Babylon Town Historian Mary Cascone visited our regular meeting on Wednesday, January 16th to tell us about historical myths.
Mary Cascone is the Town Historian for the Town of Babylon, Office of Historic Services. Over the past few years she has written several interesting and informative books about the villages and hamlets within the Town of Babylon, including: Copaigue, New York, Babylon Village, and From Breslau to Lindenhurst: 1870 to 1923.     
Mary spoke about myths, recorded in history books and long considered true, or probably true, but aren’t.
During research on her latest book, she uncovered some surprising revelations about two of Deer Park’s most famous and revered residents, John Quincy Adams (sixth president of the United States) and Jacob Rodney Cohen (aka Rodney Dangerfield). All is revealed in her pending new book on the history of Deer Park, New York.
Mary is pictured above with Babylon Rotary Co-Presidents Charlie Spencer and Scott Lockwood.