Author Maria Placa Bohrer of of the Lindenhurst Rotary Club visited our regular meeting on Wednesday, February 27th to tell us about her book and related anecdotes.
Co-President Scott Lockwood introduced Maria LaPlaca Bohrer, author of  "Sofia’s Stoop Story: 18th Street, Brooklyn." The book is based on remembrances of her visits to relatives in Brooklyn when she was a child.
Maria first described the difficulties of getting a children’s picture book published, and of the process and support she received in creating this highly illustrated work.
            The following is from a synopsis written for the Children’s Book Council:
“On a stoop in Brooklyn, in the 1960s, Uncle Frankie begins telling Sofia and her cousins a story about the day he met Dodgers baseball player, Carl Furillo. Meanwhile, Sofia’s Nana is next door, preparing the Italian family’s Sunday dinner. Nana calls Sofia and sends her on errands to buy cheese, bread, and cannoli. Sofia returns to the stoop, only to discover that Uncle Frankie’s story is over, and it’s time to eat. When Uncle Frankie realizes Sofia is upset because she only heard bits and pieces of his story, he shares his historic tale from beginning to end, and he gives Sofia a keepsake that he’s saved since 1947.”
Maria gave several impassioned readings of excerpts from the book, passed around momentos relating to the narrative, and elaborated on various aspects of the story.
Maria is shown above with Babylon Rotary Co-Presidents Charlie Spencer and Scott Lockwood.