Posted on Nov 13, 2019

Rotary Board Meeting November 13, 2019


Present: Phil, Bob, John, Aaron, Deb, Jim, and Adam

  1. Treasurer report balances: Club $10,879.59, Foundation $9,820.54. The auction gross was $9,665.00, expenses: Times Herald $250, Smart Shopper $216, Bordenaro’s $70, HyVee $50, Baratta’s and Rancho’s $100, Chamber $50, Radio $675. Net proceeds $9,665 - $1,361 = $8,304. 
  2. We are in negotiations with Family Table about holding our meetings there. We have the hospital until January and we can (maybe) continue there. But I would prefer a restaurant. Stay tuned.
  3. Roxie Reinart with the Community of Concern is presenting December 9. A motion by Aaron, second by Jim to give $200 to CofC, motion passed. The board requests members to bring food items that day—Bob will find out what they need.
  4. The Bomgaars Christmas shopping for kids is November 30th at 7 am. Aaron has given $100 for that effort. Motion by Aaron, second by Jim to add $200 to that gift, motion passed.
  5. Firemen’s Dinner is December 2nd. Cost of the meal is $11/person. Greg Schreck said 30 firemen will attend. We will have a sign up for this meeting. That meeting will begin at 5:45 pm at the Fire Station (801 Bella Vista Drive). The firemen have a meeting which begins at 7 pm.
  6. The spouse Christmas lunch will be December 23rd. I will get one of the rooms on the 4th Floor for that event. How many will attend? We will pass around a sign up sheet Monday.
  7. The taxes have been completed.
  8. Rotary builds a Rose Parade float. Aaron made a motion second by Jim to give $50 for our share of the float. Motion passed.
  9. Our monthly board meeting has been moved to Monday morning at 7:00 am at Queen Beans. The next meeting is December 9, 2019.
  10. The board discussed informally a number of items. We would like to have an after hours event maybe with the other service clubs to talk with them about joint ventures. We talked about an informal Championship weekend event. Maybe a formal dinner? Or maybe a costume party like the ones we did in the past? Let us know. We also talked about a recruiting event like the wine tasting we did 3 years ago? 

Phil Phillips, Secretary