At our regular meeting on Wednesday, December 12th, Marnie Katzman from the SCO Family of Services gave an update on the activities at their Madonna Heights facility, and collected the holiday gifts donated by our members.
SCO Family of Services is a voluntary, not-for-profit, human service agency serving children, families, and individuals in metropolitan New York, through a multi-method, family-centered approach.
They provide essential human services to 60,000 children, youth, families and adults through 84 programs in over 100 locations throughout New York City and Long Island, helping vulnerable New Yorkers meet life’s challenges and build a solid foundation for the future.
Their Madonna Heights facility in Dix Hills is designed specifically to help women and young ladies suffering from mental health issues and trauma to heal and thrive. They provide 24-hour care to address the physical, emotional, and social needs unique to women and girls, helping to build confidence, strengthen family bonds, and support the transition back home or to a home in the community. 
SCO Family of Services is funded primarily by New York State and through government grants.
This is the sixth straight year that Babylon Rotary has donated an impressive assemblage of holiday gifts for the Madonna Heights residents.
 Marnie expressed their sincere gratitude for the support our club has provided over the past few years, emphasizing the importance our gifts have for the residents of the facility, many of who have never received a gift from anyone.
 Kudos once again to Past President Megan “Super Shopper” Noble for doing an outstanding job coordinating gift donations, for her energy and uncanny shopping skills in acquiring a great gift collection.
Marnie is shown above with Babylon Rotary Co-President Scott Lockwood.