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Welcome to the Home of Rotary Club of Woodstock


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:10 PM
Altadore Quality Hotel and Suites
580 Bruin Blvd (highway 59& 401)
(Behind Tim Hortons)
Woodstock, ON  N4V1E5
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Dragon Boats - There is paddling on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings this summer. Contact Lisa Wells if you want to help out
What's happening in Rotary
Rotary Rays - August  28, 2017
President Lisa Wells
Greater Bruce C
O’ Canada/Sergeant at Arms Olga M
Invocation Rose G
Attendance Don F
50/50 Don S
Minutes Phil L
Olga M won with ticket "636", and she drew the ACE of SPADES.
Happy Bucks
Bruce C  for his unplanned swim in the water at the Dragon Boat Festival.
Olga M for how a few members of the club came together to ensure a Polio Plus Certificate made it out in good time. Olga reminded us that a  Polio Plus Certificate, as a gift, doesn't need to happen just at Christmas. It makes a great gift anytime of the year.
Robert R played the Beatles song, "Doctor Reid", that he just discovered, for the club. We all got a kick out of this. ( )
Rick S for no more tuition! His son and daughter are now finished!
Graham H for Dragon Boat, but for missing Bruce's swim.
Bruce B for a great camping trip with his son in Algonquin, and recommends it as a great way to spend time with all our sons and daughters
Dave H celebrated his 25th Wedding Anniversary with friends in the Niagara region. Also, for the  renovations on his home nearing completion and being able to move from his parents home, but temporarily into a trailer during the final stages.
Don F for celebrating his Wedding Anniversary.
Lisa W for needing to leave briefly for a conference call during the meeting.
Sergeant at Arms
Olga again quizzed us all about Rotary.
What month and year was the club organized? June 2nd, 1924.
What are two of our events that all members are expected to volunteer at? The Woodstock Rotary Dragon Boat Festival and the Woodstock Rotary Music Festival.
When was the "Americas"  declared Polio Free? 1994.
What  year did Rotary International start the Polio Challenge, to eradicate Polio? 1985
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Olga M (Rotary, 12 years)
Robert R (Wedding)
Don F (Wedding)
Don S asked about the interest in the Fishing Boat Rental. Looking for 8-10 people to join in. See Don S for more info.
Dragon Boat Rentals still have five days left in the year and, needs volunteers to put the boats in the water. Please contact  Lisa W  ASAP.
Diamond Rotary Pin was presented to Olga M.
Rick S presented a flag from the  Rotary Sudbury Sunrisers Club that he received during a River Cruise in July. Rick was able to spend time in an "impromptu" Rotary Meeting with Rick Joly and retired Canada AM host Jeff Hutchison. Rick will be sending our flag back in exchange.
Guest Speaker
Scholarship Programs, presented by Ifhan H.
Ifhan started with a bit of club history and how "Service Above Self" was developed, and how this cornerstone is applied to the awards that are presented to recipients annually from local high schools in Woodstock.
Community involvement and volunteerism play a big role in selecting a lady and gentleman from each of the schools. An award of $500 each is presented to use towards furthering their education.
Currently we support St Mary's Catholic High School, Woodstock Collegiate Institute, College Avenue Secondary School, Huron Park Secondary School and École Secondaire Catholique École Secondaire Sainte-Marie.
More information  on Rotary's youth-oriented programs can be found at,
And on the history of Rotary's mottos at,
Lisa closed today's meeting
Rotary Rays - August 21, 2017
President Lisa Wells
O’ Canada/Invocation/Sergeant at Arms Olga M
Attendance Don F
50/50 Don S
Greater/Minutes Phil L
John Brittan
Robert Marsden (Tillsonburg Club) with exchange students Erica (outbound) and Beatrice (inbound)
50/50  was won by Lisa W, and she drew the Jack of Spades.
Happy Bucks
Rick S  One Buck each for enjoying a river cruise down part of the Rein,  which caused him to miss the Dragon Boat Festival.
James S for enjoying it too much when Bruce C went into the water at the start of the Dragon Boat Festival.
Richard H  for a host of family events, including a wedding, which made him absent from the Dragon Boat Festival.
Dave H for a successful Dragon Boat Festival and also for enjoying it too much when Bruce went into the water.
Robert Marsden for a great student exchange and for great exchange students.
Lisa W for winning the 50/50, and for Bruce’s water experience.
Hazel P  for the article in the local paper about the Dragon Boat Festival and Rotary.
Lynn  enjoyed a wonderful trip to London and Norway (and missing the Dragon Boat Festival).
Sergeant at Arms
Olga quizzed us all about Rotary, and did a fair job in cleaning up a bit for the club.
Ian H.S. Riseley, President 2017-18
Rotary Club of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia
Rotaract, started in 1968. Rotaract (which stands for Rotary in Action) is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young women and men ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club.
The Four-Way Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages.
Of the things we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Presidential theme 2017-18:
Rotary: Making a Difference
The only Canadian on the RI Board of Directors
Hendreen Dean Rohrs
Vice-President 2017-18
Rotary Club of Langley Central
British Columbia, Canada
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Chris C (Birthday)
Richard H  (Birthday AND Anniversary)
Rick C (Wedding)
Lynn B (Wedding)
Dave H (Wedding)
Robert R (Wedding)
Don F (Wedding)
A card and Banner from Karen of the Bradenton, Florida club was received, thanking us for hosting her at lunch when visiting the area.
A letter from Logan Johnston, who attended and was greatly successful as part of the Canadian Junior National Dragon Boat Team at the World Championship in Ferney-Voltaire, France, thanked the club for the opportunity and bursary to attend.
Student Exchange - One Month Exchange.
Robert Marsden introduced Erica and Beatrice, who spent one month together in Italy and one month in Oxford on a one month student exchange.
Both Erica and Beatrice commented on how they were “pushed out of their comfort zones” to experience the culture, live abroad and about themselves.
It allowed them to learn more about a full exchange for the future.
Dragon Boat Festival Recap
Dave did a brief recap on this year’s festival and how successful it was.
Dave also wanted to mention how the event is successful due to, in large part, to the volunteers  who lend their time and support before, during and after the event.  From the large financial support from Joe at Pharmasave, Rick in the organizing the medal and t-shirts, Phil for printing, signs and banners, Don F for controlling the funds, John Brittan for an incredible amount of work in many areas and to ALL the members, their families and friends that make it a great and well respected event
Lisa closed the meeting by asking members, who could stay, to work briefly in one of three groups (Fundraising, Communications and Community) to begin to lay a framework for the coming year.
Rotary Rays – Monday May 1, 2017
Meeting was chaired by President Bruce Cunningham.
Invocation – Don Fulkerson
Guest speakers – John/Lorna Lawrence from the Chatham Sunrise Rotary Club
Lorna spoke briefly about the history of our Woodstock Club and shared some old Rotary Rays from the past highlighting her Grandfather who received an award for 25years of perfect attendance in the 1950’s.
John grew up on a Dairy Farm north of Embro and was speaking to us about the topic of Clean Water for Living.
Clean Water is an important resource that we often take for granted.
Rotary does great work in Third World countries but we often neglect the fresh water that inhabits our own country. The Great Lake are at a tremendous risk with Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Micro Plastic pollutants.
Large algae blooms in Lake Erie are the result of chemical run offs from farm land and residential fertilizers.
Everyone needs to do a little bit to make a big difference and ensure we leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren that includes clean water.
Visit their website at for more details on these programs.
50/50 Winner was President Bruce Cunningham and he pulled the 6 of Spades and donated the $6 back to the club.
Birthdays and Anniversaries – Don Fulkerson has birthday coming up this week. Going to Bluejays game.
Other Announcements – Rotary Foundation approved funding request for $4800 to cover emergency dental procedure for Syrian refugee mother.
Also John Currie received his 2nd Paul Harris Fellow pin. John’s wife is dealing with medical issues that require John to stay close to home so he will not be able to attend many meetings in future but will remain on as Chair of Foundation.
Happy Bucks – Graham Hart delivered dictionaries to grade 3 students in Oxford county. He was assisted by Mary Holmes when he visited the Catholic schools. Bruce Burbank wanted to extend a big THANKs to Frances Stevens for her work on the Music Festival. We received a thank you card from one of the music teachers for a well run event. Rick Shaheen is happy that daughter Jessica has finished her post secondary education. Don Fulkerson’s son has also completed his schooling. Festival of the Stars event is Wednesday May 3rd at Maranatha Church. More help is needed for this event. Sign up sheets are circulating for Dragonboat Fun League which begins May 8th, and Meals on Wheels which runs May 23rd to 26th. Docks will be put back into Pittock on Friday night May 5th  at 5:30pm for those who can assist.
Rotary Rays - April 10, 2017
President Bruce Cunningham Welcomed Everyone to Rotary
Innovation was led by Phil Laitar
O Canada was sung by all
Dr. Reid introduced our Speaker Christopher Birtch and his wife Margo
Christopher Birtch gave us a wonderful presentation on Hydrogen and how he has been working over the past 10 years to perfect how to harness this energy.  He explained how he patented four different processes and how he hopes that Hydrogen Cars will be the future for our Country.  He explained how important clean energy will be in the future.
Doug Vincent thanked everyone for their support of the fish fry last weekend.  He mentioned how good it was to see our members out for their event.  He also thanked Lisa S and Bruce for their help cleaning up at 2:30 am.
Lisa thanked everyone for their support on both the Paint Night and the Fish Fry
Lynn won the 50/50
Mary, Lisa W, Bruce, Graham all had happy bucks
Lisa W was fined for making Graham take the minutes for her.
Bruce closed the meeting at 1:15

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