Since I was not in attendance last week, I do not have anything to report for the committee meetings.  And, also do not know who the speaker will be tomorrow.
Steve Mather is Sergeant-at-Arms.
The latest report I have from Eric's surgery is from Tom Downs who said that he came through fine,  and the doctors are optimistic that they were able to take care of everything.  He does still need our thoughts and prayers.  According to his wife Patty, if everything goes well this week, he may be able to go home on Friday.  
Remember tomorrow is Caring Hands Food Pantry day so be prepared to contribute generously.  This has been a rough winter on a lot of people.
Upcoming Event -
2019 Bowling Bash, Friday afternoon, February 22.  This is a very important fund raiser for the Iowa Technology Expo and other community projects.  We would like to fill all the lanes at the Great Escape this year, so start getting your teams together now.  Please check with Mike to get the forms for sponsorships and to register your team (or teams).  If you need to sign up for an auction item, please let Mike know.
February 6 -   Steve Mather
February 13 - Bruce Mason                                       
February 20 - Gregg Lynes (Birthday Auction)   
February 27 -  Ned Looney
Rotarian of the Day 
February 6 -  
February 13 - Kim Byers
February 20 - Birthday Auction                       Board meeting today.
February 27 - Committees/Networking
Yours in Service,
Norma Bettis