Sep 19, 2019
Valerie Caster
The Ayverie Childhood Cancer Research Fund

Valerie Caster's daughter, Ayverie, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in 2013, one day after her eighth birthday, starting her on a six-year journey with childhood cancer until Ayverie passed away just a few short months ago. Together, Ayverie and Valerie started the "Ayverie Childhood Cancer Research Fund" to raise much-needed awareness and funds, as childhood cancer research is nationally unrecognized and underfunded.  Ayverie's Childhood Cancer Research Fund was Ayverie's idea as her heart was in giving to others and she wanted no other child to suffer as she did. Valerie speaks to be Ayverie's voice.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, an appropriate time for Valerie to share her and Ayverie's story with us.

Ayverie was an ambassador for Childhood Cancer Canada, and Valerie continues to speak for them as well as on behalf of the Oakville Trafalgar Lions Club and at a number of Lions Club conventions and club meetings. The Lions Club International have five initiatives, one of which is Childhood Cancer. 

You can read Ayverie's story at or on FaceBook at Ayverie's Journey.