Rotary Foundation Annual Giving

Your gift to the Annual Fund helps Rotary clubs take action today to create
positive change in communities at home and around the world. Your
contributions help us strengthen peace efforts, provide clean water
and sanitation, support education, grow local economies, save
mothers and children, and fight disease.
The Every Rotarian Every Year initiative asks every Rotarian to support
The Rotary Foundation every year. In addition to contributing to the Annual Fund
on a regular basis, members are encouraged to get involved in
a Foundation project or program.
The Annual Fund is the primary source of funding for all Foundation activities.
Support our efforts year round by making a recurring gift. You choose
how often and how much you want to giveā€”it's a simple and secure
way to make a big impact.
A monthly, quarterly, or annual gift option is available for all
online contributions. If you prefer, you may return the completed
Rotary Direct enrollment form or enroll by phone at +1-866-976-8279.
To update your existing recurring giving contributions, please email or call +1-866-976-8279. For security reasons,
changes to your credit card information should be made by phone.