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Welcome to the Home of Rotary Club of Woodstock


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:10 PM
Altadore Quality Hotel and Suites
580 Bruin Blvd (highway 59& 401)
(Behind Tim Hortons)
Woodstock, ON  N4V1E5
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News and Rotary Events
Dragon Boats - There is paddling on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings this summer. Contact Lisa Wells if you want to help out
What's happening in Rotary
Presiding; President Lisa Wells 
Don Stoddart started us off with Oh Canada
Convocation: Ted Beynen
Welcome guests attending 
                Doug Vincent - PD Governor
                Nikki Van Luwen – Woodstock City Police – todays speaker
                Tyler Allard –  Woodstock City Police
Birthdays and Anniversaries
                Bruce Cunningham – bday next week
                Ron Fraser – bday next week
                Hazel Powell - 10 year Rotary Anniversary today
                Don – 31st Rotary Anniversary
                Richard – 26th Rotary Anniversary
President Lisa asked for help with Outbound Exchange students for this Friday evening: We need to billet them at Rotarian's homes following their program Friday night. They are to be back at Fanshawe College in Sat. Morning. Please contact Lisa if you have room
Lisa Van Sommeren returned to Australia on the weekend. We are welcoming Montana from Australia on Jan 14th. 
Dave Harris – update on membership meeting with Woodstock-Oxford Club.  He will put together and email and send it out
50/50 – won by Richard Holmes. He pulled a Joker 
Happy bucks 
Lisa – she had a great Christmas
Don – he had a nice trip
Richard – update on a busy family life
Dave – neighbour helped snow blow
Ted – fined himself for forgetting to return change to Lisa
Richard introduced our guest speaker
Nikki Van Lewen from Woodstock Police Service - gave us an overview of the changes to the Racing Against Drugs Program that is now run locally by Woodstock Police Service instead of by the RCMP. They have updated it to keep pace with the changes in drugs available and cover things like vaping now as well. They see about 1,400 grade 5 students go through the program every 2 years. We also discussed the VIP program that is run in the schools and has been supported by the Woodstock-Oxford Club in the past. The Racing Against Drugs Program runs from April 30th to May 5th this year at the Oxford Auditorium. Nikki has also been on a polio vaccination trip to Africa through another organization so she was pleased to receive a certificate of immunization as a thank you. 
President Lisa closed the meeting
Richard Holmes greeted Rotarians and visitors as they arrived for the regular noon meeting.
Don F. took attendance.
Don S. did the 50/50 tickets.
When President Lisa called the meeting to order there were 3 visitors from the Ingersoll Club and Glen Murray, a past member of our Club to be introduced.
James Stewart had organized the items to be auctioned at this, our Annual In House Charity Auction.
Olga led in the singing of O Canada.
Lisa toasted Canada, our Queen and Australia.
Bruce.C. asked the Invocation.
A delicious lunch of pita pockets stuffed with egg salad or tuna salad and side salads followed by  banana bread was enjoyed by all.
After lunch, James Stewart won the 50/50 and sent it back for Polio Plus.
There were no birthdays or anniversaries.
Rick S. marked his 26th. Rotary anniversary; Fran marked her 7th. Don S. as Sargent collected several happy bucks.
Bruce C. reminded members that next Monday is the deadline for anyone needing a Polio Plus certificate to use as a Christmas present. GET YOUR INFORMATION IN TO HIM ASAP.
Lisa circulated a sheet asking for those intending to attend the Christmas party, Dec 18, 6:30 p.m. at Southgate Centre. That will be the last occasion we will all be able to meet with Lisa, our exchange student. She will be making her final presentation.
The members of the Ingersoll Club did a good presentation of their Vacation Lottery and encouraged us to buy tickets. They entered one ticket in to our Auction.
James Stewart and Glen Murray then ran the Auction very efficiently. Since there were 15  bottles of booze on offer, bidding was good, especially among the long term members of the Club who regularly enjoy doing their Christmas shopping here. Other items available included: a garden trellis, a blender, plenty of cheese, maple products, homemade jams , pickles and honey, a basket of Laura Secord products and one from the Deli on Dundas St., a new board game, a box of Piccard nuts, the Lottery ticket from Ingersoll’s Club, several nifty shirts and some intriguing electronic or mechanical devices. There was even a necklace and a  picture frame. Glen and James made the most of each offering!
We look forward to hearing next week how much we made.
Lisa thanked Glen and James and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.
Meeting was hosted by President Lisa Wells.
Guest was Arley Hodgins, Rotary Club accountant.
50/50 was won by Liam McCreery. He drew the King of Hearts and donated $10 back to Rotary.
Birthday and Anniversaries – Frances Stevens had a recent birthday.
Rotary News – next Monday is the Shoebox auction. Please make sure you bring a gift to auction + lots of $$$$$ for bidding.
The meeting was our Annual AGM and Foundation AGM to present audited financial statements to the club members from period July 1st 2016 to June 30th 2017.
Robin Ferro, Treasurer of the Foundation presented the Financial Review on the Foundation activities to the club. No major expenditures for the Foundation and investments grew by just over $10,000 to a balance of $165,008.
Lisa Wells, President and Don Fulkerson, Treasurer for the Rotary Club presented the financial activities for the club. A copy of the minutes will be posted separately for your review.
Lisa also read an email address from past President Bruce Cunningham in his absence to cover off his year as President 2016-2017.  Highlights included the donation to Splash pad an new baseball fields in North End of city.
Meeting adjourned.
Presiding - Bruce Cunningham was acting President for this meeting in the absence of club President Lisa Wells.
Guests were Janis Cunningham (Bruce’s wife) as well as Carl Jolly from Salvation Army.
Carl performed the Remembrance Day ceremony at the start of the meeting.
Invocation - Robin Ferro.
50/50 was won by James Stewart. He drew the Queen of clubs and donated the $10 back to Rotary.
Happy Bucks
Hazel was Sergeant At Arms and fined all those who did not attend a Remembrance Day ceremony over the weekend. Hazel also paid happy buck to announce the Western Mustangs Football Team won the Yates Cup on Saturday by defeating Wilfred Laurier.
Liam paid to announce the 100th anniversary of Passiondale Battle in WW I that cost 16,000 Canadian lives. Hazel paid sad buck as one of her cats went missing while her roof was being replaced.
Club announcements –
Olga mentions ways to fundraise for Polio. Buy certificates as Christmas a gift or make a donation to our club Foundation and receive tax receipt. Also our club shoebox auction will take place on Monday December 4th with Glen Murray as auctioneer. Bruce thanked all members for signing up for Meals on Wheels Nov 20th – 24th.
Guest speaker was our exchange student Lisa Van Someren. She spoke on the topic of Vaulting which is acrobatics on horseback. She is self taught in this sport along with her sister. Her mother is involved as coach and lunger (person who controls the horse during routine).
The sport is most popular in Europe and was invented around the end of WW II in Germany. There are different formats including Individual, Pas de Deux (2 person), or Squad (6 people with max 3 on horseback at any given time). Routines last 1 minute and are scored by a panel of judges that observe technique, style, difficulty of moves + the choreography to music and the horse speed. Lisa showed some videos of her routines during events in Australia and here in Canada. She answered various questions from the members.

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