On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, President John Lohuis congratulates the following winners of the June Trip of the Month Draw.
First Prize Air Transat Glasgow and Edinburgh City Tour
#0266 Mike Glass
Second Prize $100 #0272 Trevor Stuyt
Third Prize $75 #0509 Kassandra Way
Fourth Prize $75 #0279 Joshua and Lorna Marsden
Fifth Prize $50 #0112 Trish McKibbon
Sixth Prize $50 #0585 Somerleigh and Nathan Comer
Seventh Prize $50 #0411 Magda Donck
Contact Information:
This concludes the 2019-2020 Draw. The Rotary Club thanks everyone for their support of our work in the community with Youth and Seniors. The draw for 2020-2021 is canceled due to the pandemic. We plan to be back next year.