Thanks Linda for a great program last week.  It was very interesting to hear about Shelby Smith's passion for her business of raising crickets for food, and to learn that a large percentage of the world's population relies on them for part of their protein.  We wish her well in her endeavors as she builds her company.
We're looking forward to tomorrow's program with Andrew Downs, Program Director for radio station KXNO (and Tom Down's son).  He will be highlighting the men's NCAA basketball tournament.  Members will be asked to fill out a bracket with their predictions.  For a $5 donation the winner will get to donate the money collected to the charity of their choice.  Should be fun!
Sergeant-at-Arms will be Adam Kline.
Board meeting will follow the meeting tomorrow.
Upcoming events -
-- Rotary District Training Assembly - Saturday, March 30, at DMACC Newton Conference Center, 602 N. 2nd Avenue W, in Newton.  All  incoming officers are encouraged to attend as this training will immensely help clubs during the upcoming year.
-- Opportunity for service -- Food Pantry Spring Time Hill Climb Race, 9 a.m., April 6.  Volunteers should meet at 8 a.m. in Doanes Park to allow time to be in their positions by 8:45 a.m.  The police chief likes to have names and cell phone numbers of the volunteers in case contact needs to be made during the race.  
-- ROTARY ROCKS! The District 6000 Conference is coming to West Des Moines on May 2 - 4.  It would be great if we could fill a couple of tables; especially for the dinner Friday evening.  Save the Date!!  Registration information is on the District 6000 website.  To get the Early Bird Discount, you must register by midnight, April 1.
-- Iowa Technology Exposition - May 10 at Southeast Polk High School.  Let Kirby or Brett know if you plan to be a judge, and if you know of someone else who may be interested.  This is really a great opportunity to view the kids projects.  They do an outstanding job and this gives them some recognition for their work.
March 27 - Kevin Jasa           
April 3      - Linda Harris
April 10    - Anthony Harbaugh
April 17    - Darrell Hanson                                       Board Meeting
April 24    - Mike Hamilton
Rotarian of the Day 
March 27 - Anthony Harbaugh
April 3      - Mike Hamilton
April 10   -  Dirk Halupnik
April 17   - Steve Hall
April 24   - Committees/Networking
Yours in Service,
Norma Bettis