ic noon rotary 7.27.17 mtg summary

Posted by Shawn Reineke on Aug 02, 2017
The following have been proposed for club membership,  expressions of concern are required by July 30th, 2017
Gregs Thomopulos Transfer member from Muscatine.
Retired from Stanley Consultants
Classification: Engineering: Consulting.
Dave Lewis (proposed by Aaron Schaefer)
Executive Director, Community Foundation of Johnson Co.
Classification: Not-For-Profit
Bethany Clemenson (proposed by Usha) Bethany
Regional Business Development/Operations director at Grand Living. Registered nurse.
Classification: Senior Living: Development & Operations
President Mike announced the following
  • The Fun Club Committee met last week, 16 members attended, he encourages more to attend the next meeting.
  • The Club Picnic will take place Aug 20th. The committee could use help in planning. The next meeting will happen today after our club meeting.
  • Club dues are due and you may set up automatic payments. Announced on behalf of Nancy Droll, that attendance make-ups should be reported to Nancy Droll.
  • The New Member Committee will meet following today’s club meeting.
Sara Sedlecek, announced the Crisis Center celebrates Thanksgiving in July due to the strong need. 1000 local families every week are served by the food donations at the Crisis Center. Please participate in the 2017 Rotary Food Fight, Bring food or financial donations to any July, meeting or deliver directly to The Crisis Center (make sure to tell the volunteer that you’re with the Noon Rotary Club). Winner determined by pounds/member. $1 = 4 lbs. of food. Let’s beat the AM Rotary Club! 2 for 1 Canned Vegetables can be found at Hy-Vee right now! We need to catch up, AM Rotary continues to lead! The gold turkey trophy was shared.
Induction: Dr. Michael Spangle, proposed by Past President, Usha Balakrishnan. President Mike welcomed our newest member, “We look forward to you contributing your talents to our club. Welcome!”
PROGRAM: Rtn. Tom Cilek introduced Tom Banta, with Iowa City Economic Development Group who introduced Dan McGehee
Dan McGehee, Director of the National Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center & Director of the National Advanced Driving Simulator & Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Emergency Medicine and Public Health at the University of Iowa
Dan states that his program, Autonomous Vehicle Testing has been selected as a testing program, which is one of 10 out of 64 programs who applied.  He has been working on this at the University of Iowa for 25 years. One of the first studies was completed in 1994 at the driving simulator. Past President Usha was acknowledged for bringing Dan to India for a couple of weeks while studying traffic.
Program  research started in 1993. The University of Iowa was the first motion based simulator in the world with a $6 million dollar simulator which has grown to the currenrt $80 million dollar simulator. Dan expects to do more outreach with lunch & learn oppprtunities. This provides an exciting opportunity to experience their work.
Today a $20,000 car includes several adaptive features. “Stop & Go” technology is the name today. This technology reads the lead car and can stop driving the car if necessary. $70,000 is the approximate cost for an automated car today.
The Subaru model measures the area around the car with virtual boxes. Volvo also has pedestrian detection systems.
Dan and his team have developed formal partnership with Sweden government, Sweden has first fully automated driving automation.  Dan shared video of the Volvo self driving car from Gothenburg, Sweden. When weather prevents safe autonomous driving, the driver may take over. The Program found in Sweden has the most progressive practices. There are far fewer deaths on the roads in Sweden compared to US deaths. The #1 cause of death for 14-25 yr olds in the US are car crashes. 94% of crashes happen due to driver error. Lane keeping systems could be a big game changer. Blind spot detection is now available, several different sensors are available that can look down the road as far as 600 feet.
Dan works with Iowa DOT on mapping infrastructure with 5 mm detection to ensure critical redundancies. Dan described “Platooning” (where trucks link together electronically), when the front truck brakes, this adjusts the following fleet, which will result in cost savings due to more efficient gas usage. Dan stated they are looking at how this will impact other drivers. Maritime model is being explored where experts are used to pilot the open sea and different experts to pilot the local ports. The American driver shortage is a significant problem that is suppressing growth in this field. There are 90,000 shortages currently and those are expected to almost double by 2024.
Automated Vehicles: Currently the future is in the hands of thousands of software engineer companies, each with a small piece of work. The new interchange on 380-80 will allow for mapping improvements with “HERE”. -1300 miles of roadways that will be HD mapped.
Driverless Cars: We are 25-30 years away from becoming a reality. In Europe, slow speed micro-buses are being used, however are very slow and walking could be faster. Google is exploring a car that tops out at 25 mph. They are taking in a lot of info.
Studying how will consumers accept these features. Compared to antilock breaks and dozens of other advancements. Mycardoeswhat.org explains technologies. Dan invited us to visit the Tesla that he brought to our club that showcases where the future is.
Singing: America the Beautiful and Happy Birthday to Rotarians with July Birthdays was lead by Bob Crane with Jim Conard on the piano.
Please forward any newsworthy items and/or photos to Jon Brown or Janice Baldes to include in the weekly slide decks emailed to members prior to each meeting and shown just before Rotary meetings at the Club. You can send information to: Janice Baldes janicebaldes@gmail.com or Jon Brown jon@jonivesna.com The pre-meeting PowerPoint is a great way to reach fellow Rotarians who may not be at the weekly meeting. 
For questions related to Club administration, please contact us at secretary@iowacitynoonrotary.org.
It is our policy to have all members silence their cell phones before the meeting and refrain from answering their cell phones during the meeting out of respect to the speaker and fellow members.
Our Greeter, Gene Fisher announced no visiting Rotarians
Guests of Rotarians: Rylie Baldes (Brad Baldes); Meg Ives, (Usha Balakrishnan)
Program: Tom Cilek; Attendance: Nancy Droll