Rotary International is a global ‘Service Club’, which means our primary activities revolve around fundraising and volunteering. In simple terms we meet regularly and have fun as we plan various community events to raise money. Each year we distribute these funds to worthwhile humanitarian projects both locally and overseas. Rotary International has one of the highest charity ratings possible.
Rotary is very inclusive and we are non-religious, non-political and welcome members of every culture, creed, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation and self-identity. In fact, our 2M members are spread across more than 180 countries and consist of 1.25 million Rotary Club members, 250,000 Rotaract Club members (ages 18-30 years) and 500,000 High School Interact Club members.
Rotarians dedicate themselves to developing peace and understanding between all peoples of the world and to providing practical help and support to the least fortunate members of our society both locally and overseas.
This may sound like a modern idea but Rotary has been doing it for over 115 years. If you share the values reflected in our motto of ‘Service Above Self’ then we invite you to visit one of our local clubs to learn more about us.  Maybe with your help we can continue to work towards greater humanity and peace and understanding for over 100 more years.
Every year, some of our local Rotary fundraising proceeds go towards the following youth programs:
Oakville Rotary Education Awards
Every year Oakville Rotary Clubs gives $60,000 in bursary and scholarship awards to about 30 students in Gr12 to assist them with post-secondary education. Applications open in late January each year.
Camp Enterprise
In April each year the Halton Rotary Clubs invite 50+ Grades 10 and 11 High School students to attend a 4-day finance and business leadership camp. It is designed and delivered by local Rotary business leaders. Ask your school guidance counsellor if you can apply to join us.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
In May each year the Oakville Rotary Clubs select 6 young enthusiastic community volunteers, aged 18-26 years, to participate in an intensive one week Rotary Youth Leadership Camp at an Ontario Eco-Retreat. Past attendees have described it as ‘life changing’. It is definitely thought provoking and fun for the 30 participants, who enjoy telling us about what they learned. See the local Rotary Club websites for details and application forms.
High School Interact Clubs
Interact is a Rotary Club for High School students. While newer ideas such as ‘Me to We’ and other school based fundraising and social justice clubs have emerged, few have the history, reputation and mentoring & networking capabilities of Rotary. Our local, national and international connections and leverage means that committed High School students can really make a difference in the lives of others in need. Ask if your school has an Interact Club you can join. If not, why not suggest that they let you start one up?
Rotaract is Rotary for younger adults aged 18-30 years. It is run like a traditional Rotary Club but with modifications to suit the busy lives of early career professionals and the semester structured students. Some Rotaract Clubs operate on the campus of Universities and Colleges. The Halton Rotaract does not and is open to anyone across our region in the appropriate age group who is interested in volunteering or getting involved in community service or fundraising events or international projects. While Rotary is about giving back there is no doubt that being an active Rotaract Club member can boost your personal and professional skills, give you access to valuable networking and mentorship opportunities and can enhance your resume. Look out for a Rotaract Club when you graduate High School.
Volunteer Opportunities
Throughout the year the Rotary Clubs in Oakville provide numerous volunteer opportunities for students and others and can provide the necessary paperwork for high school community service volunteer hours. Look out for community event notifications online through the Volunteer Halton website, your school guidance office or on the website and social media of the local Rotary Clubs. 
Halton has a total of 10 Rotary Clubs, one Rotaract Club and numerous Interact Clubs. More details can be found through