Youth Exchange Students

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Photo Albums
2018-2019 Avery Lucas to Belgium; Lisa Boccalon from Italy 
2017-2018 Hannah Lazere to Spain; Noah Blomme from Sweden
2016-2017 Ben Lazere to Brazil; Charlotte Verzini from Belgium
2015-2016 Ferdinando (Ferdi) Cinotto from Italy
2014-2015 Allison Brown to Germany; Juliette Cesne from France
2013-2014 Brynn Kouts to Belgium; Nicole Rubio from Ecuador
2012-2013 Karina Granat from Mexico
2011-2012 Bri Lopez to France; Axel Biname from Belgium
2010-2011 Mark McKinney to Belgium; Anthony Rouze from France
2009-2010 Makayla Balogh to France; Celine Cocagne from France
2008-2009 Fernando Narvaez from Ecuador
2007-2008 Andriana Francini to Slovakia; Yuka Sakata from Japan
2006-2007 Cherie Bates to Germany; Anna-Clara Pietsch from Germany
2005-2006 Ali Aguirre to Germany; Lydie Sabbe from Belgium
2004-2005 Andy Czajkowski to France