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Altadore Quality Hotel and Suites
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We are once again looking forward to Supporting the

69th Annual Woodstock Rotary

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April 3-20, 2017

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What's happening in Rotary
Rotary Rays - April 10, 2017
President Bruce Cunningham Welcomed Everyone to Rotary
Innovation was led by Phil Laitar
O Canada was sung by all
Dr. Reid introduced our Speaker Christopher Birtch and his wife Margo
Christopher Birtch gave us a wonderful presentation on Hydrogen and how he has been working over the past 10 years to perfect how to harness this energy.  He explained how he patented four different processes and how he hopes that Hydrogen Cars will be the future for our Country.  He explained how important clean energy will be in the future.
Doug Vincent thanked everyone for their support of the fish fry last weekend.  He mentioned how good it was to see our members out for their event.  He also thanked Lisa S and Bruce for their help cleaning up at 2:30 am.
Lisa thanked everyone for their support on both the Paint Night and the Fish Fry
Lynn won the 50/50
Mary, Lisa W, Bruce, Graham all had happy bucks
Lisa W was fined for making Graham take the minutes for her.
Bruce closed the meeting at 1:15
Rotary Rays March 20, 2017
  • 22 Rotarians and guests sat down for lunch at noon today. Robin was welcoming people as they arrived; Fred took attendance.President Bruce called the meeting to order at 12:10 . O Canada was sung and the usual toasts were drunk. Olga offered the Invocation.
  • A delicious lunch of soup, salad and substantial sandwiches , followed by banana loaf, was enjoyed by all.
Speaker: Jaclyn Turpin, a grad student who works with the Alzheimer Society, Oxford, as she continues her studies towards her Masters in Social Work at UWO, in London.
Presiding: President Bruce Cunningham
Attendance: 20 members  Francis welcomed Rotarians and guests Brett Harrington, from the Credit Union , and Ashley Farrar, our speaker. Holly took attendance.
We sang ‘O Canada’, toasted the Queen – Canada and Australia.
  • Olga led the Invocation before we enjoyed a delicious soup and sandwich lunch with a variety of sweets for dessert.
  • Mary introduced our speaker for the day, Ashley Farrar, from the Social Planning Council.
  • She spoke about research she has been doing into youth mental health issues using Facebook as the source of the responses from youth.
  • Themes which have emerged include: Stigma and Shame re. mental health issues; bullying 24/7 as a root of social anxiety; youth lacking social involvement and needing to feel heard; constant encouragement and support from significant adults in their lives.
  • Results from their research which may prove helpful: Mental health must become a normal part of the school curriculum so that peer support is readily available and there needs to be training available for those offering peer support, or at least guidance; schools and social media can and must help connect youth to adults they can trust; youth have expressed a need for more youth safe spaces in the community. Sending hurting young people away from their friends to get help in London is counter productive.
  • Recommendations they are making include: promote connections between youth and the wider community; give youth a meaningful voice in plans and activities for youth;make more spaces and places available to youth, places where they will be accepted, not criticized; improve mental health education and policies for youth; increase the number of walk-in clinics, social workers, etc. for those having mental health problems; provide help easy to get on line; localize emergency mental health aid so as to keep youth as much as is possible close to their homes.
  • Check for their next steps. They are working on the Zero Tolerance Policy for Bullying. At present it is too negative and does not validate the youth experience. Social media have changed the rules and adults need to keep up with their changed experiences. Rotary, in trying to help with youth mental health might well offer youth an experience (i.e. Dragon Boating) but would need to let them take charge and reduce our role to adult supervision. The Free to be Me youth led group is one good example.
  • Mary thanked Ashley for her thought provoking presentation.
Other business 
  • Our Exchange Student, Lisa, told us about her experiences with snow boarding, winter camping in a quincey she had helped make and sharing the Announcement Day in Burlington with our outbound students. Our student,Olivia,  was thrilled to be going to Peru.
  • Winner of the 50/50 was Don S. who pulled the 5 of clubs. Graham helped with 50/50.
  • Bruce dealt with anniversaries and birthdays.
  • The Sargent of Arms received happy bucks from Bruce C., Rick S.,and Ted all of whom had been someplace warm for a holiday. Mary reported that over the long weekend more than 1000 people had been in the Art Gallery, primarily owing to Roberta Bonar’s photo exhibit. Roberta came to the opening. Graham reported that the dictionaries had been delivered to the grade 3’s.Don S. donated one of his winning bucks. Olga donated $80 bucks to the Wdsk. Rotary Foundation as it was her 80th. birthday last Saturday.
  • We were reminded that the April 4 paint night is a fund raiser for Lisa’s space  trip with CASS. There is also a school fund raiser at the Fairgrounds on March 24, a comedy night. Lisa has tickets to sell.
  • Bruce reminded the Club that the Rotary International Convention will be in Toronto  in late June. On that occasion all Clubs will be expected to help set up and pay for a variety of entertainment options for visiting Rotarians These will be offered through the House Of Friendship. At the moment the Directors are considering an Oxford Cluster wine and cheese party. We will need to find a venue in the GTA if the Cluster agrees. We would feature local wine and cheeses.
  • No other business emerged. So, Bruce ended the meeting at 1:30 p.m.
  • Olga McKellar
Rotary Rays  Feb 6 2017
Date: Feb 6 2017
Presiding: Bruce
Location: Quality Inn Hotel
Writer: Holly Hebert
Guest: Ron Archer (AKA Santa Ron)
Sick and Visiting: None
50/50 Draw: Lisa Wells won $10.00 drawing Queen of hearts
Sergeant of Arms: Bruce Burbank
Happy bucks:
No Fines
Football bucks paid
Davie Harris was happy his daughter graduated and is gainfully employed until the end of summer and was also happy his sister in law was helping his wife during her recovery period.
Frances’s son, Scott came in 21st for skiing in a province wide competition.
Lisa was happy she won 50/50
Olga reviewed stats form the Rotarian Magazine and asked if you owe for the auction please pay.
Birthdays/Anniversaries: Adam Shaw Feb 7th, John’s 50th anniversary on Feb 11th and Ted’s 26th anniversary this month as well.
Committee Updates:
Paint Nite: Aiming for March 28th, Tuesday, looking for donations for the raffle table. Proceeds to assist Lisa with her trip to the Kennedy Space Centre.
Dragon Boat: Needs a fresh coat of paint to cover up graffiti
Music Festival: Gearing up for April, possible grant from City to be able to waive admission fees.
Meals on Wheels for Month of March
Bruce talked about having a meeting with Ted, Lisa, Frances and himself to determine a date for the meeting to work on our Vision and process.
Speaker: Bruce Burbank and Ron Archer -Update on CAS Endowment Fund:
Chris Friesen determined while on board for this foundation and it was approved in 2011 by the board. This Oxford Foundation is direct donations to the program that is not support within the budget. It offers financial assistance, bursaries, sending kids to summer camp, assists with further education.
In 2016, they awarded 9 bursaries, Bruce shared a couple of applications, which were amazing.
They attended local Rotary clubs to start the donation fund, speaking of some events, last year’s car show donated approx.. $12k, Ingersoll Rotary club donated $10K and is challenging other local clubs to match. This donation goes to one individual to continue and finish their education, whether it is 3 years or 5 years, the money is allocated according to the term of education.
This foundation assists public awareness of the agency and their profile.  The foundation is now approaching $220k.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30

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