Got too many wine bottles, beer cans and beer bottles cluttering up the place? Rotary is looking for new fundraisers and has decided that if you live in and around Oakville and surrounding area 
The need is great. You can help.
We would love your empties (all deposit-return bottles and cans)!  It would be preferable if you could drop the bottles at one of our 4 drop-off locations:

1.         1480 Seagram Ave. (Bronte residence) – leave in front of right garage door

2.         428 Donnybrook Rd. (SE Oakville residence) – leave in front of garage

3.         1202 Owen Court (north central Oakville, sixth line/McCraney residence) – leave in front of garage

4. (171 Speers Rd. between Dorval and Kerr). There are 3 bins available.

If that option doesn’t work for you, or if you have large volumes, we will be glad to pickup! EMAIL 

All proceeds will go to domestic and international charitable causes including COVID-19 relief.

When you help Rotary, it helps us help others