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RCO Dec 20 Christmas Party - Golf Club
Oakville Golf Club
Dec 20, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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Russell Hampton
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RCO Bulletin November 29, 2021
  • RCO board met last week. Feedback from Tareq and Gary Comerford. Need to increase spending initiatives within clubs as we have quite a bit of funds.
  • Received some e-mails, Dianne Farrow has had a step back in her recovery. Club has sent flowers. Dianne is now in a stable condition.
  • Len has also had had some health problems as well.
  • Rotary Online Auction completed on Saturday and was quite successful. Sold all items.
  • We lost a few members from the education committee. We are looking for more members to assist in identifying students for bursary programs.
Happy Bucks and Fines:
MC, Jean, Ralf, David Peters, Stuart Lam, Bob Miskelly, and Amin all kindly contributed
Fines questions:
Who has not attended a committee meeting in the past few months?
Who has not yet started buying their Christmas presents?
How many years has Gordon Lightfoot been performing?
Prem introduced the speaker, Shelagh Nuttall from SAVIS of Halton
  • SAVIS is the Sexual Assault Centre for Halton. They offer a 24/7 service.
  • Counselling and Group Therapy is part of the services offered. These are now done virtually. The virtual offering has actually been successful.
  • 12 Counsellors to assist.
  • Public Education is another service that is offered – now that schools are open, SAVIS will be revisiting.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking program – very prevalent in Ontario and in Halton. Facilities to assist with housing, Clothing, Court services etc. These victims generally come with just the clothes on their back – so the service offering to the victims is quite encompassing.
  • What is human trafficking? Sometimes it is a woman, though mostly males, that are luring young girls into the sex industry.
  • How can we help – educate ourselves, talk to our children, encourage healthy relationships, and know the signs.
    • Having 2 cellphones is an obvious sign.
    • Young daughters coming home with nails and hair done.
    • New clothing and shoes.
    • Children being a bit withdrawn. Etc.
  • Generally, charges are laid, though a lot of the time, there are no charges issued for human trafficking.
  • Drugs being offered are at times used for the sex trafficking of youth. Perpetrators are at times drug dealers.
  • Hand-outs of information in discreet packaging can be passed to persons who might be suspected of being in the sex trade, who may not be doing it voluntarily.
  • SAVIS relies on funds from the Ministry of Child Care, as well as donations, etc.
Next week is our Club Assembly and AGM. This will be a zoom session. 3-4 minutes from each committee on their progress to date.
Christmas Party to also be discussed at the next meeting.