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Bulletin For April 16th, 2021
Today’s Greeter: Donna Deos welcomed members to Bow Rotary
  • Bow Rotarians (at the time of the pledge): 31
  • Visiting Rotarians: 0
  • Guests: 0
  • Guest speakers: 1
Total of: 32
  • Mike Griffin – Scholarship Committee will be connecting soon as applications are beginning to come in
  • Carol Niegisch – 1st Grade Reading May 21 books are arriving. They may have to work thru COVID restrictions, so outdoor reading may be necessary.
  • Dean Cascadden – Informed us there will be not be a Career Day this year.
  • Matt Gatzke – will be polling the membership to get a sense as to determine when we can meet in person again and will work with the Town to ensure compliance to guidelines.
  • Gerry Carrier – Rotary Park Cleanup is scheduled for tomorrow Saturday April 17th @ 08:30
  • Rob Werner – Road Side Pick Up is scheduled for Saturday May 1. Sign up list is coming.
  • Matt Gatzke – Speech Contest winner competing May 1 at next level. He also mentioned the Foundation Gala is set for May 12th and more details will follow.
  • Bob Couch – Update on Old Town Hall Building. Progress continues. He will be working on a Picture Rail and floor cleanup is next.
Sergeant at Arms: Joya Dennehy
  • Mike Griffin celebrated Monday with a dinner @ Hermano’s with his family. Work has been good in spite of COVID thanks to technology. With more home time he and Brenda have played Backgammon and done some bike riding.
  • Eric Anderson celebrates today and “enjoyed” a horrendous Happy Birthday song from the club. He kindly thanked everyone and stated it had been a very long year. The motor home is in for service and they are looking forward to getting out this year to travel.
Happy Bucks:    
  • Chris Parkinson $5 Happy to have volunteered at the Mobile Food Pantry drive and trips to Plymouth MA and Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Gerry Carrier – $5 to New landscaping and delivery of 40 yards of loam.
  • John McCauley $5 as he and his wife celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary
  • Dean Cascadden $5 as he and his wife celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary
  • Ben Kiniry $1 as he worked alongside Chris Parkinson at the Mobile Food Pantry drive and for Chris having to put up with him.
  • Michelle Olivier $1 Update on her daughters progressing recovery from COVID. She is doing better and is attending school with some resrictions and weekly follow ups.
Matt Gatzke introduced Amanda Osmer from Grappone. Amanda is Director of Corporate Potential for Grappone. She provided us with some family history and the beginnings of Grappone. The company actually began as a Gas Station in 1924 and developed into the business it is today. She is currently the only Grappone family member still working at the business. She spoke to the business’ philosophy of serving their team members, guests and community with integrity, kindness and respect as well as to her personal growth as a woman in a generally male dominated industry. She also shared her passion to help young students with career development and to promote opportunity for them through apprenticeships. Matt then encouraged her to speak about the Dewey School at Shaker Village where she serves as Chair on the Board of Directors. The school currently has 26 students and is anticipating 40 students next year. The Dewey School uses nature based teaching where the environment is an integral part of the learning experience. It allows children to naturally gravitate to their interests and development for a sustainable learning experience.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Fortier
New Speaker Bureau
Bow Rotary has a new Speaker Bureau page to be used for program speakers when you are in need of one.  
You will find this under Custom Pages on the right side of our home page.
There is also a form to submit speakers to the Bureau listing.  
Contact Bob Couch if you have any questions or need help.
Apr 23, 2021
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