Thanks to every for supporting our promotion Rotary Gives Back!
The businesses that participated loved it and the winners really loved it.
Here is a look back at the businesses and the $50.00 winner-
Rotary Gives Back                                                                              Winner
January    5 through January   11       Stuff It Burger                          Sara Aguire
January  12 through January   18       Sirens' CafĂ©                              Nancy Craig
January  19 through January   25       Shady Grove Records 
January  26 through February   1       Menchie's Frozen Yogurt         Charlie Tegarden
February  2 through February   8       Floyd's BBQ & Pizza                Ken Cunningham
February  9 through February 15       Federico's Downtown               Johnny Saltos
February 16 through February 22      Diana's Wine Bar                     Regina Cedillo
February 23 through March       1      The Tack Shed                         Kevin Zehl
March       2 through March       7      Cella Winery                            Walt Miller
Please continue to visit and support our businesses of the week. 
Rotary give back!!!