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POD 3 DUTIES July 6 July 13 July 20 July 27
Weekly greeter   John K Jim W Ray Jim W
  Attendance George Norma Bill Jennifer
Desk Meal $$ Brian Brian Brian Brian
  50/50 $$ Paul  Bob W Kathy  John 
Set Up and Take Down   Bev/Irene (take home) Irene Irene/Bev (take home) Bev
Grace   Kathy  Jim C Jennifer Kristin
Technology Support   Bob Bob Bent Bob
  Speaker 1   Kathi Dick Valeria - Student Dave Mossman Patti Pokorchak
  Speaker 2          
  Organization   District Governor Year in Review Home Suite Hope The Accidental Farmer
   President   Raj P Raj P Raj P Raj P
   Speaker 1        
   Speaker 2        
   Fine Master   Ray Bill  Jim W Bob W
   Introduce Speaker   Jennifer George Kristin Kathy 
   Thank Speaker   Kristin Ray Jim C Bill
Members not available Lauri Lauri Lauri Lauri
    Norma Bev  Norma Norma
    Bob W Paul  Paul  Paul 
    Jim C Jennifer  Bob G George
      John K    
Members available Jim W Kathy  George Ray
      Kristin Bob W Jim C
        John K