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Bulletin For May 21st, 2021
Today’s Greeter: Ken Moulton welcomed members to Bow Rotary
  • 36  Bow Rotarians
  • 0   Visiting Rotarians
  • 1   Guest: Courtney from BHS Interact
  • 0    Guest speakers
Total of: 37
  • Scholarship Committee - Michael Griffin-  20 applications reviewed by the committee.  Committee is awarding 11 scholarships - 4 for $3,000 and 7 for $1500.  Michael thanked the committee members for their work reviewing the applications
  • First Grade Personalized Book Program - Carol Niegisch - we will be reading and presenting books to students today at DES and at BES on 5/28 .  Thank you to all volunteers
  • BHS Interact - Courtney (student representative) - the “Run to Save Humanity” is next week - they will be posting a link on the website to sign up for this virtual event. They are also working on the Flock of Flamingos fund raiser and working on recruiting new members who will be freshman next year  
  • Bow Town Hall use - Matt Gatzke -  Matt attended a meeting last week with the Town of Bow and other clubs who use the Bow Town Hall.  Groups will likely start meeting again at the Bow Town Hall in person in early June.  Bow Rotary is considering having our first in person meeting since last year there on June 4th.  Everyone agrees that the Town Hall looks great as a result of the recent renovations, but there are still a few finishing touches and clean up that needs to be done.
  • Bow Town Hall project costs - Matt Gatzke and Judy Goodnow - costs to date have been approximately $2300.  The membership approved an extra $1250 to pay for the curtains.  Judith noted that the curtains will be a paisley print which is consistent with the style used in 1908.  Bob Couch did a lot of work making and mounting the chair rails and hooks- he noted that the material expenses for this were paid for by the Bow Men’s Club.
  • Summer Concert Series -Joya Dennehy - she has 3 groups interested and will continue to work with the Town of Bow to coordinate scheduling. Also Joya will stay on as Sargent At Arms  for the next year.
Sergeant at Arms: Joya Dennehy
Birthdays: no one today
Happy Bucks:   
  • Chris Parkinson - $20 - had a great 2 week vacation in Florida with his family.  Spending time at Disneyworld and going on many rides with his grandchildren was a highlight.
  • Matt Gatzke -  leaving early and thank you to Ben Kiniry for taking over to lead the rest of the meeting today.
  • Ben Kiniry - $1 - grateful for the meeting of Child Voices that is taking place today in Newmarket
  • Rob Werner- $13.10 - Rob ran a half marathon on Sunday in New Boston.  Also $2 for leaving early today
  • Donna Deos - $5 - thankful for week 3 of “early retirement” which is really summer vacation. 
  • Michelle Fortin - $5 - her daughter Andrea is graduating from Boston College on Monday and looking at a career in public health policy.  She was very active in volunteer/stewardship programs during her college years and is a previous member of BHS Interact.
  • Mike Griffin - $2 total - $1 each for Tamar Roberts and Matt Dodge in appreciation for the many hours spent and hard work done working on the Scholarship Committee.
  • Linda Bliss- leaving early
  • Dick Swett- $5 - Dick is traveling to Africa next week and will visit 5 countries including Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco as well as 2 others.  He will be collaborating with others about Telemedicine and sustainable solar communities.
Program:  Club Assembly
  • Gerry Carrier: reported 84% overall Bow Rotary Club attendance with 43 active members and 8 honorary members.
  • The Board agreed to keep dues at $130 yearly.  A bill will be coming by email to each member.  Paying by check is preferred but there is an option to pay online.  Payment needs to be received by 7/1/2021.  Please let the Board know by 7/1/21 if you are not renewing your membership.
  • $99 was held over for the breakfast fund in the Treasury so no bills will be sent out for breakfasts yet.
  • Paul Mercier -Treasurer: all expenses for this year have been paid.
  • Jeannie Richards - Early Act and Interact: 8th grade students from Early Act will be moving into Interact next year.  Early Act members have been talking to 4th and 5th graders about joining Early Act when they start at Bow Middle School
  • Interact gives funds monthly to a charitable organization in our community
  • Interact members will be volunteering at the Car Show in August and Early Act will do a bake sale at the Car Show
  • Gerry Carrier - Community Service:
    • Summer Concerts - Joya will be looking for sponsors.  This program is enjoyed by the members of the Bow community and also showcases the Rotary’s presence in the community
    • Car Show - August 21, 2021 (13 weeks left!), sponsors are on board and the committee is working on publicity and logistics.  On line registration will be available this year for the Car Show
    • Bow Rotary will be printing a new book - The ABC’s of Rotary- for new members
  • Matt Dodge, Michelle Fortin - Club Visioning:
    • Vision 2020-2025 - this is a “living” document  which is focused on what we want to accomplish over the next 5 years, insuring that what we are doing is in alignment with the priorities of the organization.  It includes maintaining our core programs and continuing to  raise money for projects, but can also be adjusted to reflect any changes in the priorities of the group over time
    • Goals for the next 5 years include increasing the active membership of Bow Rotary to 60 active members by 2025.  Also consider adding 1-2 events/year focused more on socialization with each other and including our family members.  Also would like to meet with other groups in the community to assess needs for community service. Michelle Fortin brought up there previously had been meetings with other Bow groups to coordinate service projects in Bow,  but it does not appear that this is still happening. Ben Kiniry agreed to look into this.
    • The Vision Plan is posted on Club Runner (titled Vision Plan 2021)  in the member section.  An email was also sent out to all members by Matt Dodge with the Vision Plan attached.
  • Ben Kiniry:
    • Rotary International is trying to introduce flexibility into local Rotary Clubs.  We will discuss this in more detail at a future date.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Niegisch
New Speaker Bureau
Bow Rotary has a new Speaker Bureau page to be used for program speakers when you are in need of one.  
You will find this under Custom Pages on the right side of our home page.
There is also a form to submit speakers to the Bureau listing.  
Contact Bob Couch if you have any questions or need help.
May 28, 2021
Art in health care at end of life
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