Oct 29, 2020
Zoom Meeting, Ralf Soeder, RC Oakville
Sleeping Children Around the World Distribution Trip

Ralf Soeder is a member of the Rotary Club of Oakville and has been a Rotarian for 24 years. He has participated in a couple of international Rotary service trips and has witnessed how Rotary partners with other local and international organizations to offer a hand up for those less fortunate in South Africa, Ghana, Dominican Republic, and India.

One of those partner organizations is Sleeping Children Around the World, started by the Dryden family 50 years ago and a charity that our club has supported for many years. To date, Sleeping Children has provided approximately 1.5 million bed kits to children in impoverished communities, most of the funding coming from families sponsoring bed kits one at a time.

Ralf will share with us his experience of participating in a distribution trip with Sleeping Children Around the World, in which 8,000 bed kits were given to children in India over a two-week period.