On Thursday October 12 the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar expressed its appreciation to all of the sponsors who made the June 2017 Oakville Family Ribfest such a great success.
A complete list of the 2017 sponsors can be seen at https://oakvillefamilyribfest.com/sponsors/
Not all of the sponsors could attend the luncheon but some of those who could are highlighted below. 
  • The Co-operators
As our presenting Sponsor for the past several years, our partnership with the Co-operators has been very rewarding. The Co-operators believe the world is a better place when taking care of the things that matter most. Their support helps build stronger, safer communities and we at the Oakville Family Ribfest are very grateful. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Three representatives are shown below with Ribfest Chairperson, Trish Peden. They are Matthew Donohoe, Dave Pecharich and Sarah Walker.
  • Oakville Beaver
The Oakville Beaver has sponsored us from the first year of Ribfest.The enthusiasm that our local newspaper has shown for the Oakville Family Ribfest is outstanding. They are a great partner of Rotary.
Daniel Baird represented the Oakville Beaver/Metroland West Media and is shown with Ribfest Chair Trish Peden.
  • Espresslabs
The EspressLab tagline is “We listen, we challenge and we deliver, with a passion that generates truly creative work for our clients.” Well they did just that for us. They rebranded us and redesigned our website and it is amazing. Thank you for your sponsorship and patience with us.
Daniel Polsinelli is shown with Ribfest Chair Trish Peden.
  • Home Depot
The Home Depot has been a fried to Rotary for many years. They provide the Childrens Workshop area for the kids to do some great woodwork and their staff guide the kids along with ever so much patience and kindness. Home Depot also provides the beautiful patio furniture for the Sponsorship tent. You help put ‘Family’ into our ribfest.
We were pleased to have John Melchiorre and Lina Faustino with us.
  • Instant Imprints
Instant Imprints and the UPS Store on Cross Ave. have been a huge part of Ribfest. Their sponsorship have been amazing and we are so grateful.
We were delighted to have Jeff and Anita Parker at the luncheon.
  • First Ontario Credit Union
First Ontario Credit Union has sponsored us for many years. and we can see why! Thank you for your support.
We were happy to have Ankita Rai and Indira Sattan attend.
  • Kopriva Taylor Funeral Homes
Ilona Kopriva has been not only a valued Sponsor to Oakville Family Ribfest, but a close friend of Rotary as well. Kopriva Taylor Funeral Home has given back to the community over and over again under Ilona’s leadership.
We were very pleased to thank Ilona.
  • Flir Systems
Flir Systems  is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. They have supported the Oakville Family Ribfest for many years. I can remember the year Greg was in the Sponsorship tent and he looked at the logo’s and he pointed higher on the board and said “ How do I get us up HERE!”
We were delighted to have Greg Bork with us.
  • Sysco Toronto
Sysco Toronto was our official meat supplier for the ribs.  We thank you for your support and Sponsorship.  
It was our pleasure to have Jay McClintock and Dan Cripps attend.
  • Little Electric
Little Electric has been our vendor of choice for our electrical set up from the start. They are generous with their sponsorship and we thank you so much.
We were pleased to have Joe Privatt attend.
  • GTAA
2017 was our first year having Greater Toronto Airports Authority as a sponsor. They are so busy with their 44.3 million passengers and yet take time to sponsor a community event. We were delighted to have them.
We were happy to have Kathy accept the award for Theodora Philos.­­­­­­­­­­­
  • Oakville Community Foundation
We received a grant from the Oakville Community Foundation for which we were very grateful. It allowed us to grow and we thank you.
Ribfest Chair Trish Peden thanked Wendy Rinella from the Oakville Community Foundation.
  • Le Dome Banquet Hall
As you can see, we meet at Le Dome Banquet Hall every week. These folks look after us very well! They continue their support by sending food for hundreds of volunteers who are the backbone of our festival. We cannot thank you enough!
We were very pleased to thank John Rizzuti.
The Oakville Family RIbfest is the biggest event in this area and we are proud to create an amazing event that families can enjoy. We could not do it without the help and support from all of our sponsors.
We also recognized people who jump into action and work hard  for event even though they are not Rotarians. They are very much the Friends of Rotary. They assist out of the goodness of their hearts.They truly live our code, “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”.
Acknowledged at the luncheon were:
Barb Ferrone, Karol Bilecki, Gino Paccione, Ilona Kopriva, Phil Shearn and Steven Whitten.
The 2018 Oakville Family Ribfest will be from June 22 to June 24. Be sure to save the date!