Posted by Bobbie Holliday on Jul 29, 2019
Program:  Denise Conrad - Relay for Life Muscatine
Recap of the July 22, 2019 Club Meeting: 
Visitors:  Margaret Stadtwald was the guest of Mike Ruby.  Michelle Kelman was a visiting Rotarian from Burlington.  Katie Loos and Virginia Cooper were visitors of Carolyn Levine.  Mike Johannsen was the guest of Mike Hagerty.  JoAnn Allbee was the guest of Harvey Allbee.  Cindy Kautz and Kristine Conlon were also guests of Carolyn Levine.  Mike Janecek from Martin Whitacre visited us as well.  Scott Dahlke with MCSA was a guest of Charla Schafer.  Greg Bock joined us from the Salvation Army. 
Happy News:  Jim Hayes was happy that he celebrated his one year anniversary at Cross Roads and that Cross Roads is celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year.  Holly Thomas-Koehler reminded us of the Almost Friday Fest this Thursday at the Riverfront - there will be live music, food truck, beverages, etc.  Larry Hetzler reminded us of the Muscatine Arts Council fundraiser on August 4th, performer will be Jeff Barnhart.  Naomi DeWinter let us know that the 3 students our club sent to RYLA are doing great and are excited to report back to us about their time at RYLA. 
Cow Bell Ringing:  Jessica Wittman was super excited that our clubs 'DoGoodery' Facebook post was shared in Sweden.  She also has a coworker that had a daughter attend RYLA and she came back a changed person - for the good. 
Club Business:  We are in need of volunteers to help plan our clubs 100 year celebration.  Contact Erika Cox, Jessica Wittman or Mike Ruby if you are interested. 
Program:  Our program was Lauren Lessing from the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art.  Dick and Mary Jo Stanley were generous supporters of the Museum of Art.  The new building broke ground last month, it should be finished in 2022 and is located by Gipson Street Park - the new building will be closer to where the students are, better location.  The vision of the museum is to connect the world, Iowans, and students with extraordinary works of art.  Welcome and engaging audiences of all kinds on campus across Iowa and around the world.   Lauren shared many artists rendering of what the new museum will be like.  The walls throughout the museum will be moveable making the space more flexible and able to accommodate different exhibits.  The lobby of the museum will have interactive art as well as space for performances.  There will be a light well in the center of the museum to allow natural light in. There will also be roof top terraces that can be used for exhibits and events.   $25 million is needed to complete the museum - $20.3 million has been raised with $4.7 million remaining.   Thank you Lauren for the presentation. 
Our next meeting will be Monday, July 29, 2019 at the Rendezvous.