June 29th club update:
We do NOT have a meeting this week. Our next meeting will be on July 8th at 6 PM at Brothers' Restaurant - it will also be on Zoom for those who are not quite ready to meet in person..
  • Two-Year Term Comes to an End. Tomorrow ends my two-year term as our club's President. Everything started out fairly normal, and obviously, it turned south quickly. Our club has adjusted well to online meetings and hands-off projects, and our club has been very effective in service and fundraising during the two years. Thank you for supporting me during this time. I look forward to supporting Eric as he leads us into this next chapter, and I hope you will help by serving in the club as best you can; if you need ideas, please talk with Eric as he has several club areas that could use your help.
  • Year in Review. In case you missed it, we reviewed all of our accomplishments during this Rotary year. It is amazing to see it all on a list (we may have missed an item or two, but it is close). Here is the 2020-2021 Year-in-Review listing for our Club:  Well done everyone!
  • District Celebration. Please join me on July 10th at the Wigwam to celebrate the past Rotary year with Governor Elizabeth Mahoney, and to ring in the new Rotary year with our next Governor Bret McKeand (Peoria North member)!  Register here.
  • Pursuing Peace Conference - September 17th. This year's conference is beginning to take shape! The conference will be held on Zoom as it was last year and Mediators Beyond Borders will be our facilitation team again. Our topic will be "Thriving, and Peace, Begins at Home" We have an excellent slate of guest speakers lined up. You can see the list here:
  • Need anything? If your club can help you with anything, please let me know and I'll rally the troops!
Thanks again for all of your help these past two years!
Love & Peace,
Prez Chuck