Here is the photo of the eye imaging equipment that we paid to have transported from Sick Kids Hospital to the University of Nairobi, Kenya.
The equipment has arrived in Kenya and the picture shows the grateful recipients – all women I see! Many thanks to the Mississauga Central Lions Club, Oakville Trafalgar Lions Club, and the Huttonville Lions club who helped us fund this project.  Special thanks to Rotarians Bill Koopman (our own), Benjamin Muatha (Mississauga Streetsville), and Rajeev Wijesinghe (Mississauga West) who did the work to send this equipment. They have now become experts at shipping to Africa!
We have one other piece of equipment that is on a slower boat to the Philippines. It is hitching a ride with a container of school supplies sent by the Rotary Club of Woodstock (thanks Doug Vincent and Peter Stam). This equipment will be used to treat children with Retinoblastoma. Kids who would previously have lost their eyesight will now receive treatment due to your help. What a great collaboration it was!