9 local members and Monica Clare, Don and Anne Soepboer, and Paul Gagnon (LPRCA) joined a very successful ZOOM meeting.


Our speaker was Paul Gagnon from the Long Point Region Conservation Authority speaking on "Healthy Watersheds".

The Conservation Authorities were formed in 1946 by Provincial Legislation and there are 36 of them in Ontario.  Their mandate is conservation, restoration and the development of water resources.

The areas on which they focus include Flood Control, Water Quality, Erosion Control, Natural Resource Development, and Park and Recreation opportunities.  Paul noted that Lake Erie water levels have been very high through January-march 2020.


LPRCA monitors water levels and quality but also things like aquatic insect populations (as a marker for water quality), water temperature and quality.  They check Brook Trout populations because they are a sign of good water quality.  Paul said they monitor ground water levels in the Norfolk Sand Plain Aquifer which supplies water for agriculture and municipalities in the area.  You can view the watershed Report Card on their website:  http://www.lprca.on.ca/pages/1317825417/Healthy-Watersheds


Drinking Water is important and they protect water from the source to the tap to ensure it is safe and of good quality for drinking.

Restoration is another focus for tree planting, meadow and prairie grass establishment, buffer zones, sediment basins and wetland creation.  Forests trap and store water and release it slowly.  Buffer strips (riparian zones) between agricultural land and streams use grass and trees to control erosion and improve water quality but controlling nutrient runoff.

Erosion Control includes rock embankments, catch basins and grass along banks.  Clean Water Programs  control nutrient entry into streams from manure, cattle and fertilizers.  Sediment basins trap sediments, clay runoff and nutrients leading to cleaner water. 

LPRCA also engages in public education of school children.


Next week, Brian Bennett and Darell Parker have a program on Membership.  Brian is the District Membership Chair and Darell is our ADG.

Future programs include the Harvard Aircraft Association, and Kallista Chayil on Will and Estate Planning.