Bow Rotary Club Foundation Awards $26,000 in Scholarships in 2022
The Bow Rotary Club’s Scholarship Program provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors who either attended Bow High School or who are Bow or Dunbarton students who attended other area high schools.  Bow High School tuition student must be from a town/city either without a Rotary club or with a Rotary club that doesn't offer college scholarships.  
Scholarships can be to attend a college or university of their choice or to attend a two-year community college or technical school.   Scholarships are also available for adult learners who have decided to attend school, either to finish a degree or acquire a new degree or skills.  Students who have been awarded a scholarship are eligible to apply for only one additional scholarship in their second year.
This year, the club received a total of nineteen applications for scholarships.  Of those, twelve students were selected and awarded one of the following scholarships:  three students each received a $4,000 scholarship; one received a $3,000 scholarship; two each received a $2,500 scholarship; and six each received a $1,000 scholarship for a total of $26,000 awarded in 2022.
Students receiving their first scholarship were: Isabelle Blackburn; Alexandra Boone; Rorie Cochrane; Andrew Driscoll; Sydney Ferland; Molly Knight and Clara Udelson.
Students receiving their second and final scholarships were: Olivia Bynum; Michelle Eweka; Matthew Driscoll; Shannon Luby and Jack Roberge.

The Bow Rotary Club owes a great dept of gratitude too the greater Bow community for their support of our fundraising efforts to be able to provide scholarships to deserving local students.  Without their support, this would not be possible.