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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg!

Service Above Self

We meet In Person & Online
Mondays at 4:30 PM
Tillsonburg, ON
Our club currently meets virtually each Monday starting at 4:30 pm via Zoom. If you are interested in joining a meeting, please contact one of our members listed on the right.
Home Page Stories

Rotary Club Donations for 2020-2021



Paul Harris Recognition - $1800


Polio Plus  -$1300 to help eradicate Polio worldwide. This initiative began with Rotary 30 years ago and at that time, there were 350,000 new cases annually. At the moment, there are less than 10, mainly in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Food Bank - $10,403.72 to support people in our community and area during the Pandemic.


Rotary Medallists - $1185 to recognize outstanding student individuals in our community.


Glendale High School Bursaries - $1400


Puerto Cortez Rotary - $1045  for portable Xray machine


Grade 3 Dictionary Program - $636


Victoria's Quilts for cancer patients undergoing treatment - $250

President Mike Donnelly reports:
Keith Hodgkinson and I helped out at the Cycles of Life location today along with Lori and Tim from the organisation.
Word is gradually getting around, as we helped 16 clients today versus the single client last week (he showed up again today). The people we served had various stories to tell, some quite unnerving, all were very polite and very grateful for the help they received.  This, I believe, is a project we need to continue to support to the best of our abilities.
Today I also presented our donation cheque to Tim.  Photo courtesy of Jay Weiler.
Rotary International’s Task Force is creating a critical and timely initiative to help India establish Rotary Oxygen Banks to assist India with the critical COVID-19 crisis they are currently facing.  Our club is collecting donations which will be consolidated with a regional effort for this initiative.
Any amount is welcome.  Time is of the essence.
Donations can be made via Paypal: India Coronavirus Rotary Oxygen Initiative
The program was a video presentation by Serge Lavoie regarding the St. Thomas Elevated Garden.  Here is a link to YouTube where you can find the video.  2020 National Virtual Symposium - YouTube
The Garden can be accessed off Talbot St.
The railway bridge was built in 1929 as a steel and concrete bridge replacing earlier wooden bridges.  The last train crossed it in 2005 and the tracks were removed in 2010.  Serge noted that Paris and New York have elevated gardens on old railway bridges.
The bridge is 30 feet wide, 855 feet long and 100 feet high.  The group raised $65,000 to buy the bridge and the associated land.  Their objectives were to keep the linear views intact, nothing leaves the site, no motorized vehicles, and it should be handicapped accessible.   It has safety lighting and high safety railings or fencing.
Nature repopulated the area within a year with local, native plants.  The group planted Carolinian native plants, added a Stumpery Garden of huge tree stumps, and permitted the growth of natural weeds and plants.  Monarch Butterflies and raptors such as Red Tailed Hawks are common sights.  On the Garden approaches there is a solid slab maple bench and an adjacent Little Free Lending Library.  
The bridge Garden is divided into 5 zones:  Eastern Board Walk, a Water Garden, a Play area, a Green Garden, and the Western Board Walk.  Six major pieces of art have been donated (metal sculptures).  The Rotary Music Garden has two tuned metal sculptures.
The community has been supportive in every way by helping build the garden, through donations, making videos and planting trees.  The Garden is connected to the Trans Canada Trail.  Art work reproductions are posted on the trail and they plan a 3.5 km linear arboretum of native species trees.
Contacts:  and Facebook:  StThomasElevatedPark

PDG John Gilvesy introduced DG Mike Lawrie, a distinguished retired physician in Cambridge.

DG Mike spoke of Looking Back and Looking Ahead and of Rotary's 2021 Theme of "Rotary Opens Opportunity" with the graphic of 3 open doors.  He quoted Sir Winston Churchill "A Pessimist is someone who sees a problem in every opportunity. An Optimist is someone who sees an opportunity in every problem."  Opportunities can arise at any time.


RI President Holger Knaak (Germany) spoke of adaptability, new models of Rotary Clubs and of membership.  We need to grow Rotary sustainably.  Mike spoke of having an Annual Club Strategy Meeting and making use of the resources of the Rotary Learning Centre.  Rotary has created a "Shaping Rotary's Future Committee" to chart Rotary's direction.


The Rotary International budget for 2020-2021 is $123,481,000 USD and the Rotary Foundation budget is $93,000,000 USD.

The Covid Pandemic will be a watershed moment for everyone.  Mike assured us that the District is a resource for Clubs and is there to support the Clubs.


Mike's theme this year is "Taking Care of Self, Each Other and the Planet".  He reminded us that PolioPlus receives a 2:1 Match from the Gates Foundation.  Africa is now Polio Free (3 years without a new case) and only Afghanistan and Pakistan have polio cases.  The Rotary Foundation has added a 7th Area of Focus, the Environment.

Jennifer Jones of the RC of Windsor-Roseland is the RI President Nominee for 2022-2023.


Mike spoke of Rotary's inclusiveness and that there is no place for Racism in Rotary.  Rotary supports our Indigenous people and people of Color.  We support diversity, inclusion and equity.

He also addressed Areas of Opportunity:  Rotaract is now a type of Rotary membership.  Rotary has a partnership with Toast Masters and there is information on the Rotary Learning Center.


PDG John Gilvesy brought us up to date on the Honduras Micro-Finance Project.

We partnered with Opportunity International Canada and Implementing Partner Honduras (IDH) to provide small loans to local people who are unable to obtain financing from conventional sources.  This enables them to start their own small business and to support their families.  There is a 98% repayment rate by the local people and 50-60% of the loans are to women.  The size of the loans range from $200-5,000.  There are approximately 8,000 clients who receive training, help in setting goals, support for their businesses and guidance in reporting to their lenders.


Micro-finance fits well with the Rotary Foundation's 6 Areas of Focus.  Our District raised $73,500 and with Matching Funding from the Government of Canada, our District 7080 and the Rotary Foundation, this added up to a total of $320,000.  The Rotary Foundation requires regular reports to make sure the projects are proceeding properly and that there is adequate financial and operational accountability.


John reported on a recent presentation by IDH about the impact of the impact of the Covid Pandemic on their business.  The Honduras government mandated a repayment moratorium during the pandemic and this affected the liquidity of IDH.  They were able to obtain debt restructuring and lines of credit from their banks.  They also provided medical protection for customers and IDH staff.  In the period from March to May 2020, the loan activity and cash flow for IDH crashed.  IDH has worked to mitigate the impact on their staff and business.  They have reduced staff, provided food, face masks and hand sanitizer in their business sites.


Next week:  Jay Weiler will present a report on Communications for the Club.

Rotary Meeting of July 8, 2020.
8 members were joined by Brenda Waugh (Scotland).
President Mike Donnelly led the discussion today. He spoke of a review of our Fund Raising for both the short term and the long term. Treasurer John Lohuis shared the financial statement for the Club as of July 1. This document was circulated separately to all Club members.
In the General Account, we will have dues payable to RI and the District of $3500 and Insurance of $400.
In the Service Account, we have $10,000 allocated for the work in Memorial Park.
We have a number of Expenses such as Youth Exchange, the Medals Awards, and the various other programs and awards that we give out each year for Youth.
There were a number of ideas for fund raising.
We could sell lottery tickets and have non-Rotarian sellers who would receive a portion or commission on what they sell.
PDG John Gilvesy shared ideas from other clubs. (see attachment).
Various ideas involving golf as both a fund raiser and as a program for young people were suggested. Brenda Waugh offered to share information from similar programs in Scotland.
July 15 - John Gilvesy will update us on the Microfinance Project in Honduras (HEC).
July 22 - Jay Weiler will update us on the Communications program.
July 29 - open still.
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, President John Lohuis congratulates the following winners of the June Trip of the Month Draw.
First Prize Air Transat Glasgow and Edinburgh City Tour
#0266 Mike Glass
Second Prize $100 #0272 Trevor Stuyt
Third Prize $75 #0509 Kassandra Way
Fourth Prize $75 #0279 Joshua and Lorna Marsden
Fifth Prize $50 #0112 Trish McKibbon
Sixth Prize $50 #0585 Somerleigh and Nathan Comer
Seventh Prize $50 #0411 Magda Donck
Contact Information:
This concludes the 2019-2020 Draw. The Rotary Club thanks everyone for their support of our work in the community with Youth and Seniors. The draw for 2020-2021 is canceled due to the pandemic. We plan to be back next year.

10 local Rotarians and ADG Brenda Waugh met via Zoom for our Change of Officers Night.

We were joined by our spouses and it made for a very pleasant evening.

Please note that our meeting of July 1 is canceled.


President John thanked his Executive and the Club for their support this past year.  It was a team effort.

Some of our Service projects as outlined by John:

Memorial Park equipment and trees.

Youth Scholarships

Training for Youth and the Adventure in Understanding program.

Youth Exchange

We sponsor 2 Foster Children.

Honduras Micro-Finance program.

Clock Tower - perhaps we can sell more bricks.

Grade 3 Dictionaries.

Paul Harris Night and the Foundation.

Road Rally.

bowling and golfing.

Christmas Parade Float.

Book Fair and Turtle Fest.


Our new President, Mike Donnelly thanked now Past-President John for his leadership. 

The Officers for 2020-2021:

Treasurer - John Lohuis

Secretary - Brian Clark

President-Elect - Jay Weiler.

Membership - Tom Simmons.

Foundation - Keith Hodgkinson.

Fund Raising - Mike Donnelly.


Mike then touched on matters of interest due to the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic.  He spoke of the need to combine our fund raising with visibility in the community.  We need to increase our membership and possibly change our meeting format.  We should also be asking prospective members what kind of projects they want to do in Rotary.


Trivia Contest:

Jay and Shelley arranged a Trivia Contest relating to Tillsonburg history and Rotary Club history.  We all had fun and lots of laughs as memories were recalled of good times past.



13 local Rotarians and 4 Guests attended.  Our guests included PDG Don Watkins (RC of Peterborough-Kawartha), ADG Brenda Waugh, Gloria Aykroyd, and Rachel Parker.


Our speaker today was Rotarian Dr. Mohamed Abdalla, Chief of Intensive Care at TDMH.  Mohamed thanked everyone in the community for their support during the Covid-19 pandemic.  He advised us that there is now a Covid Screening Centre located at 17 Bear St. but by appointment only.  Anyone who is concerned about exposure and wants to be tested can call and arrange an appointment.  The Hospital is testing everyone who enters as a patient for Covid.


Re-opening the Hospital to normal care again will be a gradual process.  At present, the Outpatient Services are closed and he is seeing patients virtually.  The LHIN has addressed re-opening and if there is an increase in cases, then society will have to close again until the number of cases declines.  Social distancing has helped a lot but if only 55-65% of people comply with it, the number of cases will increase again.  So it is important to continue to keep our distance from one another.


Dr. Abdalla noted that as a result of the pandemic and isolation measures, the In Patient population dropped to 30% of normal and the Emergency Room was much less busy.  In some cases, patients who needed to seek hospital care had delayed attending because of fear of the Covid virus.  In some instances, this led to serious illnesses not being addressed as soon as they should have been.


The Hospital Staff had to develop protocols for working with patients to keep the Staff safe and yet provide necessary treatment.  They made plans to expand the ICU spaces and to re-train OR nurses to staff the ICU if needed.

Dr. Abdalla answered a number of questions.  He said that although no one knows for certain what long term sequellae may occur in recovered Covid patients, there may well be long lasting effects from the illness.  He also noted the effect on the healthcare workers from stress and mentioned psychological effects and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.


Work Party:  There is a work party at Memorial Park on Saturday morning in two groups of 5 each beginning at 8:30-9:30 and 10:00-11:00.  We will be cleaning up brush and watering our tree nursery.


Report from the Board of Directors Meeting:

The Club will donate $6500 to the Helping Hand Food Bank

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, President John Lohuis congratulates the following winners of the May Trip of the Month Draw.

First Prize         Great Canadian Trip:  The "New" New York.

#0024  Mike Cerna

Second Prize      $100     #0132    Roy Beechey

Third Prize        $75        #0102    Helen Johnson and Janet Weaver

Fourth Prize      $75        #0447    Peter Oliveira

Fifth Prize        $50        #0094    Brad Bennett

Sixth Prize        $50        #0403    Pat Carroll

Seventh Prize    $50        #0397    Brian Crompton

Rotary Meeting of May 20, 2020.
9 Rotarians and a number of guests attended the ZOOM meeting.
Our guests were Anne and Don Soepboer, ADG Brenda Waugh (Scotland), PDG Don Watkins (RC of Peterborough-Kawartha) and Debbie Vance (Charter President of the RC of Ucluelet, BC)
Don Watkins was President of the RC of Tillsonburg in 1981-82 and was District Governor 7080 during the early 1990's.
Trip of the Month news: PDG Karen Oakes (Simcoe) and Eugene Todd have donated their Trip winnings back to the Club in a very generous gesture to help Rotary when we can not raise funds for community work due to the pandemic. Thank you!
Jay Weiler has been trimming the grass at our tree nursery near the Community Centre Complex.
John Lohuis showed a video of the flooding in Ft. McMurray due to an ice jam in the Athabasca River. The downtown business district was completely flooded. John was there a year ago for the Communities in Bloom as a judge.
Speaker: Debbie Vance spoke to us about her experience in Rotary. She is the Charter President of the RC of Ucluelet, BC, a small town (pop. 1700) on Vancouver Island's west coast. She moved there from Vancouver and started the Rotary Club (Chartered January 2019) through contacts on the Community Facebook page for the town. She created enthusiasm within the town for Rotary and the work it does in communities. She now also serves on the Zone Committee for new club development and she supplies the Social Media tools to promote Rotary. Debbie creates graphics to promote Rotary on all Social Media.
Her Facebook page has her graphics and the RI Facebook page has a great deal of information about Rotary that can be downloaded.
Here are some of her graphics:
-4 Way Test graphic.
-Women in Rotary.
-May is Rotary Youth Service Month.
-April is Maternal and Child Health Month.
-Rotary Club Locator App.
-October 24 is World Polio Day - End Polio Now.
-Rotary Foundation.
-Rotary's 6 Areas of Focus.
-Rotary - Ignite Your Passion.
- Rotary - Wash Your Hands (pandemic prevention).
-Membership: Our Greatest Asset.

12 local Rotarians were joined by Rotarian Brenda Waugh (Scotland) and guests Richard Demaiter (BMO) and Anne and Don Soepboer.

The Adventure in Citizenship has been canceled due to the pandemic.


Speaker:  Tom Simmons was our speaker today and showed us a presentation about the  trip to Vietnam in January (?) 2020 taken by he and his wife Pat.

The country has been at war for much of the post-World War 2 period.  The French left in 1954 and the second Indo-China War began in 1955 with the USA and it's allies.  This ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon to the North Vietnamese army.  The war had extended into Laos and Cambodia as well.  The US had 10 air bases in Vietnam at the height of the war.


Vietnam has 92 million people and the two common religions are Buddhist and Christian.  There are many coastal beaches and lots of commercial fishing.  Tom saw many street vendors on motorcycles as well as modern apartment buildings and seaside esplanades in the coastal tourist areas.

At Na Trang, the were many new apartment buildings and a large amusement park but it was mountainous inland.  New office buildings were prominent and Tom said that wages are about $140 USD per month.  Street traffic was 80% motorcycles and scooters.  The city has large Buddhist temples and statues.

At Hoi An, south of Da Nang, he saw a small factory manufacturing marble statues of all types for shipment around the globe.  The city has a huge and very beautiful beach.

In Halong Bay, in N. Vietnam, the area is famous for the many (1,970) islands.  These are karst limestone that has been eroded by centuries of rain.  The same process has carved large caves with ceilings 80-100 feet high.  This is the Sung Sot (Cave of Surprises) Cave and it takes 1 hour to walk through the cave system.  Tom also showed photos of floating villages in the bay itself, protected by the surrounding islands.


As is often the case, many of our members have interesting programs to share and Tom's programs detailing his travels worldwide have been among them.


Next week's speaker is Rotarian Debbie Vance from Ucluelet, British Columbia.



13 local Rotarians were joined by guests Ryo Matsumoto (our ROTEX from Kanazawa, Japan), Brenda Waugh (ADG of District 1020 Scotland), Sheila Welham (RC of Burlington Central and a member of the District Youth Exchange Committee) and Dean Rutty who is the Chair of District Youth Exchange.


Speaker:  Ryo spoke to the Club about her home in Japan and her time in Tillsonburg.  She returns home on May 8. 

Japan is a smaller country compared to Canada but has 126 million people.  Ryo showed us her various school uniforms as well as her cheer leading uniform.  She showed us the Kimono, the formal dress for women in Japan.  It is a traditional costume mainly used now for special events such as graduation or when people come of adult age at age 20.

Ryo's first Host Family was the Mann family.  With them, she visited Niagara Falls and Toronto in the Winter.  She saw the Eaton Centre and dined atop the CN Tower.  Ryo also enjoyed the Mississauga orientation session for Youth exchange Students and their Christmas Party.  She attended the Winter meeting at Camp Wanakita with the Outbound Students and they slept in Quinsys, did Cross Country Skiing and snow shoeing.  Ryo described a Dog Sledding weekend in Haliburton with students from District 7070.

Her second Host Family was the Layman family and she visited Niagara Falls with them.

Ryo mentioned that she enjoyed attending our weekly Rotary meetings.


President John, Bob Marsden, Sheila Welham and Dean Rutty all thanked Ryo for her time with us and we will miss her.  She has been a great ROTEX!


Brenda Waugh also spoke to the Club about her experience in Tillsonburg 40 years ago.  She worked for Dr. Mary Wiltshire as a Nanny and also helped in the Veterinary Clinic.  Brenda joined Rotary in 2001 and has served as the District Communications Chair and is currently the ADG for District 1020.  When her term as ADG is completed, she will become the District Youth Chair.  In her vocation, she manages an Advisory Agency.  Brenda lives in Annan about 6 miles north of the border with England on the west coast of Scotland.

Kallista Chayil is our speaker today and her topic is "The Psychology of Estate Planning".

75% of estate plans fail.  What we give as an inheritance should be a blessing, not a burden.  People who inherit large sums may be unprepared to manage it responsibly either financially or psychologically.


Causes of Failure:

60% fail due to poor communication and mistrust.  Parents fail to disclose details to all of their children, leading to unpleasant surprises.  There may also be unresolved family conflicts (sibling mistrusts).

25% fail because the parents didn't prepare their heirs by communication and education of values and plans.

10% fail due to lack of a family vision statement that clearly communicates their sense of values and goals.

5% fail due to poor tactical money management.  The heirs may make inferior investments of have no advisors or incompetent advisors.  The heirs may not know how to manage the money.



Kallista told us that 75-95% of Canadians are financially illiterate and we have an inadequate relationship to money.  Money problems are the #1 stress and the most common conflict in marriages.  In many households, 40% of the income is spent servicing debt.  75% of households have less than $50,000 in investable assets.  When credit cards are used, spending increases 23%.

Money problems are symptomatic of bigger problems such as over spending, under spending (hoarding) and frivolous purchases.  75-95% of us have an inadequate relationship to money (eg) carrying bad debt, inadequate emergency funds, inappropriate investments, using money to dominate others, addiction to wealth (misers).  It is important to educate children about money and finances.


"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, elegant and wrong"  H.L. Mecken.


Estate Problems:

Too much emphasis on financials and too high a level of control while withholding information about values. 

When adults act like adults, everyone wins.  Share responsibility for the plan with family.  Have joint decision making and open discussion when making the plan.


Three Important Things:

Unpack the issues.

Communicate about managing money (beginning with young children).

Collaborate to reflect family values and the values of the heirs.

Kallista's contact information:


Kallista Chayil Can be reached via 
phone 647-863-9332


11 local Rotarians were joined on ZOOM by DG Lesley Barmania and her husband Aziz, PDG Doug Vincent, Peter Stam, Steve Zehr, and Anne and Don Soepboer.


President John Lohuis initiated the meeting with a Moment of Silence for the victims in Nova Scotia.


Speaker:  DG Lesley Barmania spoke about her experiences at the RI Convention in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea and how it relates to RI President Mark Maloney's theme of "Rotary Connects The World".  She spoke about how Rotary gives Hope and related their own experience in Seoul.  Her husband, Aziz suffered a medical emergency and was rushed to a hospital with internal hemorrhaging.  He was admitted to the ICU and underwent a number of diagnostic tests before the source of the bleed was identified.  He required emergency surgery and Lesley spoke of the wonderful support they  received from the local hotel, the hospital, the staff who helped translate for them, and the Rotary friends both Canadian and Korean who arranged to donate blood of Aziz's type (A neg).  The blood donations in  particular  were crucial to his survival.  Lesley showed us how Rotary is indeed one family worldwide and brings Hope not only to the communities we serve but in this case, desperately needed hope and help for one of our own Rotarians.


Our ROTEX, Ryo joined us today with her Host Mother.  Ryo will be returning to Japan on May 8 by way of a connecting flight from Vancouver to Tokyo.


Next Week:  Our speaker will be Kallista Chayil speaking on pitfalls with Wills and Estate Planning.


On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, President John Lohuis congratulates the following winners of the April Trip of the Month Draw.


First Prize:  #0146  Scott Morris   Transat - Paradisus Princessa del Mar, Varadaro, Cuba

Second Prize: $100   #0040 Brian Graydon

Third Prize:  $75        #0381  Sandra Gilvesy

Fourth Prize:  $75     #0368   Carole Stephenson

Fifth Prize:   $50      #0016   John Shields

Sixth Prize:   $50     #0067   Melanie Fardella

Seventh Prize:  $50  #0980   Susan Seymour



Contact Information:


John Lohuis, President,

Rotary Club Tillsonburg





9 local members and Monica Clare, Don and Anne Soepboer, and Paul Gagnon (LPRCA) joined a very successful ZOOM meeting.


Our speaker was Paul Gagnon from the Long Point Region Conservation Authority speaking on "Healthy Watersheds".

The Conservation Authorities were formed in 1946 by Provincial Legislation and there are 36 of them in Ontario.  Their mandate is conservation, restoration and the development of water resources.

The areas on which they focus include Flood Control, Water Quality, Erosion Control, Natural Resource Development, and Park and Recreation opportunities.  Paul noted that Lake Erie water levels have been very high through January-march 2020.


LPRCA monitors water levels and quality but also things like aquatic insect populations (as a marker for water quality), water temperature and quality.  They check Brook Trout populations because they are a sign of good water quality.  Paul said they monitor ground water levels in the Norfolk Sand Plain Aquifer which supplies water for agriculture and municipalities in the area.  You can view the watershed Report Card on their website:


Drinking Water is important and they protect water from the source to the tap to ensure it is safe and of good quality for drinking.

Restoration is another focus for tree planting, meadow and prairie grass establishment, buffer zones, sediment basins and wetland creation.  Forests trap and store water and release it slowly.  Buffer strips (riparian zones) between agricultural land and streams use grass and trees to control erosion and improve water quality but controlling nutrient runoff.

Erosion Control includes rock embankments, catch basins and grass along banks.  Clean Water Programs  control nutrient entry into streams from manure, cattle and fertilizers.  Sediment basins trap sediments, clay runoff and nutrients leading to cleaner water. 

LPRCA also engages in public education of school children.


Next week, Brian Bennett and Darell Parker have a program on Membership.  Brian is the District Membership Chair and Darell is our ADG.

Future programs include the Harvard Aircraft Association, and Kallista Chayil on Will and Estate Planning.

The following Rotary programs are canceled due to the Covid pandemic:
Book Fair for April.
Trip of the Month Draw that would begin July 2020 and run to June 30, 2021.  Any tickets already sold will be refunded.
The current Trip of the Month Draws will run to their normal completion on June 30, 2020.
The Rotary Medals Awards program in May is canceled.

The Tillsonburg Rotary Club announces the winners of the March Trip-of- the-Month Draw. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, JOHN LOHUIS, President of the Rotary Club, congratulates the following winners of the Trip-of-the-Month draw:


1st Prize: # 0402 – Jonathan Arnell

March Prize: Air Canada Vacations – Le Pavillion Hotel- New Orleans, Louisiana


2nd Prize $100: # 0050 – Vanessa Aykroyd

3rd Prize $75: # 0108 – Trudy & Dennis Vass

4th Prize $75: # 0294 – Jay Luyt

5th Prize $50: #0255 – Joe Haist

6th Prize $50: #0136 – Laurel & Peter Beechey

7th Prize $50: #0519 – Andrew Burns


Contact Information:


John Lohuis, President,

Rotary Club Tillsonburg






The Tillsonburg Rotary Club announces the winners of the February Trip-of- the-Month Draw. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, JOHN LOHUIS, President of the Rotary Club, congratulates the following winners of the Trip-of-the-Month draw:


1st Prize: # 0067 - Melanie Fardella

February Prize: Great Canadian – Chicago City Getaway


2nd Prize $100: #0216 – Dr. Mohamed Abdalla

3rd Prize $75: #0061 –Terry & Karen Boys

4th Prize $75: #0437 – Ed Patenaude

5th Prize $50: #0013 – Dean Symons

6th Prize $50: #0267 – Carol Martis

7th Prize $50: #0402 – Jonathan Arnel


Contact Information:


John Lohuis, President,

Rotary Club Tillsonburg


Notes from the meeting.

11 Rotarians and 3 guests attended at Corner Perk.  Guest:  Rachel Parker, Ryo (ROTEX), and Nancy Shields.


Rotary International's slogan for 2020-2021 is "Rotary Opens Opportunities".


President John Lohuis gave a presentation on Communities in Bloom for whom he is a judge and their visit to Lexington, Kentucky last year.

This is the 25th year for Communities in Bloom and they have been acquired by the Canadian Landscape Association. 

Communities in Bloom fosters civic pride in communities around the world and enhances green spaces.

Their criteria include tidiness, environmental factors, heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscapes and floral designs.

Lexington was founded in 1775 and now has a population of 330,000.  It is known as the Horse Capital of the World.

Until the 1840's, it had a large slavery commercial trade.  This continued for a while after that date despite regulations banning it.  John said the history of the Slave Trade in Lexington is mentioned but kept very muted.

The Rotary Club began there in 1915 and Rotary has been very active throughout the intervening years.  The Rotary Directory shows two clubs in Lexington today.

The city has pedestrian and bike paths, a historic clock (1830) on the street and decorative street lamps.  The streets have many (40) statues of horses located throughout the city.  John showed a photo of a street bench in the form of an open library book.  The first library was built in 1795 and in 1902, the Carnegie Library was constructed. 

There is lots of public art in the parks in Lexington.  John showed a photo of a downtown Off Leash Dog Park.  He also had photos of Keeneland Park, a large horse racing track and horse auction site.


The Tillsonburg Rotary Club announces the winners of the January Trip-of-the-Month Draw. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, JOHN LOHUIS, President of the Rotary Club, congratulates the following winners of the Trip-of-the-Month draw:
1st Prize: # 0555 - Celeste Dawson
January Prize: Air Canada Vacations – Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada
2nd Prize $100: # 167 - Mary DeCloet
3rd Prize $75: # 301 - Chris Oliver
4th Prize $75: # 0354 - James Prouse
5th Prize $50: # 0169 - Cliff & Jacki McDowell
6th Prize $50: # 0444 - Holly Koss
7th Prize $50: #0410 - Magda Donck
Contact Information:
John Lohuis, President,
Rotary Club Tillsonburg

The Tillsonburg Rotary Club announces the winners of the November Trip-of- the-Month Draw. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg, JOHN LOHUIS, President of the Rotary Club, congratulates the following winners of the Trip-of-the-Month draw:


1st Prize: #0115 Marianne Sandham

November Prize: West Jet Vacations- Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada


2nd Prize $100: #0057 Ken & Olga Patterson

3rd Prize $75: #0406 Lindsey & Paul McLeish

4th Prize $75: #0282 Olga Patterson

5th Prize $50: #0452 Carla Cameron

6th Prize $50: #0552 Gail Mabee

7th Prize $50: #0370 Mary Lohuis


Contact Information:


John Lohuis, President,

Rotary Club Tillsonburg




June 2021
Club Administrative Documents
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