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The Saint Martin Sunrise Rotary Club was officially chartered by Rotary International on June 17, 2004 with 24 members, and as its name implies meets for breakfast rather than lunch or dinner as do the other three Rotary Clubs on the Island. We opted for the English spelling of the Island as it is the language that ties both the Dutch and French sides, and although our meetings are currently held at Air Lekkerbeck on the Dutch side, our members come from both.
The idea of having a breakfast club was discussed for several years as a way of expanding the opportunity for service through Rotary to more St. Martin residents by offering a different meeting time than was otherwise available. A group of 10 interested persons started meeting weekly for breakfast in February 2004. Damu Rawtani, a long-time local Rotarian and Past President was appointed to be the District Governor's special representative, and under his guidance the group grew and in May 2004 elected its first board of directors, headed by contractor Steven Smeins as the first President. Sponsored by the other three Rotary Clubs on the Island, the Sunrise Club was soon recognized by Rotary International to be a part of a worldwide, growing movement of professional men and women dedicated to serving the community, both locally and globally.

Sunrise meets every Tuesday morning from 7:00 to 8:00. Membership is open to business owners, managers, and professional people over 18 years of age. Members are expected to attend at least 60% of all meetings either of the regular breakfast meetings or through attending other Rotary sessions, such as Board meetings, visiting other Rotary Club meetings, committee meetings and more. Dues are set at $20 per month, payable quarterly, with a $50 one-time admission fee, and members are also encouraged to make a quarterly contribution of $25 to the Rotary Foundation, Rotary's international charity foundation.