLorenzo and Geralyn Harper’s guest was Kathleen Attanasio. Charlie Hayward, Stanis Beck and our new NYS Assemblyman Michael LiPetri also joined us today.
Notable Charity Events - Joangela DeLorenzo described a new fundraising project that she and her classmates have undertaken to benefit the Long Island Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Josie will send all members a description of the planned events shortly.
Assembly District Brief – Assemblyman Michael LiPetri gave a very brief overview of local and state issues affecting residents in his Ninth NYS Assembly District.
Board Meeting Next WeekA board meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 13th, 11:30 AM at the LIYC. All are invited to attend and hear about all of the exciting plans for our club.
Club Assembly – A club assembly will be held following a summary of board deliberations at next week’s regular meeting. Topics slated for discussion include this year’s club fundraisers and membership development.
Today’s Program
Dr. Michael Beck gave a talk titled “Of All The Books I’ve Known.”
Mike’s interesting series of anecdotes, about how certain books influenced him, began with recollections of household literary offerings in his childhood, and of the only book he remembers to this day – a somewhat romanticized story about WWII.
The range of books available to him broadened considerably in his college years, recalling how one in particular, “The Caine Mutiny,”  had an early impact on his decision to pursue psychology as a profession. Several other books he read at the urging of his professors cemented his decision.
One can always anticipate the unexpected during Mike’s talks; this was no exception - he started stripping down to reveal a collection of tee shirts with reflective illustrations and phrases from memorable books and comic book ads.
Mike also spoke of the process and tribulations he, Stanis, and their daughter went through when writing their first book, and how reading novels can relieve stress and make one more empathetic toward others.
 Next Week’s Meeting
No speaker is scheduled for next week’s meeting. Instead, we’ll hold a club assembly as described above.