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Bulletin For February 12, 2021
Today’s Greeter: Bill Ames welcomed members to Bow Rotary
  • 36  Bow Rotarians (at the time of the pledge)
  • 0  Visiting Rotarians
  • 0  Guests
  • 1  Guest speaker
Total of 37
  • Judy Goodnow - Plasterer has started working on Town hall. He removed soft plaster and has started repairing work. Expects to be complete work next week. Town paying for services.
  • Rick Minard - 4 Way speech – March 2nd – be there! Dean Cascadden is sending out reminder to students. – deadline is next Friday.
  • Matt Gatzke – 2nd World Rotary zoom meeting taking place, also a reminder that RLINEA on February 27th and March 13th.
  • Matt Gatzke – Ben Kiniry has been attending PrePET’s
  • Matt Gatzke – ask of club members who are Veterans to let him know, and to which branch of service.
Sergeant at Arms:
New member welcoming: Carol Niegisch has just joined the club, and as tradition, it is the responsibility of all members to introduce themselves to the new member. To insure this takes place, those who for some reason, forgot, or did not get the chance, they got the opportunity this morning, with the luxury of realizing that there is a $1.00 fine that goes along with that. Those members are Michelle Fortin, Mike Gula, Tom Ives, Jerry Kingwill, John MaCauley, Chris Parkinson, Jon Preston, Chuck Reinhardt, Tamar Roberts, John Ruggles, Bryant Stevener, and Dick Swett.
Happy Bucks:    
  • Jeannie Richards.- new granddaughter 6 ½ lbs., 21” long – Finley Louise. Family is all well. Donation in name of Finlay to Rotary International
  • Chris Parkinson – went to 6-year-old grandson’s hockey game – scored his first goal.
  • Judy Goodnow – Has been watching 3-month-old grandson - Wesley. Also, Judy had her fist vaccination shot.
  • Bob Couch – had his 1st vaccination shot yesterday -has a date scheduled for 2nd one. Will be seeing family on Monday to celebrate son’s 50th B-day.
  • Gerry Carrier - also had 1st vaccination shot – on Loudon Rd, will be back on the 11th.
  • Steve DeStefano – Grandson Theo is 4years old today – had a challenging start to life – 2 weeks in Nick unit.
  • Peter Imse - Planning the Town meetings and Vote for town and school.
  • Matt Dodge – Glad Matt Fiske was presenter today – Matt and Matt taught class at same school.
  • Bill Ames – Annual bird watch is this weekend. Info is on Audubon society website.
  • Matt Gatzke - Monthly board meeting is Monday evening at 6:00pm
Dean Cascadden introduced today’s speaker - Matt Fiske - who is the Vice Principal at BHS.
Dean stated that the school has introduced 3 major initiatives:
  1. Future Aid Schools- Technology
  2. MTTSSB- Manage student behavior in a non-punitive way
  3. Diversity and Equity- Matt Fiske is leading the charge for Bow SAU with many initiatives on this front.
Matt Fiske went on to share several slides discussing the approach to opening the dialogue and creating opportunity to discussing Diversity and Equity. Some of the slides presented had the following messages.
3 Vision statements for the Bow SAU 67 are:
  • Care for each other
  • Learning is our focus.
  • Teach to touch the future.
The pandemic’s racial Disparity – Covid 19 deaths per 100,00 people in us are as follows: Black or African American 74%, American India 40%, Hispanic or Latino 40%, Asian 31%, white 30%, pacific islander and other 58%
Racial Disparities in school discipline –
Black students are 3-4 times more likely than white peers to be expelled from school.
Diversity in children’s books 2015.
Percentages depicting characters in Children’s books - American Indian 0.9%, Latino 2.4%, Asian 3.3%, African Americans 7.7%, animals and trucks 12.5%, White 73%
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual US high schools’ students more likely to report suicide attempt during last year were: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual 23%, not sure about sexuality 16% and heterosexual 6%.

By 20250, White Americans will make up less than 50% of the population.
NH is the 3rd least diverse state in US – 94% white.
The 4 components of Emotional Intelligence are Motivation, Empathy, Self-Awareness, and social skills.
Students are getting the chance to discover other cultures. Providing understanding about Lunar New Year, which starts today.
Next week all students will wear red on a particular day, read from books written in China, have lanterns line the walkways.
Have had several Guest Speakers delivering messages: Tom White: Cohen Center for Genocide Studies (December), Radar Jones Onguetou Esssiene (January), Film Screening: Joachim Prinz: I shall not be silent (February), and  Alex Myers (March 17)
Respectfully Submitted,
Jerry Kingwill
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