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September 24, 2017
Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for a wonderful Peoria Oktoberfest!  We grossed $2,115 which was our goal!  For everyone who has expenses, you can turn in receipts to Chuck at tomorrow's Rubio's Event for reimbursement- remember to bring your flyer!  Meeting there at 6:00 pm
    Special thanks to Vineyard Church and Allen/Teresa for coordinating the tents and chairs and ice chests!  That was no easy feat hauling those big tents and ice chests. Another thanks to Glenn for getting all of the drinks, providing the HUGE signs for pop and water on Saturday and transporting things here and there for us!  Thanks to Kathleen and Dave T. for making ice and soda runs.  Dave for the nice lights we had decorating the tent as well as the breath mints! ha    Thanks to Tim Stack for the tables and delivering them to us!  And to Susan for shopping with me and Glenn.  And everyone else for showing up and volunteering.  The weather was beautiful and the crowds were BIG!   We had a great time and I've asked for them to call us again for next year!  Thanks again Rotarians!  We now have money for the dictionaries, youth exchange, and other projects.
    P.S.  Don't forget to enter  I put a brief article in the District newsletter and making arrangements with Peoria Tiimes as well.
    P.S.S.  Remember we don't have a meeting on the 29th because it's the 5th Friday of the month and we are very busy right now, AND we will be meeting with Glendale on October 5th for our joint meeting with District President Nancy Van Pelt.
   Have a nice Sunday!  See you all Tomorrow Night at Rubio's.  Bring flyer. :) 
-With Much Gratitude,
Sep 29, 2017
see social event on 9/25
Oct 05, 2017
joint meeting at Glendale Rotary Club
Oct 06, 2017
moved to October 5
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