Feb 25, 2021
Zoom Meeting, Gunther Schub
Monarch Ultra Relay Run, RC Peterborough Kawartha

Carlotta James, Project Director
The dream of runners and monarch butterflies on a journey together from the north to the south came to Carlotta while running along forest trails in Peterborough, Ontario. Since then, Carlotta has been working tirelessly with the Monarch Ultra team to create an epic ultra-marathon as a way to take action on biodiversity conservation. She is passionate about running, exploring wild spaces around the world, and connecting with the natural world. Carlotta lives in Peterborough with her family, who also love spending time in nature. Carlotta is a pollinator advocate and co-founder of Peterborough Pollinators and Three Sisters Natural Landscapes

Günther Schubert, Ultra Team Chef
‚ÄčGünther was born and raised in a small town in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, where he developed a deep love of and connection with nature. After stints as a journeyman cook in various European cities, he immigrated to Toronto in the mid 70s, where he worked as a chef in fine dining establishments and gained his Certified Chef de Cuisine (C.C.C.) designation. Günther provided daily nutrition and support to the Monarch Ultra team during the 2019 relay run from Canada to Mexico. Motivated by his concern for the environment, he will once again join the 2021 Monarch Ultra relay run. As a member of the Peterborough Kawartha Rotary Club he is building strong connections with Rotary Clubs in Canada, the US and Mexico.

The Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha held their first Monarch Ultra relay run in the fall of 2019, taking 47 days from Peterborough to Macheros, Mexico, the overwintering sanctuary of the Monarch butterflies. The ultra-marathon is designed to raise awareness of the dangers butterflies and other pollinators face due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change.

Their next run will start on September 19, 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic will stay within Ontario. It will start in Peterborough, passing through the GTA, the Niagara peninsula, north shore of Lake Erie, southwestern Ontario, and looping back to end in Barrie. Although the run will be shortened from seven weeks to three weeks this year, the objective is still to connect with environmental groups, schools, media, city halls, and other Rotarians, to share the story of endurance and resiliency--both of the Monarch butterflies and the ultra-marathon runners who are trying to help save them.

With the Environment designated as Rotary International's new, seventh area of focus in 2021, the Monarch Ultra is a suitable opportunity for clubs to get involved and support this great cause. Time is running out to prevent essential pollinators from extinction and the consequences to our ecosystem are unimaginable. As Rotarians, we can help spread the message of conservation and environmental action through our connections in Oakville and surrounding area.