Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Aug 12, 2019
Program:  Jake Mueller - Muskie Football 2019 Season
Recap of the August 5, 2019 club meeting: 
Visitors:  Scott and Stella Warren were the guests of Kim Warren. 
Happy News:  Marv Krieger read an article in the Wall Street Journal that stated that the world needs more organizations like Rotary.  Our club is in need of new members so we can do more and be even better.  More members means more income.   He challenged each of us to recruit one new member by the end of the year.  Diana Gradert was happy that the Muscatine Arts Council performance by Jeff Barnhart had a larger turnout than last year and it was a wonderful evening of music.  Megan Francis let us know that Sunnybrook will be hosting the next Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours.  She also reminded us that this Saturday is the Muscatine Alzheimer's walk.  Jim Nepple was happy his grand daughter finished up her sophomore year at a Colorado University and will be attending her junior year at Oxford.  Paul Fitzpatrick was happy that he was not the reason the sound system went down at a wedding he attended in La Crosse, WI.   
Cow Bell Ringing: Diana Gradert rang the bell for Marv Krieger challenging us to increase our club members and to make our club great.  Jessica Wittman rang the bell for Mike Ruby and his regular article he writes for the Discover Muscatine Paper.  Jessica also rang the bell for our facebook page being tagged in Singapore! 
Club Business:  The second reading was done for Mike Janecek, Scott Dahlke and Greg Bock.  Jessica reminded us of the koozie fundraiser - donate/pay what you like. 
Program:  Our program was MCSD College 4 Kids - by Troy Kulland and Laurie Schroeder.   10 years ago about 250 kids attended, now they average 600 a year.  Kids need to be in the 70th percentile or higher to attend.  College 4 Kids is for children grades 1st-6th and lasts one week in June.  The programs is constantly evolving, they re-evaluate the courses offered yearly.   They ask kids - "What do you want to do" - camping, robotics, cooking, math, science rocks, dinosaurs, etc.  The kids choose 3 courses to attend.  9 school districts participate in College 4 Kids.  The cost is normally $130 - this year MCSD kids got 1/2 off the fee thanks to Dr. Jerry Riibe.  The United Way has starting covering costs so lower income students can attend as well.  About 40 teachers work during College 4 Kids and many High School students volunteer and receive hours towards silver cord, National Honor Society and Key Club.  Stella Warren attended College 4 Kids and shared her experienced with us.  Stella is 7 years old and will be a 2nd grader this year.  In camping class she enjoyed making smores, the tents and snacks.  In her engineering class she thought building paper airplanes and flying them outside was "super fun".  In her science class  they did experiments with eggs - that was "really messy".  They also made fossils and bouncy balls. 
Thank you Troy, Laurie and Stella. 
If you would like to learn more you can check out their website - just search for Muscatine C4K.  (the website was created by kids!)
Our next meeting will be August 12, 2019 at the Rendezvous at noon.