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If you are like me, every Rotary meeting is a reminder of why I belong to this club, why we pledge ourselves to the Four Way Test. This week was no different.

The annual Rotary Coat Drive is underway, and the cold wind that howled into Central Iowa last night emphasized why this effort is so vital in our community. If you haven’t made your pledge to this drive, please do so today.

We were fortunate to have Kellie Markey as a presenter. She is the founder and executive director of Dorothy’s House (, a safe place for the practice of life for those teen and youth girls whose lives have been interrupted by the sex trafficking industry.

Wait. I know you want to move onto more pleasant things. Stay with me. I realize the thought of sex trafficking is icky and something we may want to convince ourselves does not happen here. But, Ms. Markey’s message and the mission of Dorothy’s House is one of optimism and, more important, something we all need to take a moment to hear. Our community needs Dorothy’s House, and you will be glad you listened to this.

Ms. Markey began by dispelling a few myths about sex trafficking. Most of the girls and boys – the ratio of those swept up into this dark trade is about 82% girls and 18% boys – are not abducted by men in “white creeper vans,” nor do they leave behind a crime scene that is dusted for fingerprints by a TV-like CSI crew. A person posing as a friend usually lures the victims of sex trafficking. This 'friend' preys upon the victim’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, listening, being kind, and finding the information those who sell these children to sexual predators use to take advantage of the victim. The road into the sex trade is paved by manipulators who operate in broad daylight, slowly leading these children into things unspeakable.

Dorothy’s House has attempted to help over forty girls regain their footing and restart their lives over the last three years. These young women walked among us, went to our area high schools, and if they had experienced a different turn of events, could have been living happy, and productive lives. Ms. Markey’s team at Dorothy’s House has developed a comprehensive residency program to get these women back-on-track. Both the mental and physical wellbeing of the women are addressed, so they can gain the skills they need to move on with their lives.


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Posted by Eric Fogg
Valuing our Culturally-Rich Diversity
As the world grows smaller, we all need to learn to get along better. In a nutshell, that’s the mission of CultureALL, “Iowa’s premiere provider of multi-cultural education programs.”  Sherry Gupta, Executive Director (and a new RCDM member), was the guest speaker at the October 4 meeting.
For a number of years Sherry worked handling global diversity issues for Principal Financial Group. A chance encounter with a neighbor led to her getting involved with CultureALL. Generally speaking, she feels diversity training has been ineffective and as a society, we need to practice coming together and listening to each other.
Iowa needs to grow its workforce, which means many new employees will have to come from outside the State. In turn, diversity will help spur economic growth. CultureALL works with companies as well as schools and youth groups.
For most of us, the first reaction is denial of those who are different that we are. Educators see this trend as early as Kindergarten. We need to learn to accept differences in people, respect others, and make decisions using multiple viewpoints, Sherry said. In times of stress, she warned that we can revert back to previous behaviors.
One key way to change minds is through personal interaction. CultureALL uses cultural ambassadors from various countries to carry this message. Their goal is simple: Raise everyone up! Last year the organization interacted with 15 school districts at 75 different locations and reached over 30,000 students.
Thanks, Sherry, for giving us some great “food for thought” over lunch and welcome to the Club!
The meeting was opened by President Shawn Mullen at the Wakonda Country Club. Kavi Chawla led us in the invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, and 4-Way Test while John Cortesio welcomed our guests.
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Posted by Art Filean
Club president Shawn Mullen called the meeting to order and introduced Gary Hoff who offered a few inspirational comments and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary Four Way Test.  Doing double duty, Gary also introduced one visiting Rotarian and several guests of members.  In recognition of the fact today was member Gloria Gray’s birthday (which one was not disclosed) president Shawn led the group in singing Happy Birthday.  Shawn also called attention to two table flyers:  one from member Chris Andersen announcing an annual Fall event sponsored by the Des Moines Community Playhouse, Hollywood Halloween, and a second from Christina Smith of Community Support Advocates announcing MOMENTUM, Works of Growth and Recovery to be held at Hoyt Sherman Place in October.
Chris Andersen then introduced the keynote speaker, Reynolds Cramer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fareway Stores, a regional grocery store chain headquartered in Boone, Iowa with 123 stores in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota.  Mr. Cramer has a 34 year history with Fareway, having started at age 16 while still in school. 
Mr. Cramer gave an enthusiastic and well organized presentation about Fareway stores, following up with a question and answer session.  Throughout the presentation he made the following points:
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Posted by Hal Chase

President Shawn Mullen called the meeting to order a few minutes after noon and introduced Colleen Rogers Messenger (Central College alumnus) to provide the inspirational message which quoted The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from a speech that he had given at Central College in 1967 that included the famous phrase about the length of the moral arch of the universe and his faith that it bent towards justice for all. (Note that RCDM member and Central College graduate Will Hoekman was attending Central College at that time and heard and met  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)  President Shawn called former president Skeet Wooten to the podium to recognize visiting Rotarians and guests.

Next, President Shawn recognized Mark Babcock director of the Central College Chamber Choir who led the group in three soulful songs. Then he asked Dale Vande Haar, a Central College alumnus to introduce the day’s speaker, Dr. Mark Putnam a native of Endicott, New York who earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Nyack College in New York and his graduate degrees in Education from Columbia University in New York City. Dale listed more than a few local and state-wide boards that President Putnam served on in the past nine years and concluded with mention of his wife, Tammy, and their two daughters: Emma and Greta.

President Putnam opened by taking issue with two prevailing trends in higher education. The first: Higher ed is not a human enterprise. To Putnam it is the quintessential human enterprise, the goal of which is learning how to be humane, how to think, how to reason, solve problems, and most of all communicate with fellow human beings. The second issue is the prevailing opinion that higher education is too expensive. His short answer to that opinion: the alternative is much more expensive and cited community building and civic virtue as the double helix of higher education at Central College where 97% of students have a residential experience during their four years. In answer to two questions, Putnam noted over 50% of Central students took advantage of study abroad opportunities in Vienna, London, Wales and Spain. He also cited Central’s emphasis on community service at home which led to Floyd Hammer to comment that the frequently mentioned STEM could also be defined as: “Smile a lot. Tell the Truth. Have empathy for others and move [take action to make the world a better place to live,] which he believed President Putnam had done successfully on all four points. President Mullen concurred and announced our meeting was adjourned.     

Watch the Central College Chamber Choir here:


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Posted by John Lewis
A classic Iowa early autumn day was underway when we met at the Wakonda Club for our regular Rotary meeting.  President Shawn Mullen welcomed us and called on Doug Lewis, who offered well-chosen words of inspiration, with special emphasis on our recognition and appreciation to ‘first responders’ who are constantly on call to protect us in times of emergency and danger, or has been written, those who run to the site of the emergency and not away from it.  After Doug had further led us in the pledge to the flag and the Four-Way Test, Dan Haymes was recognized to introduce our visiting Rotarian and guests.  We had only one visiting Rotarian, but an important one, District Gov. Elect Erna Morain, a member of the Waukee Club.  We welcomed not only Erna, but also the other guests who were with us today.  Jim Slife was both celebrating a birthday and in attendance today so President Shawn led us marking the moment in song.  We were reminded of the two fellowship meetings coming up: Randy Worth’s Wheels group, meeting on Sept. 22, and Rob Smith’s golf outing on Sept. 24.
   Our shy, reticent, constantly-seeking-to-avoid-attention, fellow member Greg Edwards (well, maybe just sort of that way) was then asked to introduce our speaker for the day, Paul Rottenberg, the founder of Orchestrate Management, who then became a part of a discussion with Greg about the Des Moines restaurant scene.  Paul is a native of Buffalo, NY, and began his career at age fourteen washing dishes in a restaurant.  He later went to the University of Colorado where he continued to work in the food industry while there.  Following college, he entered that business and moved to Tuscon with his own operation but as things turned out, he later was wanting to make a move and since his wife is from Atlantic, IA, he had an incentive to move to this state.  This was in the mid-1970’s.  Talking to Mike LaValle, also a restauranteur here, he found an opportunity and eventually joined the leadership team at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, which he managed for many years.  (Incidentally, Paul noted that in 1919, RCDM was the first group to meet at the ‘new’ Hotel Ft. DM, which was its home until about 2009 when we moved to the Wakonda Club.)  As to how fine dining has related to the hotel industry, Paul said that over many decades in earlier times, a great percentage of the excellent restaurants were in hotels.  That has changed in more recent times, with more free-standing restaurants, including many smaller ones, evolving over the years.  Orchestrate Management has grown from a beginning when Paul and Jeff Hunter, then owner of the Hotel Ft. Des Moines, created Django, to its present holdings of fourteen food and entertainment facilities throughout Des Moines and central Iowa, including Centro, Gateway Market, Zombie Burger, and eleven more equally popular enterprises. 
   Greg noted that Paul “has put Des Moines on the map” with the uniqueness he has built into the various restaurants with which he has been connected.  Not only was today’s program an excellent discussion of the current restaurant situation and dining habits of today’s public, it was also an interesting trip back through many of the business trends of the last forty years in Des Moines.  Paul Rottenberg is an excellent example of how our economic system can reward those who learn well, work hard and emphasize service, allowing them to have great success in their chosen fields.  His efforts have certainly been beneficial to the Des Moines community and we especially appreciate his speaking to us today.
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Posted by Anna Jensen
I’m Anna Jensen, and I’m the communications intern for The Rotary Club of Des Moines! This is my fourth month in the position. I have enjoyed working on small website updates, designing promotional materials, and writing and restructuring copy for members in my short time here.
Recently, I have been able to meet some Des Moines Rotarians, as well as the Board of Directors. I enjoy networking and look forward to meeting a lot more of you over the next several months, and learning how you exercise your passions for Rotary.
I am a senior at Drake University pursuing a double major in news and public relations with minors in the social sciences. In addition to Rotary, I am currently an apprentice at Meredith Corporation creating custom content for clients. I have a wide range of interests—such as enjoying fall weather, reading anything and everything, watching Survivor, eating, blogging, and exploring and giving back to this wonderful city I’ve been lucky to call home.
What I want to do post-grad is still the million-dollar question. I’ve worked in events management, student affairs, newspapers, magazines, marketing, and digital and communications since coming to college—and I could see myself continuing in any of those after graduation. Above all, I am a people person. I love working with others and for others; that’s top priority.
I just want to extend a thank you to the members of this club for all that you do. I am lucky to be a part of this organization, even in the small way that I am.
See you around,
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   The clouds parted and the recent rain showers stopped long enough to give us a very nice day for our weekly meeting at the Wakonda Club.  President Shawn Mullen welcomed us and called on Graham Gillette for some words of inspiration, which he very capably offered, then Susan Scharnberg, (who just happens to have been president of the West Des Moines School Board when our speaker today was hired to head the schools there), introduced our one guest- our RCDM Drake intern, Anna Jensen.    President Shawn called on Randy Worth, who told us about the Wheels Fellowship and its next meeting, to be held on Sept. 22, which will allow attendees to learn a whole lot about trucks and how they work.  Similarly, Rob Smith was asked to tell us about the Golf Fellowship, which will meet on Sept. 24 at Glen Oaks for an outstanding opportunity to combine a round of golf for only $50, all of which will go to the RCDM Foundation, thanks to the event being underwritten by Kyle Lee. 
   Two Governors in two meetings!  How’s that for good work by the Program Committee?  Last week we heard from Governor Reynolds and today President Shawn introduced us to Tom Narak, our District Governor and a member of the West Des Moines Club.  Tom is retired from being Superintendent of the WDM schools, having held that position from 2004 to 2011.  Gov. Tom congratulated our club for its leadership over the years, remarking on the range of size of membership within the various clubs in the District, but emphasizing that all have a lot in common in that we all are striving to ‘make the world a better place.’  This year’s RI theme is “Be the Inspiration” and all Rotarians can be an inspiration to those around them.  He conveyed messages from our International President, encouraging every one of us to invite at least one guest to a meeting this year and also to recognize our responsibilities in acting to ensure the sustainability of the earth.  Tom and his wife, Carol, are obviously a team and showed that by his inviting her to join him at the lectern and to share information about areas they plan to focus on this year.  She stated that those include: Literacy, since it impacts the future of every child as they mature, from the financial opportunities they might experience to the quality of citizenship they can provide; Preventing Child Abuse and the plan to share ideas with our club regarding possible projects we might consider along that line; and Eradicating Polio, which we must do to avoid the possibility of its returning, even though we have been so successful in reducing its incidence to just a few cases per year throughout the world.  Toward that end, they mentioned World Polio Day, scheduled for Oct. 24, and the District goal of raising $16,000, as against the $8,000 committed last year.  Tom also reviewed the important work of the RI Foundation and its international significance.  The Rotary Leadership Institute will be held in Nov.3 in WDM and the District Conference will be May 2-4, also in WDM, and will return to a more traditional format, emphasizing family activities on Saturday, the final day.  Tom closed his comments by touching on several areas of activity in the District, including various youth activities, health and medical missions to Mexico and Central America, and of his own family’s having faced some of the same health challenges being addressed by the teams to other countries. 
   As members of Rotary, we should be conscious and appreciative of the commitments of so many of our leaders, including local, District and International, who give so much time and effort to making our organization both enjoyable and productive.  At the conclusion of Gov. Tom’s presentation, President Shawn expressed that “Tom Narak is a personification of Rotary in action” and we can agree with that.  District Governors play a very key role in making Rotary International into the powerful force for good that it is by providing the connection between local clubs like our own and all the other districts and clubs throughout the world.  Toward that end, we are well led and we appreciate Tom Narak for his leadership and for his joining us today.
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President Shawn's Rotary Roundabout: Episode 8 Shawn E. Mullen 2018-08-28 05:00:00Z 0
We welcomed our Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Pina, to Des Moines last week.
Thanks to our first host family RCDM member John & Jane Lorentzen!
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Posted by John Lewis
It was a vintage Iowa summer day---moderate temperatures with a few fluffy clouds---when we gathered at the Wakonda Club for our weekly Rotary meeting, with President Shawn Mullen calling us to order and asking Colleen Rogers Messenger to share with us a few words of inspiration.  She did so, with an ode to the sunflower, appropriate in light of our speaker’s background in botany.  Kent Zimmerman introduced our visiting Rotarians and guests, then Randy Worth reminded us of the upcoming meeting of the Wheel Fellowship group on Aug. 25.  Rob Smith’s colorful report on the results of the Golf Fellowship’s recent outing might have made many wonder why some of those mentioned are not on the Tour. President Shawn told us about some of our members who recently helped the Iowa Food Bank prepare for shipment two tons---yes, that’s right, two tons---of pasta.  Great work for a good cause.
Denise Essman then introduced our speaker for the day, Sarah Nusser, Vice-president for Research at Iowa State University.  Originally from Iowa City, Sarah graduated in Botany from ISU and gained further degrees later, but was in private industry prior to returning to her alma mater in her present position.  ISU not only is intensively involved in research but, being a land-grant institution, has a responsibility to assist in transferring that knowledge to the public.  Added to that is the need to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in the area of research and inquiry, emphasizing (a) find out what we already know; (b) frame good research questions; and (c) create vigorous approaches to analyzing information, then to find ways to translate that knowledge to the public.  Today, Sarah spoke mainly to three areas, those being improving health, ensuring sustainability, and promoting new materials and advancing manufacturing technologies.  Related to improving health, along with helping to strengthen healthy habits, much research is aimed at Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s, including social activities that can delay or alleviate the ravages of those diseases in certain instances.  Also, vaccines and immunotherapeutic options are being researched that will be useful in treating animal diseases like the avian influenza outbreak we saw a few years ago.  These developments bring additional value to livestock production by cutting losses from diseases in animals.
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It's time to sign up for committees for the new year. If you plan to stay on the same committee, we still need to hear from you. 

Your participation in a committee with The Rotary Club of Des Moines is a critical element to fully utilize your membership.  Committee meetings provide an opportunity to meet other like-minded Rotarians as well as a make-up for attendance.

Click here to access committee descriptions. You can sign up directly by clicking on the committee of your choice.

We do NOT assign members to Rotary committees.  If you haven't already done so, please sign up today!

Scheduled committee meetings are posted in the left margin of  each ebulletin.    And if you are signed up for a committee, you will see a notification under 'my commitments' at the bottom of your weekly ebulletin.

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Posted by Shawn E. Mullen

Hello Fellow Rotarians:

Here’s this week’s podcast for Week 4 of the Rotary Year.

I recap some of the important weekly meeting duties that we need volunteers for as well as introducing the members of our Board of Directors and Club Officers.

Let me know what you think about how I might improve this effort or what topics and subjects you’d like me to cover.

Thanks for listening!

Click on the link below:


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Posted by Graham Gillette
Today’s Rotary meeting was well attended with many guests and Rotarians from other clubs. Those gathered were treated with a presentation by Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett.
Rear Admiral Barrett graduated from Boston University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and received her commission as a U.S. Navy officer aboard USS Constitution that same year. She holds Master of Arts degrees in Management, National Security/Strategic Studies, Human Resources Development and a Master of Science in Information Management.
Rear Admiral Barrett is the Navy Cyber Security Division director based at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. She has held operational assignments including tours at U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. 5th Fleet; commander, 2nd Fleet, Carrier Strike Group 2, Multi-National Forces Iraq, Carrier Strike Group 12; Standing Joint Force Headquarters United States Pacific Command; and deputy director of current operations at U.S. Cyber Command. Her shore assignments include tours at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Stations in Jacksonville, Cecil Field and Puerto Rico; senior Navy fellow at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association; Allied Commander Atlantic Systems Support Center Norfolk, Naval Personnel Command, Chief of Naval Operations Task Force Web; commanding officer, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic; and chief of staff, Navy Information Forces Command.
Rear Admiral Barrett made an engaging presentation regarding the state of the nation’s Navy and its vast worldwide operations.
First, a few statistics. More than 328,000 people are serving in active duty roles in U.S. Navy, of which some 55,000 are officers, 268,000 are enlisted. There are 97,000 serving in the Naval Reserves, and nearly 210,000 civilian Navy employees.  There are 284 deployable battle force ships with plans to bring that number to 350. Those ships consist of aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, cruisers, littoral combat ships, destroyers, and submarines. 
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Posted by Shawn E. Mullen

Hello Fellow Rotarians:

I’m stepping out a bit here as I begin my year of service as president of Club 27, the Rotary Club of Des Moines, Iowa.

One of my goals as president it to be intentional about promoting what our Club does and its value to the greater Des Moines community and world beyond.  Thus, I hatched this idea of creating a podcast as a different way of approaching this goal.

I’m no expert and I don’t profess to know all there is about my I-Mac’s GarageBand software, but bear with me.  I’m sure that I’ll learn as I go.

Let me know what you think about how I might improve this effort or what topics and subjects you’d like me to cover.

Thanks for listening!

Click on the link below:


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Posted by Kitte Noble


The Cecil C. Bolsinger Lifetime Service Award is given to a member of the Rotary Club of Des Moines, who over a lifetime, has demonstrated adherence to the tenets of Rotary's 4-way test.  It is named after Cecil Bolsinger who was a member up until his death at the age of 101.   Cecil was in Rotary for nearly 50 years and had perfect attendance during this time.  He also served as Past President of our Club and was a champion for the International component of Rotary.

This award requires a minimum of 10 years membership in Rotary, with significant achievements both in Rotary and in the local and regional community.

Dave Kenworthy was our recipient this year. Dave has been a member of RCDM for 26 years has served as Club President.  His father was a member of RCDM.  Dave is a Paul Harris Fellow. He along with Joyce Chapman and Tim Lillwitz have chaired our own RCDM Foundation Double Our Impact Campaign.      

The Roger T. Stetson Rotarian of the Year Award is given to a member of RCDM who, over the recent past, has demonstrated adherence to the tenets of Rotary's 4-way test in business and professional life, and in Rotary & civic activities and has made exceptional contributions to our community and to our Club.

Judy McCoy Davis put a great deal of time and energy into very important governance work this year.  She helped revise our club bylaws and constitution.  We are grateful for her expertise and dedication to getting this job done.

Annual Rotary Awards Kitte Noble 2018-07-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Steven G. Jacobs
Always one of the very most gratifying programs of the Rotary year, we all enjoyed the presentation of the Outstanding Police Officer and Firefighter awards for 2018.  President Jamie Boersma was presiding, called on Janet Phipps Burkhead for the invocation and then Chris Andersen, who introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.  The Honor Guard from the Fire Department led the Pledge.  President Jamie presented the 2017-2018 Roger T. Stetson Rotarian of the Year award to Judy McCoy Davis for her complete overhaul of our Rotary governance documents. The Cecil C. Bolsinger Lifetime Service Award was presented to Past President Dave Kenworthy -- a 26-year member of our club and currently Tri-Chair of the Rotary Club of Des Moines Foundation campaign -- for his passionate support of service above self.  Congratulations to both award recipients!
On behalf of the Awards Committee, Gloria Gray was called on to oversee the recognition of our honorees and introduce the program.  Key to the significance of the awards is that even though Rotary provides the financial support and makes the presentations, it is the police and fire department personnel themselves who decide on the winners.
Each award recipient receives a plaque, rotating community billboard in their honor and $500, which can be designated as a donation to the 501 c (3) charity of their choice.  The funds for these contributions come from the generous support of our own Rotary Club of Des Moines Foundation.
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RCDM Impact 2017-2018 2018-06-30 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Graham Gillette

Rotary welcomed a group of distinguished African leaders who are part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. This year, the Fellowship is providing 700 outstanding young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to hone their skills during a visit to the U.S. and support for professional development of the leaders after they return home. Twenty-five of the Fellows joined us at Rotary as part of a six-week program of academic coursework, leadership training, and networking provided by Drake University. 
The Fellows, who are between the ages of 25 and 35, have established records of accomplishment in promoting innovation and having a positive impact on their organizations, institutions, communities, and countries. The 2018 class is the fourth class of Fellows who have represented all 49 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with equal numbers of men and women. The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is part of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs and Understanding at the U.S. Department of State.
The Young African Leaders Initiative at the Department of State helps Fellows learn, network and prepare to build a better world. Based on the twenty-five Fellows who joined us today’s meeting, the program has some of the best and brightest the continent of Africa has to offer.
Representing the Fellows who are visiting Des Moines and Iowa, Doreen Peter Noni addressed today’s Rotary meeting. Noni provided a message of hope built around five keywords; confusion, helplessness, acceptance, sacrifice, and intact. Noni told a compelling story of how she and her family are coping with the sudden imprisonment of her father by Tanzanian officials a year ago June 19.
Noni talked of Tanzania’s overcrowded prison system and of the poor living conditions her father is surviving. According to United Nations statistics, in 2015 Tanzania had a total prison population of nearly 31,500, 53% of whom were in jail awaiting trial as is Noni’s father. Tanzania has a prison population rate of 58 per 100,000 people. For comparison purposes, the United States has a higher prison population rate of 655 per 100,000 people with 21% being held before trial.  Both countries have prison capacities levels over 100%, but the conditions of Tanzania’s jails are rated very poor.
Noni’s was a message of optimism. She spoke of the brave aspirations of those with whom she is sharing the Fellowship experience, and of their dreams to improve education, lift girls and women out of illiteracy and poverty, to improve health care, and to create a more sustainable world for a growing population. Doreen Peter Noni inspired Rotarians to support one another and their fellow man. Noni lives as if she is a Rotarian.
Do not forget, Rotarians, there are many things you can do to make our Club better. You can start by signing up to help run our weekly meetings. Click on the link in this bulletin and volunteer to do one small activity a month or, even, a quarter, and we will all be much better for it. Also, if you have not done so already, pledge to help grow our Foundation. We do much good for our community and the greater world, but there is so much more work to be done!
A Message of Hope Graham Gillette 2018-06-28 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Hal Chase

President Jamie Boersma rang the bell twice at 12:07 to call the meeting to order and quell the animated conversations. She then asked Msgr. Frank Bognanno to deliver the inspirational message. He quoted 13th century St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer for love not hate, peace not conflict, understanding rather than argument, compassion rather than selfishness, unity rather than discord. When he concluded, the Amens were loud and clear as were the recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance and 4 Way Test. Brook Smith followed with the new member introduction of Kathy Coady of Hope Ministries of Des Moines (see the separate story to learn more about Kathy).

Tim Lillwitz, a leader of the RCDM Foundation campaign then gave an update, noted the flyer on the table that members could use to make a commitment if they had not done so already before the end of the campaign on June 30.

Via video, Rob Smith of the newly founded Golfing Fellowship pitched the 1st outing scheduled for Waveland on Wednesday, June 27 at 1pm.  Contact Rob for more details.

Susan Judkins then introduced Jim McCulloch, Ben Bunge and Ryan Tousley of Weitz Construction who gave an engaging video-enhanced program on the construction of the newly opened 330 room Hilton Hotel. They focused on the relatively new process of constructing components of the building off site, e. g. bathrooms (with union labor) which they claimed saved 3,750 trips by workers, 12 weeks of time and 15 tons of trash.

How much was saved on the $101,000,000 collaborative project involving the city, county and private sectors was not mentioned. A flurry of questions followed which like the applause afterwards demonstrated more than polite attention and interest.

President Jamie then thanked the presenters, guests, new member Kathy Coady and those “behind the scenes” especially Kitte and Suzi for all their efforts for another successful meeting of our club.  She reminded us of next week’s program about the Mandela Fellows and that we are not meeting July 5th.  July 12th is the passing of the gavel and honoring the firefighter and police officer of the year. She then rang the bell but only once.

The Weitz Co.-Hilton Downtown Hotel Hal Chase 2018-06-21 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brook Smith
Kathy is a Des Moines native and Hoover High School grad. She left Iowa for just four years to attend Truman State University (then called Northeast Missouri State University) in Kirksville, Missouri, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communications. This is also where Kathy first fell in love with service organizations as a member of Cardinal Key.
Kathy returned to Des Moines after graduating and began working in corporate communications with Principal Financial Group. Kathy worked in the field of corporate and marketing communications for more than two decades, and along the way she earned her Master’s degree in Communication Leadership through Drake University. She had enjoyed teaching several classes as an adjunct instructor at DMACC and began pursuing a career path as a university faculty member…but God had other plans in store for her. Through a personal connection, Kathy was introduced to Hope Ministries in early 2014.
She has worked for Hope Ministries as the Director of Development and Community Relations for nearly four years and is passionate about her organization’s mission to give hope and change the lives of people in Central Iowa who are homeless, hungry, abused or addicted.
Kathy lives in Ankeny with her husband of 26 years, Terry. They have a 23-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son. She’s an active member and volunteer at Prairie Ridge Church, and is part of the 100 Women Who Care Ankeny giving club. Kathy’s favorite spare-time activities are reading great fiction and taking walks.
Welcome New Member Kathy Coady! Brook Smith 2018-06-20 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Lewis
Following on the heels of a mid-morning downpour, we gathered at The Wakonda Club as the skies began to clear and a great summer day greeted us.  President Jamie Boersma presided and called on Cory Kelly for some inspiration, and he shared with us an insightful and poignant reflection on death and life.  We then pledged to the flag, recited the Rotary Four-Way Test before President Jamie asked Rob Smith to stand so we would be reminded by his shirt that this was Flag Day.  President Jamie introduced special guests---Shabnam Miglani from the La Jolla, CA, Rotary Club and Rupak Das Tamrakan and his wife of the Lalitpur, Nepal, Rotary Club---and followed that with introducing our other visiting Rotarians and guests.  She then called on two from our ranks to introduce new members.  Susan Judkins introduced Mark Imerman and Cherian Koshy introduced Jason Stuyvesant, and those are covered in a story of its own in another part of this report.  Dave Kenworthy gave us an update on the RCDM Foundation fund drive, which is moving along very well in its climb toward a four-million dollar amount which will earn enough to allow us to very significantly increase our commitments for merited community projects and programs.
Past-president Janet Phipps Burkhead next introduced our speaker, Jerry Foxhoven, Director of the Iowa Department of Human Services.  Jerry was attracted to that position from his previous role of Professor of Law at Drake University, where his forte was in juvenile justice and children’s matters.  He is a graduate of Morningside College and the Drake Law School.  At DHS he manages a $6.5 billion budget providing services of various types to about 34% of all Iowans.  Of that $6.5 billion, about $5.7 goes to health programs.  They have kept the cost of employee salaries and benefits at about 5.4% of the budget and, in fact, have over 1,000 fewer employees now than in 2011.  The department operates six facilities, ranging from mental health institutions to juvenile detention centers to a civil commitment unit for sex offenders to traditional centers for those needing health or mental care.  .
Jerry Foxhoven, IA Dept. of Human Services John Lewis 2018-06-14 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susan E. Judkins Josten
Chances are, you’ve met new member Mark Imerman before, maybe not in person but through the many times his economic analyses have been cited and he’s been quoted over the years in newspapers and elsewhere. Mark is Senior Consultant for Regional Strategic LTD where he undertakes economic analysis, strategy development, community and regional profiles, and similar projects with a primary focus on Iowa, surrounding states, and industries in this region. Former Des Moines Register “Iowa Boy” Kyle Munson said Mark Imerman “analyzes Census data more readily than the rest of us can count small change.”
A lifelong Iowan, Mark was born on a farm. His interests in agriculture and communities started with feeding livestock, doing fieldwork, working in small retail stores, and later working with farmers’ cooperatives and on road construction crews during college. With bachelors and masters degrees in Economics from Iowa State University, Mark became a Market Development Economist for the Iowa Department of Agriculture. In 1990, he joined ISU as an economist, eventually taking on leadership roles there and retiring as Director of Business and Institutional Relations for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2015 to form his private consulting firm.
Mark has done much more than pro forma development, feasibility studies and market analysis. He’s a trustee for the Children and families of Iowa Foundation and has volunteered as Strategic Internship Committee Chair and Workforce Attraction and Retention Council member for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. When his children were young he served as board member and president for a preschool and then a Catholic school in Ames. Mark has been a member of the Des Moines AM Rotary Club, and we’re very fortunate to now welcome him as a new member of the Rotary Club of Des Moines!
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Posted by Cherian Koshy

Eight years ago, my wife and I moved to Des Moines and were looking for a place to live.  I have absolutely no idea how I connected with Jason but I'm so glad I did. Jason had recently become a realtor and we were ready to move.  Jason helped us with our first place and was involved in a number of real estate transactions for us since then in Des Moines and the suburbs. 

Jason was born and raised in Carlisle and graduated from Carlisle High School. Like his dad, he attended Drake and Jason got a degree in marketing.  He's been a realtor for nearly a decade.  Jason's lovely wife, Heather, works in philanthropy at Wesley.  They have 2.3 kids, a son Noah that's a freshman at Roosevelt and a son River who's three and a baby due in December. Jason's a member here at Wakonda where he enjoys spending time at the pool and golfing. 

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Posted by Jamie Boersma
Matt Romkey grew up a straight shot down I-80 in Bettendorf, Iowa. He has traveled far and wide across the state of Iowa going to school in Dubuque, working in Sioux City and finally landing in Des Moines, where he serves as the Vice President of Development and Marketing for Mercy College of Health Sciences. Prior to his current role, Matt spent the better part of the past decade raising funds and awareness for children’s hospitals across North America. Most recently, to support the University of Florida children’s hospital. During that time he was responsible for raising nearly 50 million dollars.
Matt welcomed the addition of identical twin boys at the end of February and he has forgotten what sleep is like ever since. Matt’s wife, Hilary, works for the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and they reside in West Des Moines with their Labradoodle Zeus.
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Posted by Gretchen Tegeler
Jackie Norris led the prayer and pledges.  She reflected on a recent church sermon asking,”How much is enough?” She went on to say that despite political differences, we all share certain values.  She led a moment of silence for those killed by gun violence just in the past year, including 1,248 children. 
New member John Lee was introduced.
Rotarian Susan Moritz Scharnberg, President of the Iowa Public Television (IPTV) Foundation, was introduced by Ambassador Mary Kramer.  Susan has been in professional fundraising for more than thirty years, the last 17 with the IPTV Foundation and prior to that with the American Lung Association and Wesley Retirement Services.  She has also served in a leadership capacity at the national level, chairing the national Development Council for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS); serving on the board of the newly created national PBS Foundation; and on the international board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Locally she served four terms on the West Des Moines Board of Education and was recently elected to the Scottish Rite Board of Directors.  Ambassador Kramer got to know Susan when she chaired the Foundation board.
Susan gave a fascinating presentation about “What’s New in Television.”
She began by thanking the many people in the room who have been instrumental in the success of IPTV, including Neil Smith and Dee Vickery.
She noted that IPTV is a state agency with a board appointed by the Governor.  The IPTV Foundation is a 501c(3) with a 20-member board and a staff of 16 people raising between $8 and $9 million each year.
Susan Moritz Scharnberg, President, IPTV Foundation Gretchen Tegeler 2018-05-24 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Graham Gillette
The May 17 Rotary meeting was held on a bright sunny day as workers at the Wakonda Club were busily preparing the golf course for the forthcoming Principal Charity Classic.
President Jamie began the meeting with official business. With the expert assistance of Judy McCoy Davis, President Jamie and the Board have been conducting a thorough review and update of the Club Constitution and By-Laws. The Board approved the suggested edits and reorganized documents on April 18. Drafts were circulated to members on May 3. Having answered many questions and concerns during the intervening comment period, the Club unanimously approved the Club Constitution and By-Laws at today’s meeting.
David Oman introduced new member Kim Heidemann. Look for more about her in the bulletin and expect her to be an excellent addition to our club!
Our speaker today was Melissa O’Neil, who has just completed her second year as CEO of Central Iowa Shelter and Services. O’Neil grew up in West Branch, Iowa where she fell in love with the game of basketball and discovered her gifts as a player extended to coaching the game as well. She played at Clarion University in Pennsylvania and coached at Syracuse University before returning to Iowa with her family.
It is because O’Neil approaches every problem with the mindset of a winning coach that many still refer to her as ‘Coach.’ And, Coach O’Neil was unsure she was the right person to lead Central Iowa Shelter and Services, but as the interview process progressed she came to embrace the idea, inspired in part by a Chris Tomlin tune that provided a kind of soundtrack for that particular moment of O’Neil’s life. Tomlin’s song, “A Good Good Father, begins with these lines; “I've heard a thousand stories of what they think you're like, But I've heard the tender whispers of love in the dead of night.”
Melissa O'Neil, Central IA Shelter and Services Graham Gillette 2018-05-17 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Oman
I believe the ‘R’ in Rotary represents relationships…here at these tables every Thursday, with our Club’s school, City of Des Moines, and philanthropic partners, with other Rotary Clubs (this eve. event) and relationships domestically and globally through Rotary International.
Few new Rotarians have understood the power of personal and cross-cultural relationships better… than Kim Heidemann, who will officially be a new member in two minutes.  By the way, I re-visited Kim’s resume this morning.  Rotary is already on it...which may mean Kim was once in the Optimist Club!
I met Kim in this room when she spoke last fall in her role as Exec. Director of Iowa Sister States.  Within the hour, I asked her to think about becoming a Rotarian.  She said would like and would explore it.  Being the Kim I’ve come to know, she asked me to re-connect with Sister States, after 30 years.  I did.
Indeed, Kim is about relationships --good for people, good for Iowa, and good for our partners.  Presently, Sister States has ties with China, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Russia.  Kim returned to DSM last weekend after leading a delegation of 55 Iowans, who joined 60 Iowa Guardsmen and women, in our newest and promising sister state, actually a country, Kosovo. 
Kim has a degree in History and Poly Sci from Iowa and an education degree from Iowa State University.  How about another degree from UNI?
Kim has studied at The Hague in The Netherlands, and earned a Master of Arts degree in Diplomatic Studies at the University of Westminster in London.
Before joining Iowa Sister States in 2004, taught in the Collins-Maxwell Middle School and at DMACC.  They were fortunate to have her.
Kim is a Library board member in Collins; she coaches youth softball, and is Youth Group co-director at the Colo Methodist Church.
Kim’s husband is Travis, and they have a 9 year old daughter, Hope.
P.S.  Kim will be of great assistance to our Club’s Int’l. Service Comm.
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Posted by Cherian Koshy
  Dan was born and raised in Chicago. He attended Drake University and moved back to Des Moines about  two years ago.
While in Chicago, Dan was a junior board member at the Lookingglass Theater Company. Here in Des Moines, Dan is involved with Tallgrass Theater and Des Moines European Heritage Association. He enjoys weightlifting, theater, playing the drums, and hosting dinner parties. When not spending time with his wife, Kim, of nearly four years and their cat and dog, Dan works as the Director of Sales and Operations at the Des Moines Social Club.
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Posted by Jean Shelton
The Rotary Club of Des Moines met on May 10, 2018 at the Wakonda Golf Club with President Jamie presiding,    David Kilpatrick led the group in reciting the four way test with a spin on how it applies to motherhood.  He then moved on to the pledge of allegiance.
Guests and visitors were introduced by Allen Zagoren.  Jessica Worley and Doug Eberhart completed new member orientation and were introduced as such.  Two new members were introduced:  Allen Zagoren introduced new member Dan Connolly, Dean for the College of Business and Public Administration (Drake University), while Cherian Koshy introduced Dan Haymes,  Director of Sales and Operations at Des Moines Social Club.
President Jamie encouraged members to attend the multi-club event, with more information to follow via email.  Proposed by-laws and constitution were sent out for all to review.  Vote will take place next week.
Past-President Dick Lozier introduced Des Moines Police Chief, Dana Wingert.  Chief Wingert expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Rotary Club in terms of the invitation to speak and the rotary practice of recognizing the great work of police officers. 
Chief Wingert provided an update of police activity in the Des Moines area.  In particular the use of body cameras (300 body and 100 car cameras have been purchased as well as supporting servers for a total cost of $1.5 million.  Body cameras have served to support the efforts of the department to hold everyone accountable with regard to officer performance and those they are investigating.  The Guardian Project was the source of funding for the sustainability of the camera project.  Crime trends – Des Moines went from ‘Meth Capital’ to very few meth labs.  However, drug cartels have introduced a larger volume of Meth and other drugs in the state.  The heroine epidemic currently affecting the east and west coasts appears to be moving toward the Midwest.  Narcan availability is essential along with other preparations in dealing with shifts in drug types and quantities.
Chief Dana Wingert, Des Moines Police Jean Shelton 2018-05-10 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Allen J. Zagoren
It is my distinct pleasure to officially welcome Dan Connolly to the RCDM. MY relationship with Dan began over two years ago during the Summer of 2016 when I was afforded the honor by the Provost and administration of Drake University to head the search committee for a new Dean for the College of Business and Public Administration.
I worked with a committee of 10 distinguished scholars, students, professors and administrators in the search for a new dean. This was especially important as the College had just gone through some difficult growing pains and strategic changes. This search was highlighted by the administration as one of the most important in Drake’s history.  The committee reviewed over 45 applicants; ten Skype interviews, spending many hours in deliberation and review. Ultimately, we narrowed the field to an individual who towered above the field of extremely qualified and talented individuals. And suggested Daniel J Connolly PhD was our choice to become the dean of The College. The provost and administration agreed with that same enthusiasm and Dan graciously accepted this role.
Welcome New Member Dan Connolly! Allen J. Zagoren 2018-05-09 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kurt Johnson
The meeting was called to order by President Jamie Boersma.  John Cortesio offered the inspirational invocation and then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test.  Mark Danes introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.  Susan Judkins Josten introduced new member Sid Juwarker who is with the Des Moines office of Terracon.
Kevin Kacere introduced today’s keynote speaker: Rob Denson, President of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).  DMACC was founded in 1966 – 52 years ago.  Rob, an Iowa native, was appointed to his position in 2003 and is its 4th President.  DMACC’s mission is very clear: to provide students with the skill that they need to get jobs that are in demand when they graduate.  They do this out of 6 campus locations, and at the lowest cost in Iowa for students at a 2-year college.  (DMACC was ranked #10 out of 1,717 community colleges in the U.S. in the “Top 50 Best Value Community Colleges of 2016”, published by
DMACC has the largest number of students enrolled in an Iowa college with over 32,000 students in credit classes plus over 22,000 students in non-credit classes.  DMACC has relationships with many traditional 4-year colleges, including Iowa’s state universities, Drake University and Tuskegee University, to help ensure full transferability of course credits.  Similarly, DMACC has a “concurrent enrollment” program with many Iowa high schools under which high school students can earn college credits at no cost to the students.  In some cases, high school students have earned a 2-year degree at DMACC before they graduated from high school.
Rob highlighted several of the many scholarships available to students including:  FFA high school Chapter presidents qualify for a full tuition scholarship; High school valedictorians qualify for a full tuition scholarship.  He also told us of two current projects that DMACC is working on: A custom training certification program for the Department of Homeland Security – to educate and train TSA agents from more than half of the airports in the U.S.; and a relationship that has be established with Kosovo whereby students from Kosovo will come the DMACC, and an exchange of professors from DMACC and Kosovo universities with the goal of helping Kosovo establish vocational programs in their country similar to those at DMACC.
Rob’s presentation included a few hilarious videos that brought a nice touch of humor to his talk.
Rob Denson, DMACC President Kurt Johnson 2018-05-03 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Susan E. Judkins Josten
I’m pleased to introduce new member Sid Juwarker, Client Development Manager for Terracon’s Des Moines office. Many of you know that Terracon is a national firm with over 130 offices that provide practical solutions to environmental, facilities, geotechnical and materials engineering challenges. Sid helps the firm’s technical staff connect and communicate with clients, and says his goal is to be so successful in mentoring his colleagues in these communications skills that it renders his position obsolete. I doubt it, since nobody communicates quite like Sid – but they are definitely learning from a master.
Sid was born in Mumbai, India, went to high school in Singapore and moved to Des Moines in 1997 to go to Drake. He
obtained his degree in Environmental Science and twenty years later is still connected with Drake, serving as an adjunct instructor for students focusing on environmental science or sustainability degrees.
Sid was recently recognized by the Des Moines Business Record as a “Forty Under 40,” where he was quoted as saying, “I am an immigrant who moved to Des Moines with nothing more than a suitcase and a dream. This community gave me opportunities to lead a fulfilling life filled with success and love. I see everything I do as an opportunity to reinvest in the community and people that invested in me.” Some of his many examples of giving back include serving on the Social Club Board; the Business Horizons Board; and the board of the Downtown Chamber where he also serves as marketing chair. He is a graduate of Leadership Iowa and the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute.
Welcome New Member Sid Juwarker! Susan E. Judkins Josten 2018-05-03 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Hal Chase

President Jamie Boersma called the meeting to order at 12:07pm and asked Andy Erickson to provide our inspirational message which recognized the Outstanding Teacher Awards with a message to engage all others on a “Learn and Confirm” basis. He then led the pledge of allegiance and Four Way Test.
President Jamie announced the visiting Rotarians and Guests and recognized John & Jane Lorenson for agreeing to serve as the first host family for our visiting Rotarian International Exchange Student and requested that anyone interested in being the 3rd Host family in the spring of 2019, please contact her or Kitte Noble.
Jamie next recognized IR President Ian Riesling’s “Plant for the Future”
challenge to each club to plant a tree and introduced Richard Leopold, chief executive of the Polk Co. Conservation Board, who pitched the “Century Tree” Project for enhancing Easter Lake that was a coal mine 100 years ago, then a garbage dump for the City of DSM before becoming a lake. Donate $40 for a hardwood tree that will last over 100 years and come to Easter Lake on Saturday
May 12th between 9am and 12pm to plant your tree if you like.
Jamie then asked Dale Vande Haar to MC the 2018 Educator of the Year Awards.
Dale called Superintendent Dr. Tom Ahart to the podium whose brief remarks stressed the diversity of the students and teachers in the DM Public Schools and thanked DM Rotary for their support of teachers via the Outstanding Teacher Awards at the system’s three levels for the past 20 years, noting the winner receives $1,000 and their name on a plaque containing the names/schools of previous winners that stays in the teacher’s school for a year.
Dr. Barbara Adams, principal of Findley Elementary on DM’s North Side introduced Lisa Hesse, an Arts Teacher who thanked Rotary, her colleagues and students for the success of her program promoting student art, poetry and music which generates exceptional confidence and enthusiasm.
Thomas Hoffman, principal of Brody Middle School on DM’ South Side introduced Davena Johnson, a Math teacher who also thanked Rotary her colleagues and her mentors whose legacy she hoped that she was passing on.
Kevin Biggs, Roosevelt HS principal introduced Stephanie Fowler and praised her outstanding teaching in the “Flex Academy” at TRHS which has kept many students in school.
President Jamie then recognized the importance of public education and rang the bell.  
Educator Awards Hal Chase 2018-04-26 05:00:00Z 0
Chris Andersen had a very nomadic childhood growing up with his father proudly serving 30 years in the U.S. Air Force. He was born in Germany and traveled extensively around the globe to include state-side assignments in Texas, Alabama, Nebraska and Maryland and overseas assignments in Germany (twice) and Okinawa. Chris earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas and still has a love in his heart for Austin after spending more than 15 years in the Lone Star State.
Chris moved to Iowa in 2008 and has enjoyed a successful career in philanthropy for 14 years with raising more than $15 million for organizations in Iowa and Nebraska. He joined the Des Moines Playhouse staff in October last year as the director of philanthropy and hit the ground running with the successful completion of its $4 million capital campaign. He is excited about returning as a member to the Rotary Club of Des Moines with so many familiar faces.
Chris is married to his lovely wife, Shannon. She is the HR and Payroll specialist with Gatehouse Media in Ames. They live in Nevada and have three children. Chris and Shannon thoroughly enjoy their RV and can be found at a state park every weekend from April through October (late April this year). With more than 25 voyages among them, the Andersens enjoy cruise ships, too. They also enjoy family game nights, disc golf and Chris is an avid tennis player and golfer.
Welcome Returning Member Chris Andersen! 2018-04-26 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jean Shelton
The Rotary Club of Des Moines met on April 19, 2018 at the Wakonda Club with President-elect Shawn Mullen presiding,   Sarai Rice led the group in recognizing the scholarship attendees via a round of applause followed by the pledge of allegiance and the four way test.  
Guests and visitors were introduced by David Kilpatrick. President-elect Mullen provided a reminder regarding the spring clean-up at Waterworks Park on Friday, April 20th.  Thanks were expressed to the Wheels Committee and the Albaugh family for the special tour of the Albaugh collection. 
President-elect Mullen reported the District 6000 toast was a wonderful experience which featured one of our own members, Matt Busick.   
President-elect Mullen announced the International Service Committee will be hosting a Summit at the Unity Point Health Education and Research Center on June 1st.  The summit will focus on the sharing of ideas, examination of best practices and fostering collaboration to increase our global impact.  Registrations may be submitted at
Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Sarai Rice, introduced our program by announcing the award of scholarships to six outstanding local high school seniors.  The Scholarship Award was established in 1980 and, because of member support of our weekly tumbler program and other Rotary Club of Des Moines Foundation funds, each award recipient will receive an $8,000 scholarship ($1,000 per semester).  Recipients were selected with input from representatives at each of the six Des Moines Public High Schools (Scavo, Roosevelt, North, Lincoln, Hoover and East) following multiple interviews by our scholarship committee.
Local Scholarship Awards Jean Shelton 2018-04-19 05:00:00Z 0
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Presented by the Greater Des Moines Rotary Multi- Club Committee
3rd Annual Event

4:30 – 6:00 p.m., followed by heavy hors d'oeuvres and networking
Des Moines University - Student Education Center
$20 / person registration fee

Sign up by emailing    RCDM will pay $10 of the $20 registration fees. You will be billed $10 if signed up in advance.

See the flyer here for more details.

Let's Talk About Mental Health! Gary L. Hoff 2018-04-16 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Lewis


How good can it get? Finally, a bright and sunny day warm enough to qualify for Spring, matched with a room full of Rotarians, good food, and a very significant program presented by a dynamic speaker.  President Jamie Boersma brought us to attention with the bell, John Tone offered words of inspiration, then led us in the pledge to the flag and recitation of the Four-Way Test.  Mark Danes introduced visiting Rotarians and guests, of whom there was quite a list.  Jamie called attention to this being the birthday of Steve Roberts, who was on hand to accept our greetings.  Bringing us up to date on some things, President Jamie reminded us about several items: the Trash Bash on April 20 and our club’s commitment to help in the Waterworks Park cleanup; the upcoming Drake Relays and the opportunity to volunteer for duties there; Randy Worth’s planning for the Wheels Fellowship this Saturday; the Summit meeting planned by the International Service Committee; and she called our attention to the availability of the RCDM Facebook page where we can find information on upcoming events and related announcements.  Shawn Mullin introduced new member Don Jones and, as a part of that, showed his understanding of state government in his native state of Nebraska and its unicameral legislature.  (More about Don Jones elsewhere in this report.)
   Judy McCoy Davis introduced our speaker, referencing his having been a keynoter at our International Service Committee’s Summit meeting last June and his impact there.  Jono Anzalone is a native of Omaha, a graduate of Creighton University; the University of Nebraska; Harvard University School of Public Health and Kennedy School of Government National Preparedness Leadership Initiative.  He is Vice-President, International Services, American Red Cross, based in Washington, DC.
Jono Anzalone, American Red Cross John Lewis 2018-04-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Shawn E. Mullen
Donn was born in western Iowa and raised on the family farm near Missouri Valley. He is a graduate of Iowa State University and earned a Masters Degree from the University of Iowa.
Fully expecting to enter his field of actuarial science in Des Moines after graduation he spent a summer internship in Omaha, established connections and spent his entire professional career there. The majority of that time was spent as an actuarial consultant to large private companies and public retirement systems. Favorite assignments included his role as lead actuarial consultant for the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa and as actuarial consultant to the Retirement Systems Committee of the Nebraska Legislature.
Following his retirement from full time consulting in 2014 he formed his own consulting practice to maintain contact with those working to serve public retirement systems. In a related role he has served as a Trustee of the Omaha School Employee Retirement System since 2015.
Welcome New Member Donn Jones! Shawn E. Mullen 2018-04-12 05:00:00Z 0