ic noon rotary mtg summary sept 7, 2017

Posted by Shawn Reineke on Sep 11, 2017
Rtn. Bob Crane with fiancé, Connie Bauer invited members to their wedding party on September 16th in Washington, Iowa. Congratulations Bob and Connie!
Rtn. LaDonna Wicklund, Literacy Project Chair, announced the Champions Party in two weeks, Sept 21st at Steve Hedlund’s home. 800 families receive a DVD. Your $25 donation will help provide this DVD and a book, providing students with a power start with interactive and impactful learning. The schools request and look forward to this program every year.
Rtn. Tony Weiler, Member of 100 Men who Care, announced the charity event Thursday evening at 5:00 PM at Kinnick. Charity gives 100% of donations to charity.
Rtn. Anna Moyers-Stone, announced the Joint Service Luncheon on Oct. 5th at noon with UI President Bruce Herald speaking. Please purchase your ticket from Anna.  A $15 Golden Ticket is needed to attend this program.
Singing: America the Beautiful and Smile Song was led by Bob Crane with Jim Conard on the piano.
Our Greeter, Ryan Bell, announced one visiting Rotarian, Vladimir Martinovski (RC Stone Bridge)
Guests of Rotarians, Frank Attere, Nichole Daufeldt & Tim Carty (Ryan Bell); Daphney Daniel & Dan Kim (Brenda LaMarche); Mike Catney (Chris Catney); Jen Greer & Chris Lynch (Kate Moreland); Kelly Schaer (Tom Cilek), Maxine Webb (Dave Lewis); Nancy Bird (Robyn Hepker); Connie Bauer (Bob Crane);  Becky Eiting (Gary Pacha); Dri Kalsand (Clayton Troyer).
President Mike announced that a total of 218 survey responses have been returned so far regarding the new Rotary Club meeting location.
President Mike reminded us that Mike Ruby mentioned last week that the project for planting a tree for each member is important to Rotary International President Ian Risely. The local area Rotary Clubs are working together on this. Rtns. Ryan Bell and Katherine Marshall are representing our club in the planning.
President Risely is asking all clubs to collect the hours spent on volunteer work. These will then be submitted to RI for a final compilation.
PROGRAM: The G.O. bond issue. Martha Hampel & Carol deProsse, “Vote NO” campaign members, presented a program. Carol deProsse opened with the fact that the cost of the bond will not cause her personal hardship. Her approach favors more detail and a slower timeline. “A few projects at a time. I consider this an enourmous sum of money at one time, and not a good use of tax payer’s money.” Another concern is the issue of “equity”. “Some say equitable facilities, I do not believe we can expect to ever have equal everything, this is not strategically possible. This is not how I would choose to run and implement a school district or any organization.” deProsse feels the following populations have needs that are not being met within the proposed G.O. Bond Issue:
“The small school in Hills, where 200 children attend, exists in 8 temporaries, is not how we would want our children to go to school. This school is completely left out of the bond.”
“Special Needs Populations – 1400 special needs students in our district, 10% of our student population. Nothing specified in the bond language.”
“Vocational technical training needs exist since not all students will be going to college. Nothing specified in the language.”
A Bond that deProsse would vote for should support an alternative way for the trades to be supported. deProsse feels that a commitment to producing educated people in Science fields is not addressed. deProsse also supports enhanced foreign language efforts. deProsse supports the programs proposed, just not all at once.
Martha Hampel, a mother of 3 children spoke about her thoughts on the G.O. Bond Issue. The first thing that caught her attention was the campaign fundraising to promote the campaign as well as the cost of the $191,000,000 loan to be spent over 20+ years. Hampel feels the total cost is unknown and takes issue with the millions put into athletic facilities. Hampel expressed concern for families who can not afford for athletic supplies, for them the athletic facility is not a priority. Hampel expressed concern for increasing rent for renters when property owners need to increase rent due to increased property taxes. If the bond fails, Hampel believes that we can build on the work that has been done, and we will not need to start over from scratch. Hampel believes the ballot language does not match what is being promised by the pro GO groups.
Hampel closed by mentioning that she has trust issues with current school district leadership.
Please forward any newsworthy items and/or photos to Jon Brown or Janice Baldes to include in the weekly slide decks emailed to members prior to each meeting and shown just before Rotary meetings at the Club. You can send information to: Janice Baldes: janicebaldes@gmail.com  or Jon Brown: mjonbrown@taxesplusiowacity.com
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at: secretary@iowacitynoonrotary.org.
It is the club’s policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting, and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.