If you missed the meeting last week, you missed a great program.  Thanks Mike Hamilton for inviting Anne Shimerlda from the Blank Park Zoo to be our speaker.  It was interesting to hear about the different animals and the type of care required for them...some like it hot, and some like it cold, so the environment for them has to be individualized.  Over the years new buildings have been added in order to provide that kind of care.  Congratulations to Anne, and the Blank Park Zoo organization for providing a really great place for us to visit all year long.  
President Gregg's "A little bit about a few things."  -
   1.   Marie has arranged for Ed Arnold to visit our club next week with information on the Polio Plus fundraising in coordination with the Iowa Wolves basketball team.  We will try to have posters on this soon.  We encourage everyone to purchase tickets; and if you don't plan to use them, please donate them to the committee so they can provide them for kids to attend the game.
   2.  Looking forward to a report from Eric and the Youth and Family committee about their visit with the Interact Club last week.
   3.  I wasn't at the last meeting, but understand from Ned that a new song was introduced and everyone will need to come back to learn the rest of it. 
   4. Just a reminder... if you need a program , please let me know as I often receive requests from people interested in speaking to our club. 
Anthony Harbaugh is Rotarian of the Day.  I don't have information about the program, but I'm sure it will be interesting.
Gregg Lynes is Sergeant-at-Arms.  Just a hint...be prepared to answer questions about the USMC.
Next week - Marie Pipes has invited Ed Arnold to attend and provide an update about the Rotary Polio Plus game night with the Wolves.
                      Dirk Halupnik is Sergeant-at-Arms
Upcoming events -
-- February 21, 2020 - Bowling Bash - fundraiser for the Iowa Technology Exposition and other community projects.  Mike says to be thinking about sponsorships, auction items, and start getting your teams together.  It would be great to completely fill all the lanes at the bowling alley this year!
November 20 - Dirk Halupnik
November 27 - Steven Hall
December 4 -   Mike Hamilton
December 11 - Anthony Harbaugh
December 18 - Larry Wilson
December 25 and January 1 - No meetings for these holidays
Rotarian of the Day                                                                  
November 20  - Marie Pipes with Ed Arnold                        Board Meeting
November 27  - Committees/Networking        
December 4    - Dirk Halupnik
December 11  - Steven Hall
December 18  - Committees/Networking                            Board Meeting    
December 25/January 1 - No meetings for these holidays    
See you tomorrow morning!
Yours in service,
Norma Bettis