Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Aug 05, 2019
Program:  Troy Kulland - MCSD College 4 Kids Program.
Recap of the July 29, 2019 Club Meeting:
Visitor:  Mike Janecek was our visitor, he is with Martin Whitacre. 
Happy News:  Holly Thomas-Koehler was happy that the Almost Friday Fest on the 25th was successful, an estimated 1400 people attended.  Megan Francis reminded us of the Walk to End Alzheimer's on August 10th at Pearl City Station.  Megan also reminded us that August 24th is the Crossroads annual carnival.  Erika Cox wanted to let us know that the lobby and drive thru at MPW is complete and open for use.  She also let us know how thankful she is of MPW and all the different departments that she has worked with, she will soon be working with their IT group.  Diana Gradert wanted to remind us of the Jeff Barnhart performance coming up on the 4th and that she has tickets for sale.  Diana has also been asked to be on the committee for the Catherine R. Miller World Peace Park - this will be at "Carver Corner".  Cath Hahn was happy that she volunteered at RYLA again this year, she said it was phenomenal.  Jeremy Pickard  - MCC had orientation for new faculty last week - let him know if you would like them to visit your business. 
Cow Bell Ringing:  Thank you to Chuck Moody for all that you do - you were missed while you were on vacation.  Paul Fitzpatrick played music for 1.5 hours at the nursing home in Wilton.  Congratulations to all the Rotarians that rode in Ragbrai. 
Program:  Denise Conrad is the Senior Community Development Manager  for American Cancer Society's North Region.  "Leading the fight to free the world from Cancer".   Denise has been with the American Cancer Society for 16 years.  1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.  Hope Lodge in Iowa City offers free overnight stays to people and families going through cancer treatment.  This year 834 people have stayed at Hope Lodge for a total of 16,601 number of nights - FREE.  13 of these people were from Muscatine with a total of 200 nights.  The American Cancer Society has spent $1.6 Billion in cancer research since 1946.  Some of the ways fundraising is done for the American Cancer Society are;  Relay for Life, Daffodil Days, Bark for Life, Coaches vs Cancer and Relay Recess.  The University of Iowa is a large recipient of money raised by Relay for Life.  Muscatine's Relay for Life is August 24, 2019 from 4 - 11:00 at Muscatine's riverfront. Thank you Denise. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, August 5, 2019 at the Rendezvous.