Program:  Shane Orr/Jessica Wittman - Rotary President Passing of the Gavel. 
Recap from the June 24, 2019 Club Meeting: 
Visitor:  Kathy Pezley visited from the North Scott Rotary Club
Happy News:  Melanie Alexander reminded us that this Sunday from 1 to 5:00 is the ice cream social at the Muscatine Arts Center.  Frank Iliff was happy that he is writing a USDA grant and met his first deadline on time.  Erika Cox let us know about the Almost Friday Fest - taking place on the 4th Thursday of month thru September from 5 to 8:00, at Riverside Park.  This Thursday the performer will be Tim Stop.  Greg Jenkins shared that his son and family has relocated to Germany with the Air Force. 
Program:  Jessica Wittman shared her experience at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany.  "An American Girl in Hamburg"
Jessica shared with us that she first learned what Rotary was in high school by way of a production the Rotary club would put on every year.  A few years out of high school she attended a Rotary meeting as a guest to promote a play that she was in and enjoyed the visit.  She has been a member of Rotary for years now and still really enjoys it.  Getting to Hamburg, Germany was an adventure for Jessica as she had never flown over seas before.  She received her Rotary badge during registration and she said it was her "passport to be cool all week".  Hamburg is a port city and the sails in the harbor said "End Polio Now".  During the opening ceremony there was a flag ceremony - every country that was there had their flag walked across the stage - there were so many countries that it took 25 minutes to see them all.  Jessica enjoyed meeting and talking to Rotarians from many different countries.  My Taxi - which is like Uber - donated all the Rotarian ride fees to Rotary International - ~$75,000.  35,000 people attended Rotary International, needless to say the convention center was very large with many TV's throughout in all different languages.  Jessica listened to 31 different speakers and attended 10 different breakout sessions.  Some of Jessica's biggest takeaways are as follows:  What a Rotarian IS NOT - NOT defined by age, NOT afraid to talk to diverse people, NOT just here for the beer, NOT patient in airports, and NOT afraid to do good.  What a Rotarian IS - IS accepting of all people, genders, races, creeds, and religion, IS fulfilled, IS engaged in networking and open minded, IS helpful in airports, IS dedicated to making a difference.  Jessica also shared with us a few of the speakers that really impacted her.  Steve Farber - "Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do".  Chris Wells - "Do Goodery".  Daniel Flyn - Author of book - Chapter One, which he sold on donation - paid what you wanted for the book. And founder of the company Thank you.   Jessica ran with this idea and ordered 100 Rotary can coolers that she would like to sell at Rotary for a fundraiser  - cost will be what you are willing to pay.  Jessica thank you for sharing your experience with us!
Next Club meeting will be Monday, July 1, 2019 at the Rendezvous.