Posted on Jan 16, 2019

Rotary Board Meeting January 16, 2019


Present: Bob, Phil, Nick, Chris, and Aaron


  1. No Treasurer report.
  2. We secured 2 RYLA spots. Someone will contact the schools to get two candidates. 
  3. New Opportunities requested funding for the mentoring program they are providing. This a new area of request, we have provided New Opp for two other programs and a total of $500. Motion by Aaron, second by Bob to take no action on this request.
  4. We discussed the Ronald McDonald house and talked about a contribution or perhaps sending someone down for the dinner that they have each  night. We will leave it up to the club to see if anyone is interested in going there. Anyone interested??
  5. After some discussion Chris Van Dyke was approved as the President nominee. Bob Fasbender will be our next president, Chris will be president 2020-21. 
  6. Motion by Chris second by Bob to accept AHS request to resign from Rotary.
  7. As some of you know Mark will have a medical procedure sometime in the next few weeks. He will be gone 4 months. The board has decided to offer a sign up sheet for Rotarians to either be the program (about your work, a hobby or something else) or find someone to be the program. I will send out a request in a separate email and the sign up will be offered the next few Mondays.
  8. Bob has created a Super Bowl chance game. Each spot costs $20 and winner’s will be decided at the end of each quarter ($100) and the end of the game ($100). Please bring $20 and pick your spot.

Phil Phillips, Secretary