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September 13, 2017
Hello Everyone,
   Please join us this Friday for our weekly meeting as Debbie Pearson from the City of Peoria Human Services will be our guest speaker. 
  Also a week from this Friday is Peoria Ocktoberfest and I/We need some help. Here's some of the help needed:
Tent- Peoria Ocktoberfest committee may provide it. Will know in 2 days but we'll need a back up plan incase it doesn't workout.  Having plan B is always a good idea.
5-6 large Ice Chests- to hold the water and sodas in.  Also need help in cooling the beverages before we sell them on Friday night, any ideas of who can do this etc?
Transportation- We need a truck and/or SUVs to pick up the beverages and transport everything to the event area on Friday as wells as breakdown on Saturday night. 
Rotary Signage- I'm not sure where this is located or what we have so please advise me on this. Need someone to help post it up in the tent as well as a sign for the cost of beverages (we'll need to create this).
Shirts- let's wear our blue t-shirts on Friday and Red polos on Saturday...if possible for you all. Not a big deal if it doesn't happen that way but would be nice to be in the same color.
Volunteers- Please sign up or let me know what spots you want to work. We'll need help in set up (from 3-5) and take down around 10 pm.  Ask your family and friends to help.  The more the merrier!  Remember you get a meal and drinks free but the BEST incentive is the $2000 we hope to make to help us pay for the dictionaries and Youth Exchange program! 
    One last thing, I'd like to have a short Ocktoberfest planning meeting with those who   are interested in helping me with the logistics.   Can you let me know if you are willing to help by emailing me or calling/texting at 515-422-4280. Or we can do it by phone, although with so many details, Id rather meeting quick in person. 
   Thanks Everyone!  
Sep 29, 2017
see social event on 9/25
Oct 05, 2017
joint meeting at Glendale Rotary Club
Oct 06, 2017
moved to October 5
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