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Bulletin For February 26th, 2021
Today’s Greeter: Mike Gula welcomed members to Bow Rotary and offered some words of wisdom
  • 34  Bow Rotarians
  • 1  Visiting Rotarian: District Governor Puderbaugh
  • 0  Guests
  • 1  Guest speaker: Conrad Mandsager
Total of 36
  • Matt Gatzke – Congrats to Linda Lorden for being selected as Concord Chamber Citizen of the Year. There will be an on-line recognition March 30th.
  • Judy Goodnow -Town Hall. Applied primer on new plaster repair. Men’s club will be installing picture rail. Painting to be done above picture rail location.
  • Next Tuesday is the 4-way speech contest. 6:30pm. Still looking for a 4th judge. Dick S and Peter I will do some background on the interact between speeches. Matt Gatzke did a “Judges” zoom test and Carol Niegisch did a timer test.
  • Matt Gatzke – Carol Niegisch has taken charge of the 1st Grade Reading Book duties.
Sergeant at Arms:   Joya Dennehy
Birthday Bucks:    
  • Robert Louf – it has been fast year -gone from separation from family, leaving groceries in garage etc, to now being a little more relaxed. Looking forward to coming year. Must do “steps” for insurance needs – has to get out and become a little more active.
  • Dave Stack – Moved to safety complex from March to June. Looking forward to the upcoming summer. Just been a crazy year. Family is all good.
  • Donna Deos - good year, added a Sunroom and renovated kitchen. Daughter working from home – been great. Looking forward to moving to new job soon.
Happy Bucks:    
  • Ken Moulton – He and Jackie got 2nd vaccination shot.
  • Chris Parkinson – he and his wife also got the 2nd vaccination shot.
  • Judy Goodnow - A scooter buck as she is taking granddaughter to see Ice Castles.
  • Mike Griffin – had some great skiing with family.
  • Linda Lorden -Thanks to club for recognition – and yes, she did have Rotary pin on.
District Governor Puderbaugh introduced the speaker.
Also, has been in contact with Houston Rotary Club regarding assistance with winter storm aid in Texas.
District Governor and Speaker Conrad Mandsager have some things in common, they both grew up in in same town in Iowa, both went to Iowa State.
Conrad spoke about the program he is active with. Working with At Risk population in Africa. ChildVoice began in 2006. He went to Uganda in 2006 while conflict was underway. Girls are targets of insurgent groups around the world. 140 million girls live in war affected regions. Girls used as targets and instruments of war. 1 of 3 child soldiers are girls, ultimately, abused and traumatized girls rejected and stigmatized by families and communities.
The vision statement is “Restoring the voices of children silenced by war”
With a mission statement  stating” ChildVoice is a global Christian non-governmental organization that restores the voices of children silenced by war by raising awareness; promoting research; and creating effective, sustainable interventions”
Work is done in South Sudan and in Northern Uganda.
“Safe-Place”, a sanctuary can be a place like the Lukome Center. If a girl has a child, traditionally and culturally girls do not continue their education, it’s not illegal but schools do not accept them.
ChildVoice response is
  • Sanctuary
  • Therapeutic environment
  • Life skill and vocational skill concertation
  • Change supported by long term aftercare
Imvepi Refugee Settlement
  • Has over 1.3 Million south Sudanese refugees
  • 80% are woman and children
  • 1/3 are adolescent girls
  • Fastest growing refugee crisis in the world
Northeast Nigeria
  • Fall of 2018, community-based girls Empowerment Centers were launched in NE Nigeria
  • A region devastated by Boko Haram.
Program outcomes – Their goals are to build developmental, educational, and vocational assets that will empower these girls to lead productive, economically advantaged, and independent lives, while contributing towards a sustainable and better future for their children, families, and communities.
  • Achievement of basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • Certified in 3 vocational programs,
  • Improved health status
  • Improved love and care for their children
  • Reduce symptoms of PSTD and depression,
  • Improved status in family and community
  • Reduced dependency on humanitarian aid.
How to get involved
You can go on a trip, Fund a project through your club, Partner with ChildVoice and a local club in Uganda and /or Nigeria with a Rotary International Global Grant.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jerry Kingwill
Potential Speaker Listing Link
Member: If you have Program responsibilities for an upcoming meeting and are in need of a speaker,
the following people have acknowledged their interest in speaking to our club as of 2/3/18.
Click the link below to view the list.
Mar 05, 2021
What practicing OB/GYN in Concord has ment to him
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Upcoming Events
4-Way Test Speech Contest
Mar 02, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
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