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Feb 27, 2017
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April 3-20, 2017

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What's happening in Rotary
Rotary Rays  Feb 6 2017
Date: Feb 6 2017
Presiding: Bruce
Location: Quality Inn Hotel
Writer: Holly Hebert
Guest: Ron Archer (AKA Santa Ron)
Sick and Visiting: None
50/50 Draw: Lisa Wells won $10.00 drawing Queen of hearts
Sergeant of Arms: Bruce Burbank
Happy bucks:
No Fines
Football bucks paid
Davie Harris was happy his daughter graduated and is gainfully employed until the end of summer and was also happy his sister in law was helping his wife during her recovery period.
Frances’s son, Scott came in 21st for skiing in a province wide competition.
Lisa was happy she won 50/50
Olga reviewed stats form the Rotarian Magazine and asked if you owe for the auction please pay.
Birthdays/Anniversaries: Adam Shaw Feb 7th, John’s 50th anniversary on Feb 11th and Ted’s 26th anniversary this month as well.
Committee Updates:
Paint Nite: Aiming for March 28th, Tuesday, looking for donations for the raffle table. Proceeds to assist Lisa with her trip to the Kennedy Space Centre.
Dragon Boat: Needs a fresh coat of paint to cover up graffiti
Music Festival: Gearing up for April, possible grant from City to be able to waive admission fees.
Meals on Wheels for Month of March
Bruce talked about having a meeting with Ted, Lisa, Frances and himself to determine a date for the meeting to work on our Vision and process.
Speaker: Bruce Burbank and Ron Archer -Update on CAS Endowment Fund:
Chris Friesen determined while on board for this foundation and it was approved in 2011 by the board. This Oxford Foundation is direct donations to the program that is not support within the budget. It offers financial assistance, bursaries, sending kids to summer camp, assists with further education.
In 2016, they awarded 9 bursaries, Bruce shared a couple of applications, which were amazing.
They attended local Rotary clubs to start the donation fund, speaking of some events, last year’s car show donated approx.. $12k, Ingersoll Rotary club donated $10K and is challenging other local clubs to match. This donation goes to one individual to continue and finish their education, whether it is 3 years or 5 years, the money is allocated according to the term of education.
This foundation assists public awareness of the agency and their profile.  The foundation is now approaching $220k.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30
Presiding - President Bruce Cunningham
Writer - Dave Harris
50/50 - Ted Beynen Drew the Ace of Spades and won the 50/50 prize - amount TBA
Birthdays - President Bruce is turning 60 this week. There were others but really the president turning 60 took the cake. Also I forgot to write the others down. 
Fines / Happy Bucks - Dave Harris - wife made dinner in spite of a broken leg. Dr. Ried - Grand daugther safely returned home. Richard Holmes - Foiled a burglary attempt on his home by leaving work early one day. I missed a couple of others. Sorry! 
  1. We welcomed our Rotary Youth Exchange Student for the year - Lisa Van someren will be with us until December. We are looking forward to her presentation next week. 
  2. Holly will assume the role of Pain Nite Coordinator. Thanks to Melissa for getting this great fundraiser rolling and good luck to Holly
  3. The first Dragon Boat meeting of 2017 will be on January 26th at 11:30am at Sally Creek Bistro
  4. Olga reported that Saturday May 6th will be the opening of the Rotary Display at the Woodstock Art Gallery in celebration of 100 years of the Rotary Foundation. There will be a come and go tea and Rotarians are expected to make time to attend and speak on their involvement in Rotary. This is a great opportunity to spread the good news of our Foundation
Speaker - Guest Julia Luan,
Our meeting today was focused on learning about Chinese Culture and the damage that has been done due to communist rule since the mid 1960's. We were treated to a wonderful presentation by of History by Julia Luan as she shared with us some of the beliefs and culture of the Chinese. Julia is a financial professional who volunteers her time with the Shen Yun Toronto Comittee in support of raising awareness of Chinese Culture.  She shared with us information about the Shen Yun show that presents Chinese culture through music and dance all over the world. The only people who cannot see this show are those in China where the show is prohibited. As a result much of the 5,000 years of history is being wiped out as the government seeks to destroy historical records and has forced families apart. There is still time to get your ticket to the shows in Toronto Feb 28th to Mar 2nd. for more information go to
Happy New Year Rotarians as we kick off the year with our first meeting. 
President Bruce Cunningham Presided. David Harris was the writer who did not take great notes. No guests were present as this was a Club Assembly Meeting with election of a few board members. Three Board Members agreed to stay on for an additional year so no election was needed. Several Happy Bucks were given as members were thankful for their Christmas Holiday. The Music Festival plans are well under way with the bulk of the entries expected this month. It will be held at just one venue this year saving considerable volunteer effort. The Salvation Army Church will be the site of all competitions. We will be celebrating 100 years of the Rotary Foundation this summer in conjunction with the museum. The plan is to host a tea with "Ted Talks" on various historical aspects of our club and the Foundation through the day. We will participate in meals on wheels again this year on the following dates: March 20-24, May 23-26, Nov 20-24 The Dragon Boat Fun League will have a booth in the Rec and Leisure show at Cowan Park in March. Fun League will run Wednesdays, May 17-June 21st $50 per person.
Our Exchange Student Lisa van Someren will be here from Australia on the weekend. Staying with Francis Stevens and family to start. Still looking for host families. She will be here until December so please consider some activities to include her in. 
We will have our Polio Plus 1,500 penny sale on January 23rd. Please bring an item in for the sale and be prepared to purchase tickets for $15. you will get a number of tickets to drop into different items. Winners will be by random draw. 
Next Week we will have a presentation on Chinese Culture from Julia Luan of  Shen Yun Performing Arts
Rotary December 19th
Presiding:  President Bruce Cunningham
Invocation: Stephen Sears
50/50  Joe Odumodu
Announcements:    The next meeting will be January  9th 2017
                                     Happy Holidays to everyone !
Programe:    Our guest speaker today was SANTA CLAUSE alis Ron Archer from the
Ingersoll Club.  Introduced by Rosemary George and thanked by Hazel Powell.
Ron and his wife Linda have been foster parents for many years. Hosted exchange
Students  and been active in the Children’s Aid Society of Oxford.  Ron has been Santa on 144 occasions these past few weeks and the donations he receives go into
the endowment fund to assist children with scholarships when the age out of the
Care of the Children’s Aid.  He is passionate about helping children be the best they can be.  Santa and his Elf were delightful guests at this luncheon.
Hazel Powell led us in a twelve days of Christmas participation exercise, followed
by a sing along of Christmas Carols played by Brian George on the piano.
See everyone January 9th!

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